What’s In My Cup? Ultimate Sleepy Time Tea

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While I use cannabis medicinally I don’t want to ever have a dependence on it, which is why tolerance breaks are important. When I’m beginning a tolerance break I have A LOT of trouble sleeping and it makes the whole experience a bit more unbearable. When this is the case I supplement the cannabis for some lightly medicated stem tea to give my mind and body that little kick it needs to get to sleep.  I tend to have just enough cannabis flavor and mellowing effects with out milk but those with a higher tolerance or more intense insomnia will want to add just a bit of fat to their cup to ensure that the body can soak up the THC.


Simply Mix Together

10 cannabis stems [fresh or preserved in an airtight jar]

1 tsp dried chamomile flowers

1/2 tsp dried valerian

1/2 tsp dried skullcap

1 tsp dried kava root

Mix these herbs in a tea ball and place the ball into your most large, comforting mug. Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the ball and let the herbs steep as long as you’d like, at the least 15 minutes. If you add milk to your tea add it after about 15 minutes so that it doesn’t curdle. As the tea steeps evoking aromas will wash over you. If troublesome thoughts arise spend a moment with them and then let them go. Snuggle up in bed with your mug and a novel, don’t choose a bedtime book that is an adventure or thriller to ensure relaxation in the mind.While sitting with your cup meditate on the mantra: Be Here Now. Shout out to Ram Dass ❤

As you lay down to sleep lay on your back with arms spread lightly to your sides. With each breath imagine a pocket of energy, first in your right shoulder, to your throat, to your left shoulder, to your upper left leg, to your upper right leg. Continue focusing on this little energy ball in a circle through these 5 points, this will bring wandering energy to your heart and relax the body in the process.



What Do I Do With My Stems?

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I’ve always saved my stems. I don’t know why, it’s just something that I’ve always done. It is quite rare that I actually do anything with them. Once in college we filled a bottle of vodka slowly with our stems until 420 and then brought it to Hippy Hill to share. Aside from that one time, I usually save them and then throw them away once I’m moving, but now I’m all about using every morsel and stems are included in that.

On my other blog I post a lot of herbal blends that I love for intentional cups of tea. I had a recent epiphany, why am I not making tea with my stems. After a smidgen of internet research I’ve found that of course stoners have tried to smoke their stems and they did in fact get those desperate brothers in arms medicated. However, this mode can give you a pretty fat headache.

Instead I would suggest putting those same seemingly unnecessary things that are always stuck in your knit sweaters right into a tea ball. I’ve found that the high from stem tea is very body oriented and should be avoided in the morning or for anyone super susceptible to Indica effects. Mix your stems into a tea ball with other relaxation herbs like: kava, lavender and valerian. Enjoy a glass of tea before bed for relief from insomnia or after work for some extra pain relief.  Only 5-7 stems is necessary for a medicated glass, enjoy using every last morsel you beautiful bots!

Herb Spotlight: Mugwort

Herb Spotlight

I always thought mugwort to be one of the cooler sounding herb names, like something JK Rowling thought up. The name made me wonder what it could do, because I’m semi-obsessed with origins and how things get their names. After some research I’ve found that no one knows the exact derivation of the sweet name, but since it was used to make beer before Hops were discovered so perhaps it is in reference to the mugs that the libations were enjoyed from. It was also commonly used in cooking although nowadays it isn’t often found in the common American kitchen.

WARNING: If you are pregnant or breast feeding you must not come into contact with mugwort as it is used for inducing periods and stimulating the uterus.

Breakdown of Mugwort:

Scientific Name: Artemisia vulgaris [aka: artemisia, Saint Johns Plant]

Magickal Stats: Elementally water, ruled by the Moon and NeptuneArtemisia_vulgaris_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-016

Improves Function of: 

  • Digestive System; increases bile secretion and gastric juices

Aides in Relieving Symptoms of:

  • Depression: Low energy
  • Intestinal Issues: vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, weak digestion, colic
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Hypochondria

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Promote psychic energy
  • Aides in astral travel & lucid dreaming
  • Receive and Interpret psychic information
  • Cleansing and Charging divining tools

How Does It Work? In the stomach Mugwort can help to balance the acidity, fight travel sickness and even fight parasites in the guts. Evidence has suggested that topically mugwort can stimulate look circulation which helps to promote healing of skin ailments like bruises and even ringworm. It can also help to calm the nerves when ingested.

What Do I Do With It? Many people use mugwort in sweet smoke and knicknick, it can be rolled up with other herbs including cannabis to stimulate astral travel and lucid dreaming, relieve anxiety and calm restlessness to relieve insomnia. If you don’t smoke the same results can be achieved by simply chewing the root or putting a bunch underneath your pillow. Applying the lotion directly to the skin to relieve itchiness and burn scars. Lastly, the root is made into a drinkable tonic to boost energy and help lift the burden of chronic depression and the low energy that goes along with it.

