Top 8 Best Foods For Proper Pooping

I am totally obsessed with being regular. It’s annoying to some, disgusting to others and downright intriguing from the crowd I keep around. But in all seriousness digestion is imperative, there is a reason that the brilliant Ancient Greeks thought that the cognitive mind rested in the belly. The guts definitely have something to say, […]

What’s In My Cup? Relaxation Station Edition

Wow. Since the last Full Moon I’ve felt my entire being shifted and catapulted in different directions just dragging my mind and emotions along with it. I haven’t felt stable in months and it’s wearing on me, my love, my job and my blogging. For some reason it is in these times that I forget […]

What’s In My Cup?

My love came home from work with a nagging digestive issue, so I whipped this brew up specifically with clearing and relieving digestive system in my mind. It will actually also provide some clarity and relief from anxieties. The blend is tasty, bright and tangy with a tinge of sweetness. Enjoy after a long day […]

Herb Spotlight: Hibiscus

Hibiscus creates the most perfect tart flavoring for iced teas and even sorbets, and it also does some other wonderful things aside from tickle the senses. The flower, root and seed can all be used in decoctions, tinctures and even cleansers for your skin. The Hibiscus flower comes in thousands of species that thrive in […]