What’s In My Cup? Ultimate Sleepy Time Tea

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While I use cannabis medicinally I don’t want to ever have a dependence on it, which is why tolerance breaks are important. When I’m beginning a tolerance break I have A LOT of trouble sleeping and it makes the whole experience a bit more unbearable. When this is the case I supplement the cannabis for some lightly medicated stem tea to give my mind and body that little kick it needs to get to sleep.  I tend to have just enough cannabis flavor and mellowing effects with out milk but those with a higher tolerance or more intense insomnia will want to add just a bit of fat to their cup to ensure that the body can soak up the THC.


Simply Mix Together

10 cannabis stems [fresh or preserved in an airtight jar]

1 tsp dried chamomile flowers

1/2 tsp dried valerian

1/2 tsp dried skullcap

1 tsp dried kava root

Mix these herbs in a tea ball and place the ball into your most large, comforting mug. Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the ball and let the herbs steep as long as you’d like, at the least 15 minutes. If you add milk to your tea add it after about 15 minutes so that it doesn’t curdle. As the tea steeps evoking aromas will wash over you. If troublesome thoughts arise spend a moment with them and then let them go. Snuggle up in bed with your mug and a novel, don’t choose a bedtime book that is an adventure or thriller to ensure relaxation in the mind.While sitting with your cup meditate on the mantra: Be Here Now. Shout out to Ram Dass ❤

As you lay down to sleep lay on your back with arms spread lightly to your sides. With each breath imagine a pocket of energy, first in your right shoulder, to your throat, to your left shoulder, to your upper left leg, to your upper right leg. Continue focusing on this little energy ball in a circle through these 5 points, this will bring wandering energy to your heart and relax the body in the process.



What’s In My Cup? Tea for Healthy Guts

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We went on a trip to California last weekend and it was so much fun, my cousin was married and I saw the ocean again. When we travel we love to eat and drink the local fare,  but as two dairy free people who eat very little processed food we tend to get very sick for a week or so after we get home. This generally happens because dairy truly exists in almost everything so it’s hard to escape. Instead of lamenting about eating delicious foods I decided to hit the problem head on, so I formed another tea that will help create healthy guts and push anything through that your body may be having trouble digesting. Anyone who has recently indulged a bit too much or isn’t feeling 100% lately will enjoy the uplifting and revitalizing effects of this tea.

DigestiveTea3 copy

Simply Mix Together:

1/2 tsp dried dandelion root

1/2 tsp dried lemon grass

1/4 tsp dried calamus root

1 tsp dried spearmint

Put all of these herbs into your tea ball and put into your favorite mug. Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the tea ball and steep for 15 minutes. Remove the ball after the tea has steeped, the calamus can become overwhelming when steeped too long. While you sit with this tea, swishing around your tea ball, meditate on movement. Not just the movement around you but the movement within you. Think about the kundalini energy of the chakras and inhale the pleasant aromas wafting from your cup. Your mantra for this tea blend is: I eliminate bad, I emanate good. 

DIY Healing Citrus Face Wash for Lustrous, Clear Skin

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One by one I am replacing the products in our bathroom with homemade options. Face wash as my first because I was really upset that I battled acne for so long and their marketing tactics made me believe it was my fault because I hadn’t found the right product yet. I’ve quit dairy and my clear skin is really appreciating the gentle homemade products that I’ve been cleaning it with.

I’ve formed this face wash for oily to dry skin that is prone to breakouts. I tend to get dosed with dairy every time I eat out so it’s nice to be fighting blemishes before they even start. This combination of ingredients is meant to balance the skin’s natural oils while reducing any inflammation that may be coming out. Also the color of the stuff is just beautiful and golden like honey. Healing Citrus Facewash


1/4 cup chamomile lemon grass water (Directions below)

1/4 cup Dr. Bronner’s baby castille soap

1 tsp Calendula oil

8 drops lemon essential oil

To make the chamomile lemon grass water Completely fill 1 tea ball with dried chamomile flowers and fill 1 tea ball with dried lemon grass, place both into a heat resistant measuring cup. Pour approximately 1 cup of boiling water over the tea balls and let sit for up to 24 hours. Cover with a kitchen towel to reduce the risk of anything getting in the measuring cup. The longer the steep the more the water has take on the healing properties of the herbs.

