Herb Spotlight: Turmeric as a Cure-All

Herb Spotlight

This is one of those magical roots that can literally do anything. I like to drink it before bed in a cup of golden milk tea to induce a heavy slumber. It also does great things for almost every other aspect of the body. It is often used in asian foods and is one of the main elements in giving curry it’s vibrant color. Fun facts, it’s super orange color will dye your cutting board and tupperware which is why it is actually used as a dye in India and Thailand. Buddhist monks traditionally dye their robes with a ground up powder from the bright, beautiful root plant.

Breakdown of Turmeric

Scientific Name: Curcuma longa

Magickal Stats: Elementally Water, Ruled by the Moon

Improves Function Of:

  • Menstrual Cycle Regularity
  • Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors
  • Cancer and Tumor Inhibitors
  • Cholesterol Reduction in liver and blood
  • Digestive System
  • Immune System
  • Liver Protectant & Kidney Cleansing

Aides in Relieving Symptoms of:

  • Arthritis
  • Cataracts
  • Slows the progression of neuro-degenerative diseases
  • Angina Pectoris
  • Muscle Pain, Headaches and Strain

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Increase fertility in humans and animals
  • Protection & Good Health

How Does It Work? The chemical that gives turmeric it’s color and healing properties is called curcumin. Curcumin has been shown to relieve inflammation in all areas of the body, which is why is helps to relieve pain and any other disease effected by inflammation. This antioxidant is joined by other powerful antioxidants to neutralize free radicals in the system for the other powerfully healthy effects that it may be capable of. When ingesting turmeric, black pepper should be included in the recipe to help your body absorb the Curcumin.

What Do I Do With It? The root plant is commonly ground into a fine powder that is then used to make decoctions for drinking, applying to the skin, enemas or mouthwashes. Check out the Golden Milk tea recipe and drink before bed for aiding insomnia, pain, inflammation and even ringworm. Mix turmeric with honey and sugar for a toxin purging exfoliating scrub. Add to toothpaste for a whitening effect and even put on the scalp with olive oil to fight dandruff the natural way.

Use turmeric to make an enema or mouthwash but be sure not to make this a long term plan for health. Try only once before consulting a doctor or dentist about the issue if symptoms persist.



What’s In My Cup? Post Camping Cleanse Edition

What's In My Cup?

This has been a really busy summer. I moved here to be close to nature so that I could camp on a whim and enjoy the glorious spirit of trees. Well everyone, we went camping, FINALLY, out at Priest Draw. Yeah, it is Fall not Summer but shoot it is better late than never.

Well although camping is an excellent way to commune with nature and in turn your inner spirit guides, I have a tendency to get… backed up. It might be because we eat steak and potatoes and drink tons of coffee while we camp, but it might not… it is why. Apparently boyfriend is the same because he requested a tea from me that would help him to relieve his blockage and get his bowels working normally again.

This Blend Will Aide in Relieving:

  • constipation
  • nausea
  • cramps
  • stress
  • IBS

Simply Mix Together:

1TB Chamomile

1/2 TB Dandelion Root

1/2 TB Spearmint

Put the listed herbs into your tea ball and into your favorite big old mug. Pour 6-8 oz of boiling water over your tea ball and let steep for 10-15 minutes or until the desired flavor is reached, as long as you steep for 5 minutes to extract the healing agents from the herbs. Sit in a comfortable place with a happy song on or with a fun, exciting book. The spearmint will stick out to you with a freshness in the finish of the taste.

Sit there with your tea and take in the bright, sweet aroma. Repeat the mantra: I can. 

What’s In My Cup? Blissed Out Post Yoga Edition

What's In My Cup?

I took the most delicious yoga class yesterday, seriously I have not felt that mushy and strong at the same time in my whole life. The class was feminine based and focused on moon salutations as opposed to sun salutations. I’d like you to know that I slept better last night than I have in years, and I ate TONS of sugar yesterday since I was baking those epic whoopie pies. I almost wanted more coffee when I got home, but I decided I would make a cup of tea to keep vining on the super blissed out feelings that I was already feeling.