Most commonly, Mugwort is used to enhance & promote lucid dreams. Before using the herbs as such please be sure to take a couple of steps. First, really ask yourself if you need sight into these dreams that your conscious mind is blocking. Our mind does this for a reason so be sure to pack your mental baggage and take a good look at yourself, maybe you’re not ready for truth and that’s OK. Next, ask the plant the question on your mind. It may sound silly but it really helps even if it is just a way for your own mind to comprehend the intention behind the action. Lastly, keep a journal next to your bed to record the dreams that may flow. In the next 3-7 days after using Mugwort for astral travel pay a lot of attention to everything that is going on around you, there may be messages that you’re missing.

WARNING: Mugwort may cause an allergic reaction in individuals who are allergicto the Asteraceae/Compositae plant family. Members of this family include ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, and many other herbs.

Top 10 Indica Strains for Insomnia

Indica Cultivar

One of the most common problems that can make anyone’s day just crap is a poor night’s sleep. Cannabis is not only helpful for inducing sleep, it also helps to keep you asleep all night. Smoking and vaporizing can be a great option for getting a nice high to get a good night of rest. But I’d recommend edibles for getting a long lasting effect suitable for sleeping. These strains are my most favorite for night time; they’ll relax, relieve pain and help work as a sleep aid.

  1. Blueberry [Purple Thai x Afghani]

Do you have pure Blueberry? Call me. Seriously, it’s so hard to find regular old Blueberry cannabis that isn’t crossed with anything. Blueberry nuggets create more of a bulbous bud structure with a blueberry patchouli aroma. It is one of the strains that commonly has high CBD quantities. Generally there won’t be immensely high amounts of THC so the effects will be mellow and relaxing. Feel gently lulled to sleep by Blueberry and also feel immense relief from aches and pains.

2. Grand Daddy Purple [Purple Urkle x Big Bud]

One the purple heavy hitters, GDP is a classic that I grab whenever I find it at a dispensary. It is one of those Indica strains that just slaps you right in the face. GDP smells sweet and earthy, like most wonderful indica strains, and has a dark purple dark green hue with a bulbous, pine tree bud structure. Take a hit and then immediately feel relief from pain, stress and a need to go to sleep. This is a great one for the anxious mind that keeps you up at night because it hits you with a freight train of tired moments after inhalation. Find an edible with this strain and get ready for the most intense sleep of your life.

3. Northern Lights #5 [Afghani Indica x Thai Sativa]

This is another of those comfortable, relaxing Indica strains that slowly lulls you to sleep after relieving any stress, pain or discomfort. I love this strain because it calmly pushes you into a river of tired before bed. It runs through the body with a light, airy sense of pain relief that eventually reaches the brain. The nugs will usually be bright green, dripping in trichomes and ball-like fat, dense structure.

4. Romulan [North American Sativa x White Rhino]

I’ll preface this saying that this is a favorite to have on shelves as a budtender. Not just because it is a classic Indica for pain relief and sleepiness but also because it helps you spot all the Trekkies in the crowd. Pronunciation is key. Pine entwines with sweet earth to create a scent that is distinct and pungent, buds will be light green fat spears with long, dark brown pistils. This is another lull comfortably to sleep options. It gives you a little kick in the rear but is still a mellower option in comparison to GDP and Black Diamond.

5. Black Diamond [Blackberry x Diamond Kush]

The teeny tiny percentage of Sativa in this strain shoots you up into the air upon first inhalation. It almost tricks you into thinking that you’re awake, which is why I wouldn’t recommend this strain for the severely anxious before bed. The aroma that the nugs emit is pure blackberry, sweet and bright. They grow in a dark purple and kelly green hue with light orange pistils littering the little pine trees. Effects will shoot you to the moon making you feel on top of the world, this is partially due to the amazing pain relief that the strain provides. You could get immensely hungry and then all of a sudden BOOM you’re tired, and asleep. Depending on the batch of bud, you could just pass out like a narcoleptic person when smoking Black Diamond.

6. Blackberry Kush [Blueberry x Afghani]

Enjoy the most melty, delicious pain relief with just one inhalation of Blackberry Kush. A lot like Black Diamond, a child of this beautiful mother, the smell of these nuggets is sweet, delightful blackberry. They grow in fat, purple balls that are so dense you’ll want a grinder. You’ll feel any pent up anxiety or deep seeded stress release and the tension in joints and muscles will relax; everything is hunky dory after some BBK. All of these things (pain, anxiety, stress) can lead to insomnia, Blackberry Kush can help solve that problem.

7. Afgoo

When I first got my medical cannabis card in 2009 in San Francisco I walked straight to the original Green Room and picked up some Afgoo. It will always sit so comfortably in my heart for this reason. Combining an earthy Afghani with sweet strawberry cedar wood of Goo; Afgoo is unmatchable for pain relief combining with relaxation. What better to lead to a good night’s sleep. The buds will be light brown/green and spear like with a smell that is both pungent earth and sweet as sugar.