To make the Healing Citrus Facewash Gently mix all of the ingredients together and pour directly into desired container. Use in the morning and in the evening, shake before using, separation is natural. If the essential oil burns or dries you out use less and apply coconut oil after application in the evening.

Herb Spotlight: Orange the Not So Herby Herb

Herb Spotlight

I got some orange essential oil to start using in a moisturizer since it is a good choice for oily skin, now I’m also making an awesome DIY beauty recipe for chamomile face wash with the oil. As I make more recipes with the extract from the citrus fruit I’m curious, what are the medicinal benefits? We all grew up with the big vibrant fruits in our fruit bowl or on the counter, it’s such a familiar plant yet I know so little about it aside from it’s Vitamin C content. There are tons of things that oranges can help and it isn’t just the fruit that’s beneficial.

Breakdown of Sweet Orange

Scientific Name: Citrus sinesis

Magickal Stats: Elementally Air, Ruled by the Sun

Improves Function Of: 

  • Digestive system
  • Respiratory system
  • Immune system

Aides in Relieving Symptoms Of:

  • Cold & Flu
  • Wrinkles & Poor Skin Texture

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Bring well being, confidence and happiness
  • Harness focus on vitality & success
  • Add the energy & vitality of the Sun

How Does it Work? The real nutrition in this fruit comes out through the peel. The fruit and peel are rich in Vitamin A and C as well as pectin, fiber and enzymes. The vitamins are what give the boost to the immune system and the fiber helps the stomach release gasses. Each orange is jam packed with different vitamins and benefits and almost all of the parts are useable.

What Do I Do With It? The leaves, essential oils, skin and fruit are all beneficial to our system separately and together. I think that we’re all pretty aware of how to use the fruits of oranges, but I’d like to say that you shouldn’t be scared to incorporate it in savory dishes as well as sweet! Make beauty products, use for aromatherapy or make cleaning supplies with the essential oil. Sachets can be made for potpourri, drinks or spiritual effects and work even more complexly combined with other herbs and flowers.

Herb Spotlight: Lemon Grass for Digestive Health

Herb Spotlight

There are some delicious Thai dishes that feature lemon grass and I’m pretty sure that I’ve had tea that starred the herb as well. But I’ll be frank, I hadn’t worked much with the herb before researching this post. Turns out that this herb is almost as beneficial for the human body as turmeric is! There are countless vitamins, minerals and antioxidants packed into this little plant to make it more than worthwhile to add into the weekly or even monthly regimen.

Breakdown of Lemon Grass:

Scientific Name: Cymbopogon citratus [aka: sweet root]

Magickal Stats: Elementally air, ruled by Mercury

Improves Function Of: 

  • Digestive System
  • Sebaceous Glands
  • Detoxification
  • Immune System
  • Nervous System

Aides in Relieving Symptoms of:

  • Headache & Muscle Pain
  • Stomachache, digestive spasms & abdominal pain
  • High cholesterol
  • Nervousness, vertigo & convulsions

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Purify energy & thoughts
  • Discovering the truth
  • Aides the memory
  • Access creativity & study habits

How Does It Work? There are countless healing properties in the makeup of Lemon Grass. First off it contains terpenes nerol, citronellol, myrcene, dipentene, geraniol and methyl heptenone which make it anti fungal, anti septic and an insecticide. It also contains valuable antioxidants, phenolic compounds and flavonoids that donate the countless benefits of lemon grass. Also, this herb contains Vitamin A-C along with folates for added health benefits. Lastly there are a lot of minerals in the herb including but not limited to magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, zinc and iron. With all of these beneficial ingredients in the makeup, lemon grass is surely worth a second look for a cup of tea or an aromatherapy tool.

What Do I Do With It? Many beauty products are made with lemon grass because it can regulate the sebaceous glands to make hair and skin lustrous. Manufacture a water or vinegar wash for the body, face or hair to balance oils and wash away free radicals. Inhale the essential oil for muscle relieving and uplifting effects. Make a tea or add lemon grass to a rice or noodle dish to truly eat your medicine. Similarly, you can make an oil or alcohol decoction to use as a daily dropper supplement.

What’s In My Cup? Success & Vitality Tea

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I’m sorry guys, it’s been so long since I shared a cup of tea with you. You see, I’ve been working with the same herbs and haven’t changed anything up in awhile. Most of my herb time is spent researching for Herb Spotlights here on the blog or brewing tea to put in my kombucha. But after spending some time brainstorming what kind of tea blends I’d like to see I decided to put a cup of success together.

