What’s In My Cup? Heart Opener Tea

Lately I’ve been working with the creator of this awesome clothing brand that is based on crystal healing through imagery. It made me super inspired to spread some information regarding opening the heart which is definitely something needed in our society. Especially as social media continues to warp us to thinking we need to constantly […]

Balancing The Heart Chakra: My First Experience in Self-Healing

As mentioned in my previous post I found Yin Yoga, and my life is forever changed. My first Yin class was a little rough, a friend invited me and it was after a really horrible day at work. I decided I could really use a relaxing yoga class, but I really didn’t know what I […]

What’s In My Cup?

Tea is so important, it’s a fantastic form of natural medicine. I like to buy bulk herbs and mix myself a tea that feels right for that moment. Today’s concoction will fuel my beautiful Friday night. After working ten hour shifts the last four days I am ready to fully unwind and truly relax. I […]