3 Kings OG For a Productive & Anxiety Free Day

Hybrid Cultivar, Product Review

[Sour Diesel x Headband x OG Kush][Sativa Dominant Hybrid]

We took a trip to Southern California to see my gorgeous cousin get married in what can only be described as the coolest wedding I’ve ever been to. Since we were going through LA I had to make a stop at a dispensary and get some of that bomb. You see, Arizona is very arid and on top of that very very few growers are taking the time to cure their buds. Seriously they pick it right off of the plant and sell it to their patients, it blows my mind.

So obviously CA buds last longer, taste better and give a more clean effect. Not to mention you can get 3x better stuff for the 1/2 the price due to the saturated market. With all of these powers combined plus the fact that the good homie lived there, Venice was a necessary stop on our trip. Cowbae is a HUGE fan of CA Ocean Grown (OG) strains, when I had just moved from the state I was sooooo sick of them because every dispensary was dying to shove 100 different OG strains down my throat. But now that smell of that real sticky OG makes me salivate, and 3 Kings has the wonderful combination of heavy body high and extra buzzy brain that first made OG Kush so popular.

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How Does it Hit the Senses?

Earthy lemons. That is always what I smell with an inhale of any OG Kush hybrid. And that aroma is only made deeper by the added Diesel and Headband genetics. It is actually kind of fun because the more lemony an OG strain smells the more Sativa it is, the more pungent and musky it smells the more Indica it contains. 3 Kings OG first hits the nostril with a spiced lemon aroma, notes of fresh cardamom and bright bergamot. Buds are as dense as rocks and the structure is bulbous and chunky. Dark and kelly green leaves combine in a sea of brown orange hairs and brilliant white milky trichomes. When inhaled you will taste a spiced bergamot flavor amongst the thick smoke.

What Are The Effects?


Within minutes the brain will begin to flutter and the ocular system will start to feel a surge of energy from the Sativa cannabis strain. This is where some people can get some anxiety from smoking Sativas, just ride out this surge because it will mellow out. Don’t allow yourself to get too introspective in the first moments of medicating, be comfortable. As the tension in the mind finds release it dissipates into the body like honey, delivering a heavy dose of muscle relaxation from the neck and shoulders and eventually down to the hips and sciatic nerves. Although there is some great pain relief  associated with 3 Kings OG, it is most well known for the stimulating energy it provides the mind and body. Feel motivated, ready to take on the day and anxiety free. Let the stress fly out the window and just focus on checking things off of your list when medicating with this amazing OG Kush hybrid, a new designer OG on the list for me.

Great for anyone suffering from severe stress or anxiety, a nice strain to try for migraines as Sour Diesel has some anti-migraine properties. Daytime pain relief is accessible with this strain provided your pain isn’t all the way to 8-10 on the scale. 


Girl Scout Cookies: A Cannabis Strain Review

Product Review

[OG Kush x Durban Poison x Granddaddy Purple][60% Indica]

This strain, oh my goodness this strain. When this strain picked up steam in SF it reminded me of when Blue Dream really hit the medical scene in California. It hones in on ingenious mixture of all of my favorites from the Indica to Sativa spectrum. Durban captures an unmistakable flavor and effect, GDP is unmatched in the indica realm and OG Kush sits beautifully between the two all spry and hybridy. There is no other strain that has the same smell, look, feel, smoke like GSC; it can’t be faked.

How Does It Hit the Senses?

Grab a bit of Girl Scout and find yourself with a chunky, bulbous bud that brindles between light green and purple. It’s riddled with patches of dark orange hairs and blanketed in trichomes visible to the naked eye. The smell is just another showcase of the all star genetics and the reason for the fun name. Your first whiff graces you with the minty-pine aroma from the Durban parent and is followed with a sweet, bright earth scent from the OG and GDP lineage. All mixed together the mint and sweetness win out to make a dynamic smell combo in the nostril. That aroma is only trumped by the legendary taste that goes along with it. If what you have is real Girl Scout, and trust me there are many fakes, then you will need just one small toke to feel full effects take their course. Enjoy a flavor profile much like the smell, layered in sweet mint with undertones of musk. When you exhale the smoke will be faintly reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. Growing this strain is intermediate level stuff, it is a hardy plant that can withstand environmental issue more than others. Expect 9-10 week flowering cycle and about 60 grams per plant per harvest.

What is the Effect?

After our last review of a more novice strain I feel it necessary to rank this among the Holy Grail Kush, expert only. If you are new to medicating with cannabis don’t try this one unless you’re in a safe space and don’t have anything left to do with your evening/day. It’s hard to really put your finger on this one, I’ve seen strain reviews that call it a Sativa but I just don’t agree. Although the Durban Poison does quite a good job wrapping itself around your brain the strain even begins with that comfortable Indica softness which develops first behind the eyes.

Next you will feel the body melt into a soft relief from the GDP and OG parentage, before a bubbly and pleasant mental stimulation awakens. Durban Poison tests quite high in THC but it also has great CBN, which gives off a trippy, psychedelic effect. The Girl Scout Cookies daughter has just the right amount of trippy that goes along with the mellowing body pain relief. Prepare for open mouth laughing and continuous giggles, your mood will lift about 1-5 minutes after inhalation.

Use to find relief from: Depression, Anxiety, Nausea, Stress, Minor pain and inflammation

Sour Kush AKA Headband

Product Review

[OG Kush x Sour Diesel][60% SATIVA]

If you haven’t noticed yet I’m not a huge fan of Sativa strains, they tend to trip me out in the realms of psychedelics like acid and mushrooms. Unfortunately that isn’t copacetic to my daily life, I generally like to get all mentally packed up before I take a trip if you pick up what I’m throwing down. So with that in mind my favorite Sativas live just on the border of 50/50 hybridization like this lovely classic, Sour Kush. My dispensary refers to it as Sour Kush but apparently it has the same genetics as Headband. The effects are similar and the genetics are as elusive, ranging across the board from full Sativa to full Indica in the realms of reviewers out there. I will let you guys know my exact experience from this particular version grown out of Flagstaff, AZ.

How Does It Hit Your Senses?

The buds grow in a beautiful dense, short and fat christmas trees. They vary in light green and light brown patching with a musky lemon scent that hits the nostril with an antiseptic/diesel aroma. Pack it up in the bong or pipe for a one bowl wonder, just a nice juicy hit and you will feel immediate effects. If you’re choosing a joint/blunt route take 1-3 hits for the same effect. The taste is like that of fresh lemon juice and turmeric, a sweet earth citrus. If growing this hybrid beauty expect a 9-10 week flowering time.

What are the Effects?

Effects started for me in the back of the brain, deep in the part of your head that connects to your spine. I felt rapid energy release into a silly but focused stimulation in my mind while releasing pain points in my body. This is one of those really silly strains, I found myself just huge smile laughing and focusing on the fun side of life like I did when I was a child. This hybrid zone (60% Sativa – 60% Indica) is my silly zone, I know that most times those strains will give me the familiar Sativa uplifting I need with out any psychedelia and anxiety included. Definitely consider this strain to relieve your stress, anxiety, migraines, headaches, PTSD, and some body pain. Also use this for adrenal balancing, if you’ve been in a very high stress environment or had a very traumatic experience this zone of hybrids will help to balance that adrenal imbalance you may have acquired.