Tarot of the Week: 2 High Priestess II

After leaving the expressive and exciting Magician, the Fool happens upon the High Priestess calmly seated on her throne. He has become excited about his new powers over the universe when he comes upon the opposite of his former companion. He sits at her feet quietly in order to learn from her wisdom. IMAGERY: A serene woman […]

New Moon in Cancer: Lunar Intentions

We made it! Woo, I wasn’t sure I would this time. I hope that your waning moon period was less than treacherous, it is a scary thing as the moon begins to shrink and our power seemingly along with it. It is these moments when we feel ourselves releasing the power of the full moon […]

The Full Moon, etc. etc.

Holy Cow my little witches, was that a Full Moon or what! I had a friend from San Francisco actually text me and ask if the Full Moon this month should give her anxiety. I like to look at the Full Moons the way that I assess someone’s individual astrological sun sign. This one was […]

New Moon in Gemini: Lunar Intentions

The New Moon is a time of beginnings. This lunar stage is represented by the maiden, supple and fertile; ready to plant seeds of intention. Setting the intentions allows us to focus during the lunar cycle. When we pay attention to our new moon the full moon becomes a celebration instead of a time of […]