There are certain herbs that have an affinity to bring success to those who utilize them correctly and I’ve taken all of the ones that would blend together in a delicious cup of tea and crafted just that. Aside form brewing up success in your life this tea blend will promote relaxation in your system while also bringing relief to a harsh respiratory system. It is also a powerful detoxification tea due to the dried dandelion and angelica roots.

Simply Mix Together:

1 tsp dried lavender

1 tsp dried licorice root

1/2 tsp dandelion

1/2 tsp angelica root

Mix these herbs in a tea ball or muslin bag and steep 10 minutes in boiling water. While steeping ponder on the area of life in which you’re looking for more success. Take in the aromas wafting towards you and be with yourself in a safe, confident place. Resonate with that confidence as you sip your cup and bring yourself back into waking life with the feeling of success, vitality and a confident self. While drinking your cup be with this mantra: I can when I believe. 

Herb Spotlight: Mullein for Respiratory Health

Herb Spotlight

The reason that I made a point to study Mullein this month is because I see it at every apothecary that I’ve been to but for some reason I have no idea what to do with it or why I would want to. When I came to find that they were beautiful little droplets of yellow I became extra excited. The distinctive plant grows a tiny yellow flower atop a large spoke leave. The leaves can be used as diapers, food wrappers, insoles for shoes and even toilet paper. When dried, the leaves become harsh to the touch which is why it’s referred to as Quaker rouge. Quaker girls would rub it on their cheeks to give them a nice blushed rouge with out any makeup. The plant is often found on the roadside and grows well in poor soil and weather circumstances.

Breakdown of Mullein

Scientific Name: Verbasum thapus [aka: Aaron’s Rod, Velvet Back, Quaker Rouge]HBC-AS09-mullein5-DC.jpg

Magickal Stats: Elementally Water, Ruled by Saturn and Pluto

Improves Function Of:  

  • Respiratory System
  • Urinary Tract
  • Lymphatic System

Aides in Relieving Symptoms Of:

  • Cystitis & burning urine
  • Dry throat, cough, hoarseness
  • Mumps and lymphatic swelling
  • Ear ache and nerve pain

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Protect from nightmares
  • Safety while traveling
  • Protect the home
  • Instilling courage

How Does It Work? There have been studies showing mullein to help with healing symptoms of herpes & influenza, which donates to both the anti-inflammation and antiseptic qualities of the plant. Other studies are lacking on the plant but since ancient times this herb has been used for both trivial and healing aspects of daily life. The astringent qualities help to relieve common and more troubling skin ailments through the use of a poultice. Being an herb of the sun, Mullein is known to promote confidence, courage and positivity while casting out the negative.

What Do I Do With It? Using mullein can be split into 3 categories. The leaves, oil in the flower and both together can be made into different healing decoctions and poultices. Oil that makes up the flower can aide with ear aches and infections. It will also help with nerve pain and skin issues like hemorrhoids, herpes and gout. Creating a tea or decoction will relieve symptoms of lymphatic and respiratory issues. Lastly, creating poultices from the herb will help with cramps, back aches, mumps, swollen glands and bronchitis. Amulets made with the herb can promote protection and courage throughout daily life. An amulet made with Mullein can also help to protect from nightmares and those who may visit in one’s sleep. Put the herb above the door to your home to protect the space from all negative energy.

As always, please ask your doctor before using this herb if you are on any other medications, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Herb Spotlight: Turmeric as a Cure-All

Herb Spotlight

This is one of those magical roots that can literally do anything. I like to drink it before bed in a cup of golden milk tea to induce a heavy slumber. It also does great things for almost every other aspect of the body. It is often used in asian foods and is one of the main elements in giving curry it’s vibrant color. Fun facts, it’s super orange color will dye your cutting board and tupperware which is why it is actually used as a dye in India and Thailand. Buddhist monks traditionally dye their robes with a ground up powder from the bright, beautiful root plant.