A naturopath in town makes herbal tonics with a  pitcher plant base, that is what is in my joint and muscle tonic. Today we’re going to look into the tea, but keep an eye out for a spotlight post not the herbs in the Joint and Muscle tonic that I listed below. Also keep an eye out because I intend to write about my yoga experience as well… it was just that good!

This blend will aide in relieving:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • ADHD
  • nausea
  • auto immune oriented thyroid issues
  • inflammation

Simply Mix Together:

1 TB dried Lavender

1/5 TB dried Lemon Balm

1 tsp Joint and Muscle Tonic

Put the dried herbs into your tea ball and the tonic into the bottom of the cup. Once water has boiled pour 6-8 oz of water over your tea ball and the tonic, stir until you see the tonic disperse into the water. Let steep 5-15 minutes depending on your own personal preferences. Enjoy this blend at any time, during a lazy afternoon as the monsoon comes in (which is how I enjoyed mine) or in the evening before bed. The flavor profiles will be mellow and floral with a sweet citrus undertone. There is some alcohol in the tonic, so be weary if you are sensitive to alcohol.

Sit with your warm cup, let the aromas of relaxation wash over you and meditate on this mantra: I cultivate my own garden. 

What’s In My Cup? Relaxation Station Edition

What's In My Cup?

Wow. Since the last Full Moon I’ve felt my entire being shifted and catapulted in different directions just dragging my mind and emotions along with it. I haven’t felt stable in months and it’s wearing on me, my love, my job and my blogging. For some reason it is in these times that I forget all of the knowledge I have to help myself out of this rut.

Venus has moved retrograde and it is bouncing me around to past feelings in relationships that are complete void in my current love situation. I am almost regressing my emotional self within my relationship and it’s really confusing. I think it comes down to fixing this behavior. I need to honor it and move through to another phase of my adult self within the confines of joining that self with another. Any who, I digress. This is intense spiritual work, to look back at yourself without judgement and heal those wounds that only you can heal. It makes us better to further our foundation, but the work it takes to do so relies on a balanced and relaxed mind. Right, that might be something that I’m not blessed with at the moment.

SO my decoction of the day is so simple, so delicious and oh so relaxing. Just combining these two herbs compliment each other in flavor and create a perfect evening or afternoon beverage.

This Brew Aides In:

-Anxiety Relief

-Stress Relief

-Communing with the Gods

-Relaxing the mind

-Restful sleep

Simply Mix Together:

1 TB dried Kava Root

1.5 TB Lavender

Put the herbs into your tea ball and into your mug. Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the tea ball into the mug and let sit for 5-15 minutes depending your taste for the herbs and desired steep. Kava has a tendency to feel more thick and syrupy when filtered. For me the taste is that of deep sweetness hinted with a floral musk. Kava Kava is said to promote divine thought due to the effects of relaxation in the conscious mind. It is also known to be a muscle relaxant. Lavender will help with relaxing the mind as well as erasing worry. Spiritually lavender has been known to help in protection spells, specifically in the home. It increases love and fidelity and can be used when fresh or dried.

Sit with your cup, let the aromas wash over you with their warmth. Remind yourself of this mantra: My time is mine

WARNING: Please be careful before brewing this mixture, if you have any history of liver damage or disease consult a physician before ever using Kava root in your daily regimen. 

New Moon in Cancer: Lunar Intentions

Existentialism, Religion

We made it! Woo, I wasn’t sure I would this time. I hope that your waning moon period was less than treacherous, it is a scary thing as the moon begins to shrink and our power seemingly along with it. It is these moments when we feel ourselves releasing the power of the full moon that we begin to question everything. If we can understand that clearing of the last cycle as a good thing then it will be less terrifying.

A waning moon approaching the new moon is a perfect time to recall the things that you want to shine a more positive light upon in your life. That way you are prepared to be honest with yourself while setting your intentions for the new moon. Cancer is the earth mother, the crab that descends into water while also walking on the earth breathing the air.

