Dairy Free Living: Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Something that I really, really, really, really miss about eating dairy is indulging in spoonfuls of Nutella chocolate spread. When cowboyfriend and I found ourselves at a grocery store a town or two over we found something magical…no, something dare I say it, downright divine. Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter spread fulfilled all of my needs when […]

Buffalo Chicken Salad with Dairy Free Blue Cheez Dressing

We love salad night, it’s truly a blessing that Josh is a cattle rancher that loves salads. When we’ve overdone the red meat in the past days or when we have hang nails (long story) we always have salad for dinner. This salad was inspired by this amazing dairy free blue cheese recipe that I got from […]

Dairy Free Chorizo Breakfast Egg Bake

We eat a lot of eggs and bacon around these parts. Literally every day I make 5 pieces of bacon, 4-5 eggs and 3 pieces of toast. Yesterday cowboyfriend claimed that 3 pieces of bacon weren’t enough, so I decided to dress up breakfast this morning. This egg bake is so delicious that cowbae sat […]

Monday Night Dinners Dessert Hour: Lavender Whoopie Pies

Nom Nom Nom I am a sugar fiend. Ever since I quit dairy and tobacoo I’ve let my other vices go wild. I get seriously weird on the sugar and the caffeine on a regular basis, which has seriously messed with my sleeping and mood patterns. But whatever, dessert is luxurious and if I learn […]