Breakdown of Turmeric

Scientific Name: Curcuma longa

Magickal Stats: Elementally Water, Ruled by the Moon

Improves Function Of:

  • Menstrual Cycle Regularity
  • Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors
  • Cancer and Tumor Inhibitors
  • Cholesterol Reduction in liver and blood
  • Digestive System
  • Immune System
  • Liver Protectant & Kidney Cleansing

Aides in Relieving Symptoms of:

  • Arthritis
  • Cataracts
  • Slows the progression of neuro-degenerative diseases
  • Angina Pectoris
  • Muscle Pain, Headaches and Strain

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Increase fertility in humans and animals
  • Protection & Good Health

How Does It Work? The chemical that gives turmeric it’s color and healing properties is called curcumin. Curcumin has been shown to relieve inflammation in all areas of the body, which is why is helps to relieve pain and any other disease effected by inflammation. This antioxidant is joined by other powerful antioxidants to neutralize free radicals in the system for the other powerfully healthy effects that it may be capable of. When ingesting turmeric, black pepper should be included in the recipe to help your body absorb the Curcumin.

What Do I Do With It? The root plant is commonly ground into a fine powder that is then used to make decoctions for drinking, applying to the skin, enemas or mouthwashes. Check out the Golden Milk tea recipe and drink before bed for aiding insomnia, pain, inflammation and even ringworm. Mix turmeric with honey and sugar for a toxin purging exfoliating scrub. Add to toothpaste for a whitening effect and even put on the scalp with olive oil to fight dandruff the natural way.

Use turmeric to make an enema or mouthwash but be sure not to make this a long term plan for health. Try only once before consulting a doctor or dentist about the issue if symptoms persist.


What’s In My Cup? Writer’s Block Tea Blend

What's In My Cup?

I’ve been feeling so bogged down by convention and logic lately that I can’t create anything right now. It’s no one’s fault but my own. Surprise!! it’s hard to freelance full-time and generate your own workflow. When I combined the art of writing with the necessity of making money to stay alive I compromised my ability to channel anything creative out of the pen. Where else to turn in these immensely frustrating times but back to my little jars of herbs. This is a blend dear to my heart, a blend that will help your mind heighten to the realms of the muse.

Simply mix together:

1 tsp dried rose buds

1/2 tsp dried lavender buds

1/2 tsp dried passionflower

1/4 tsp dried lemon verbena

Put all of the herbs listed into a tea ball or bag and put into your happiest, silliest mug. Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the ball and sit with your steaming hot cup. Let the different scents of the concoction permeate your aura as the herbs steep. Take out the tea ball after 10-15 minutes depending on your taste preference. Both the rose and lavender can be overwhelming for anyone who is new to floral teas.

I’d recommend this cup before bed, cuddle up with your current book or while listening to your favorite podcast. Leave a journal near your bed so that you can wake up and write down your dreams. Take note the next day of anything odd or new that happens in your life. Spend the next day being completely present, and the muse will present herself. While drinking the tea sit with the mantra: Freedom is vision.

Herb Spotlight: Calendula Flowers

Herb Spotlight

Calendula and marigold flowers are one in the same, but don’t confuse them with the ornamental marigolds found in gardens. Double check your herbs by the scientific name before making your healing products or other natural supplies with dried calendula flowers. I found out about this ingredient when I was dealing with bad acne because it helps heal inflamed skin. Now I’m working with it in beauty products mostly and also a massage oil for cowboyfriend’s aching hands. Also whenever I’m feeling like a graying version of myself, as if my inner light is dimming, I draw a bath with some Calendula flowers to charge up my auric field.

Breakdown of Calendula:

Scientific Name: Calendula officinalis [aka: marigold, summer’s bride]

Magickal Stats: Elementally Fire, Ruled by the Suncalendula-1405379

Aides in Relieving Symptoms of:

  • Cuts, Wounds, Burns and Ailments of the Skin
  • Inflammation; eyelid, rectum, varicose veins, nosebleeds & hemorrhoids
  • Menstrual Cramps

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Attract Success
  • Flourish in Optimism and Vitality
  • Protection; draw light and banish negativity

How Does It Work?

Calendula is mostly applied topically to work as an antibacterial and antiviral which is why it works great for supporting tissue growth and healing in cuts, burns, acne and other wounds. It also works as an anti-inflammatory to help with proctitis, conjunctivitis, herpes, insect stings and even black eyes.

What Do I Do With It?

A liquid extract of the dried flowers can be applied topically to the affected area to help with any inflamed or wounded skin. Also take drops of the liquid extract to induce menstruation and relieve menstrual cramps, promote skin healing and inflammation. Add to an incense to attract success specifically in legal matters. Sprinkle the dried flowers into a bath to draw health and vitality into the auric field.