This specific new moon in Cancer relates us to all of our soft and mushy emotions, no matter how far we push them down. We may have felt like victims or unknowingly victimized those around us. In either instance, we had the opportunity to gain more understanding of the deep emotions a Cancer sun or moon sign feels every single day. In honor of that my intentions are set in order to help to balance my subjective emotional roller coaster.

Body Intention: Lover and I made a deal to go on a run through our beautiful backyard forest at least twice a week.

Mind Intention: I am going to shut off the devices and read a book at least once a day.

Spirit Intention: Although this is a body, mind & spirit healer; meditate. I am going to meditate at least 10 minutes a day.

Herb Spotlight: Hibiscus

Herb Spotlight

Hibiscus creates the most perfect tart flavoring for iced teas and even sorbets, and it also does some other wonderful things aside from tickle the senses. The flower, root and seed can all be used in decoctions, tinctures and even cleansers for your skin. The Hibiscus flower comes in thousands of species that thrive in warm or warm-temperate climates. It is often found in Asian countries.

Breakdown of Hibiscus 

Scientific Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ; Hibisceaetribe of the family Malvaceae [aka: rose mallow shoeblackplant, Chinese hibiscus, China rose, Hawaiian hibiscus]

Parts Used: flower, stem and sap

Magical Stats: Water Element, Ruled by Venus

Improves Function of the:

  • bowels
  • cardiovascular system
  • intestines
  • antioxidants

Aides in relieving symptoms of:

  • high cholesterol
  • uterine cramps
  • high blood pressure
  • menopause
  • diabetes

Assists spiritually with:

  • Connecting to the divine feminine
  • Worshipping Kali or Devi
  • Petition for mercy
  • Add beauty to and uplift your life

How Does It Work?

Hibiscus is believed to be an astringent. Mucilage found in the roots soothe the mucous membranes that line our respiratory and digestive tracts.  Anthocyanocides are astringent and anti-inflammatory. Lastly, I-hydroxy-acids work on the horny layer of the skin when applied topically, creating a more cohesive layer which results in  more elastic and moisturized skin and richer hair.

What Do I Do With It?

Hibiscus Flower

A decoction can be created from the flower of the rosa-sinensis. Hibiscus has a tart, delicious taste that is truly unique to it; home brewed tea is delicious when cold or hot. The tea will help to regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugars. The tea holds a large quantity of antioxidants and can help regulate your system. With regulated blood pressure you may experience a balanced body temperature. You can experience help with muscle spasm and relieve other pain as well. Tea will also function as a mild laxative and diuretic.

Hibiscus flower is also used topically to shine shoes. It’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a great addition to skin care issues, helping acne and other skin problems. It is also used in shampoo to fortify locks and make them more thick, and lustrous. Boil the flower in oil with other chosen spices to make a medicated hair oil. Or grind the flowers and leaves in the fine paste with some water until it is a lathery paste. That will create a shampoo plus conditioner.

Hibiscus Roots

In Ayurvedic medicine the root of the Hibiscus plant can be used to stop hair loss, dandruff or greying. Ayurveda even recommends it to cure coughs. Creating a tincture out of the roots can help to spark up your digestive and respiratory tracts.

Hibiscus Seeds

Ancient Asian medicine recommends using the seeds of the flower to curb menstrual cramps and spasms. Create a decoction from the seed and drink it.

Hibiscus in Magic

The flower is used in incense to add beauty ultimately helping the practitioner by uplifting them. The flower is also used to petition for mercy. Essential oil is perfect for infusions that will connect you to the divine feminine. It is sacred to the goddess Kali in all of her guises.

WARNING: As always, if you are currently under the care of a doctor do not follow these instructions without consulting your physician.

What’s In My Cup?

Recipes, What's In My Cup?

Tea!! Playing with herbs in nightly tea is a wonderful tradition because you can pay attention to your medicinal needs that day. I am having a couple of naggy issues at the moment with my health.