8. Holy Grail Kush

This former Cannabis Cup winner can do it for me every time. I love the pain relief provided by Holy Grail, and the intensity of the effects given combined with the Kosher Kush parentage can have the same sleep inducing properties as GDP. That’s right, it’ll punch you right in the face! Sorry I just love that analogy. The buds smell like a lemony pile of delightful dirt and grow in fat balls with little points in a light greenish brown dense chunky nug. True effects are felt immediately, making this a wonderful option for the intensely anxious cannabis medicator.

9. Purple Kush [Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani]

If you can get your hands on true Purple Kush then you’re in for a delightful, relaxed evening. I’ve seen this strain run anywhere from a light purple hue with a vibrant green undertone to a dark purple hue that was so covered with trichomes that the spear shaped nuggets almost shone white. The pleasant aroma emits a rich cocoa and deep blackberry. Effects are relaxing and comfortable. There are no spikes in energy or intense ups and downs before the inevitable faceplant. This Indica strain is like snuggling in a warm blanket that gently lulls you to sleep. It is a great option for the anxious insomniac with a spiraling mind that keeps them awake.

10. Bubba Kush [OG Kush x Maybe Northern Lights #5]

Ooooh yum Bubba Kush, it is one of the most melty and comfortable Indica strains. It can relax the most tense of muscles which can really help when attempting to get some shut eye. Generally I’ve seen this bud with a structure like little bowling balls, not too dense but definitely not loose. The aroma is of deep, rich soil with sweet plum undertones. Taste resembles the smell pretty closely. Bubba Kush is bound to create a lethargic effect but beware calorie counters, you will probably get the munchies.

What’s In My Cup? Tasty Sleepy Time Tea Update

What's In My Cup?

I’d like to make a confession to you guys, I haven’t slept through the night without the aid of herbal medicine for years. Part of my journey to finding the proper cup of tea is to figure out how to sleep soundly and allow sleep to come swiftly. I made this mixture with taste and function in mind, the hibiscus is solely added for delightful taste. Hibiscus and chamomile are two of my favorite flavors together and I’ll be honest I’ve been craving them both lately.

This Blend Will Assist With:

  • Relief from Insomnia
  • Easing nightmares.
  • Calming the nervous system.

Simply Mix Together:

1 tsp dried hibiscus 

1/2 tsp dried skullcap

1/2 tsp dried passion flower

2 tsp dried chamomile

Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the herbs packed into a tea ball within your favorite large mug. Crawl into bed with your favorite book, nothing with too much adventure or suspense in the story line. Hold the mug while snuggled into bed and take in the aromas wafting along with the steam. Take a sip and focus on the mantra: Surrender to the process. 


Motavation: The Indica Strain that Does Anything But Motivate

Indica Cultivar, Product Review

[Sensi Star x Warlock][90% Indica]

Although pain relief is generally my go-to effect when choosing a cannabis strain, sometimes I like to delve into the other delightful Indica effects. When it comes to Motivation I do get some warm, comfortable pain relief but the main vein of the feelings from this one are fun, silly and tiring.

This is definitely not a beginner strain for daytime medicating, if you’re new to Indicas or cannabis it will surely make you drowsy and inhibit your ability to get work done. This is a house strain at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, Arizona and is a classic strain in the entire cannabis community.

How Does It Hit The Senses?

First off, when you lay your eyes upon Motavation you’ll agree that this is one of the densest buds across the board. It forms in long, bulbous rocks that are equally as round as they are long. The color is a dark forest green, sometimes I swear that I see a black sheen to the bud sometimes from small spots of a deep purple. Use a grinder when breaking these up, you’ll get way more out of your stash than breaking it up with your fingers. The smell is rich in saffron with a deep black pepper undertone. Some different batches have a back drop of citrus making them a more bergamot scent with that same black pepper finish.

What is the Effect?

Just like a lot of beloved Indica strains, this one begins with a mellowing pain relief that first travels gently down the spine. I like to describe this one as a three part stone. First you feel your body relax and relieve any stress which induces phase one; open mouthed laughing. You’ll feel uplifted and relaxed simultaneously which is just downright pleasant. This cocktail of emotions may give some minds anxiety, ride it out because that will pass. Next you’ll feel an immense appetite Augustus Glutestimulation that can be described as insatiable. Seriously, I just dig through the refrigerator sometimes and then realize that I’m not hungry after some rifling. After either your food coma or the couch lock kicks in, you’ll experience immense lethargy. Eyelids will begin to get quite heavy and a relaxation will take over all of the other effects that have been happening. This is warm blanket phase, or phase three. At this point you’ll feel ready to go to sleep despite insomnia, active mind or anxiety. If this still doesn’t cure your insomnia I’d recommend adding some Indica bubble hash or switching to wax pens or dabbing in the evening.

Use this to aide with: Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Stress, Anorexia