Tarot of the Week: VII The Chariot

He has travelled through the many people in the major arcana. From the magician teaching him to master his internal powers to the high priestess that showed him the immense efficacy of moving through a congregation of believers. Now we sit in the chariot, learning be assertive in our power. IMAGERY: The master of the chariot holds […]

Tarot of the Week: V The Hierophant

Chiron, The Pope, The Shaman; whatever your deck calls him he is the counterpart to the High Priestess. Just as the Magician taught the Fool to channel the power within him, the Hierophant can channel that energy through the masses. For example the way that a person of religious power can filter their passions through […]

Tarot of the Week: IV The Emperor

After meeting the female dominant queen of the universe the fool stumbles upon her male counterpart. He is powerful and represents structure and authority. His stern attitude compliments the sensuous feminine Empress. He is pictured with a white beard to show wisdom in authority. He holds an Ankh in his right hand and an orb in his […]

Tarot of the Week: 2 High Priestess II

After leaving the expressive and exciting Magician, the Fool happens upon the High Priestess calmly seated on her throne. He has become excited about his new powers over the universe when he comes upon the opposite of his former companion. He sits at her feet quietly in order to learn from her wisdom. IMAGERY: A serene woman […]