I quit smoking cigarettes about 5 weeks ago and my throat has been really suffering, I believe it’s a healing crisis but the crisis is real. My mood has also been extremely messed, I’m constantly hard on myself and in turn on the ones around me. I snap at people and have a very short temper right now. Today’s mixture combines these two needs, and is dang tasty!

This Specific Blend Will Aid In:

  • Anxiety and Depression Relief
  • Uplifting and refreshing
  • Expectorant
  • Throat soothing

Simply Mix Together:

1 tsp Chamomile

1/2 tsp Licorice Root

1 tsp Spearmint

1 tsp Kava

Boil 6 oz water, pour over herbs in tea ball or bag. Let steep for 5-15 minutes or until you have acquired the desired decoction. I really appreciated the mellowing effects with a tinge of the uplifting quality of Spearmint. Although I used this as a night time tea, the Spearmint felt necessary for its amazing ability to draw happiness in to the one who blesses it. The licorice will not only help the throat soothe but it also works as an anti-inflammatory, specifically in the liver. Get a little detox along with the other great healing that will take place.

These herbs work together nicely to get me exactly where I needed to be: happy, healthy and with some soothing throat qualities.

Hold your cup as you let the tea’s aroma seep into your senses and meditate on the mantra: My Best Is Wonderful

What’s In My Cup?

ayurveda, What's In My Cup?

I made some slow brewed iced tea for this post. I am a huge fan of hibiscus if you haven’t noticed yet, you will. This time I threw together some flavors of herbal relief that I have been searching for as I want to keep my spark but also decompress more often. I wanted a pitcher of tea around that would be both refreshing and relaxing.

I’ll pour a cup when I’m looking for a mellow jolt in the afternoon. It is a refreshing zing with a back taste of warm mint. Good for the lazy day off or the lunch break refreshment.

This specific blend will aid in:

  • Circulatory System health
  • Inflammation
  • Migraine relief
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Nausea

Simply mix together:

3 TB Hibiscus in a separate tea bag

3 TB Lavender in a separate tea bag

1 Spearmint tea bag

Pour 1.5 quarts water over bags and let sit in fridge in covered pitcher for at least one day. You can leave it longer per your taste just remember that hibiscus doesn’t mess around, it will be flavorful quickly even with a cold steep. Remove tea bags and keep pitcher in fridge, it should remain good for 1-2 weeks.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Pour Hot Water Over Them!

Herbalism, What's In My Cup?

WARNING: This post will talk about pooping, something about which I am not shy.

A frequent question I pose to my doctors is: How can I be more regular? It is important to go when necessary, if there are blockages or digestive issues within your system it can really muss up your day. Being backed up can make you feel sick to your stomach, bloated and downright ornery.

I visited a naturopath to assess my medical cannabis needs and my overall health back in January. When I posed my usual iuquestion on how to be more regular her answer was simple. Before you eat anything in the morning pour hot water over some lemon slices and drink up!

After doing some research here are some stunning facts about drinking hot lemon water:

  • cleanses the liver
  • help bowels eliminate easily and naturally
  • raise your pH, keep it alkaline
  • help lower blood pressure
  • get more magnesium, calcium and potassium

Now of course it took me two months to actually follow through with this health regimen. I already skip oil pulling every morning and at the time was also skipping yoga. (I’m an all or nothing type of gal ;D) I sit here now, drinking hot lemon water with a completely healthy digestive tract. You see every morning at about a half of a cup through your lemon morning regimen you will expel every bit of waste from your bowels. It is one of the most freeing morning habits I have ever acquired.

It wasn’t since high school that I could claim a morning, noon and night BM. Well kids, with the help of lemon water I am digesting like a champion. If you have absolutely any issue with being regular try lemon water. Before probiotics that cost tons of money just simply buy a bag of lemons. It is too easy not to try.

I have been experimenting, this morning I had a chamomile mixture thrown in and most days I will add a tablespoon of local honey to help me fight the horrible allergy season.