What’s In My Cup? Nerve Calming Tea Blend

What's In My Cup?

There are times when I literally just can not be a calm, cool and collected individual. I get irritable and being around me just sucks. From within my body I know that I shouldn’t be acting the way that I am but outside of myself I feel like wrath is my only option.

I use cannabis for this but when I don’t have access to the perfect strain it can sometimes make it worse. This is when I turn to tea. This blend is ideal for anyone suffering from PMS  or anyone who has just felt super ornery and prickly these last couple of days in Capricorn. Lavender and Chamomile make for an extremely delicious mixture and when combined with St. Johns Wort and Kava it should be the perfect brew to relax even the most tightly wound herbies.

Simply Mix Together:

1/2 tsp Lavender

1/2 tsp Kava Kava

1/2 tsp St. John’s Wort

1 tsp Chamomile

Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the tea ball filled with herbs in your favorite mug. Let it steep for 15 minutes and then remove tea ball. Best results come with a few dunks of the tea ball every 5 minutes or so. As you’re waiting for it to steep fully hold the mug and let the aromas wash over you.

While wafting in the combined scents ponder on the mantra: All is well 


What’s In My Cup?

What's In My Cup?

This week’s blend goes out the the ladies who have a visit from Aunt Flo. Obviously the health benefits are worthwhile for everyone but I needed some relief from my PMS and I turned to my herb friends.

Definitely a big helper with anyone dealing with stomach cramps or issue, a sassy mood, body pain and more. Brew this one up hot, it is much better in a warm decoction.

This Specific Blend Will Aid In:

-IBS, stomach cramping, digestion

-Menstrual cramps and body pain

-Uplifting mood

-Awakening the senses

Simply Mix Together:

1.5 TB Spearmint

0.5 tsp Kava Kava

0.5 tsp Angelica Root

Place herbs into tea ball or tea bag. Pour hot water into mug over herbs, let steep 10-15 minutes or until desired decoction is achieved. Use any time of the day, works best in the afternoon or whenever you may have unnerving pain in the body.

Beware of Kava Kava root if you have any issues with your liver. Consult a doctor if you have a history of health problems related to your liver.

Hold your freshly brewed cup of happy and meditate on the mantra: Happiness resides within.