Top 10 Cannabis Hybrids for Daytime Pain Relief

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Cannabis is such a powerful medicine, especially when it comes to relieving pain and inflammation. It is proven that the right cannabis strains can remove pain, unfortunately a lot of those strains can cause lethargy and even some semi-narcoleptic sleeping habits. There are some key strains for those dealing with all day muscle or joint pain. Everyone is different so not every strain on this list will be pain relieving for you or available for your mind during the day.

That is precisely why I artfully crafted 10 of the hybrid strains that do the job for me, but I hope that you try them after a day’s work your first time in order to assess their specific effects on you. Also, each batch of a strain is different. For example, sometimes a batch of Blueberry Cough comes out that just blows my mind and makes my brain flip backwards. For that reason please always try a new strain out when you have nothing to do for an hour or so and can just settle into the effects that it may have.

With a proper knowledge of these strains it is possible that those on heavy pain management systems can cut their opiod intake and live off of natural products. This will drastically improve your healthy and help you feel more… yourself. If challenging a strict pain management pill regimen is a goal of yours I’d also recommend CBD tincture supplements along with medicating with cannabis through other methods.

This beautiful little strain was originally grown in Santa Cruz and was one of the first hybrids that I had ever heard about that was about 50/50. Now with epic hydro grows everywhere this strain can be up to 80% Sativa, it all depends on the grow/er. What I love about Blue Dream is that it helps you maintain focus while also dissipating muscle tension and joint pain. The strain will grow in pointy little pine trees that are bright green with undertones of blues. It is a great fit for anyone suffering with pain all day but can’t handle Indica strains at all with out feeling lethargic.

  • God’s Gift [GDP x OG Kush]

I can never find God’s Gift anymore but oh jeez, this was truly named correctly. The combination of Grand Daddy Purple’s legendary pain relieving power and OG Kush’s mellow sativa dominant, airy joy is utterly divine. Enjoy feeling lifted mentally so that the psychosomatic pain is no worry, original OG Kush can create a complete void of anxiety. Layered on top of that wonderful effect is the knockout power of GDP which can make a patient fall asleep but in the case of God’s Gift it won’t because of the back genetics of OG. Definitely try this strain at home in a comfortable setting before trying to function at work, after all effects can all be different.

With the back genetics of White Widow and Haze you wouldn’t think that Moby would deliver the kind of pain relief, but it most certainly does. I think some of the relief from chronic aches and pains in this strain in psycho semantic from all of the happy joy that comes bubbling off of you after medicating with Moby Dick cannabis. It is ideal for those dealing with anxiety and/or depression. The most fabulous of side effects is thanks to the high CBD content. While making you feel so genuinely happy to be alive, Moby Dick will also relieve pain and make your body feel bright and airy. The perfect strain for when you’re dealing with menstrual pain, PMS and cramps.

I hadn’t ever seen this cannabis hybrid until I came to Arizona, when I met her it was love at first sight. A grower that worked at the dispensary I was hired at had created the strain from two seeds. Blueberry Cough ellipses the mind in a decadent layered high, it is truly rich in flavor and it dissipates pain on even the worst of days for me. The Strawberry Cough genetic keeps you just shy of a full on Indica Blueberry brain and just cognitive enough to keep it together during the work day. Blueberry Cough rides the line of the epic pain relief hybrid that is both stimulating and relaxing, like a cup of lavender peppermint tea.

After the famous movie this is a much sought after strain, and I think the movie depicted the devil may care attitude that Pineapple Express most certainly will evoke. Train wreck keeps the mind right, active and alert; perfect for work. Hawaiian genetics are what relieve the pain, together they make what was once an all out painful day livable. Still feel motivated and ready to get some stuff done but no longer worry about those tight shoulders or that ankle that has been hurting lately.

  • Cookie Monster [OG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies]

Omnomnomnom. I haven’t had any Cookie Monster since I moved from the Bay in 2013 but I can seriously remember it like it was yesterday. Oh jeez, it is delightful. The buds are big, beautiful balls of joy that smell like a cookie baked just for you by mother earth herself. This is definitely one of the heavier ones on the list, the Indica of the two back genetics is far stronger than the sativa. What is so noteworthy about Cookie Monster is the complete body buzz and muscle tension relief that is imminent when medicating with it. As a high tolerance patient I was able to medicate with this one during the day but that is not the case for everyone, always test new strains out in the comfort of your home.

  • Harlequin [Colombian Gold x Thai x Swiss Sativa]

Harlequin is a very special strain because it’s a CBD rich option that has very little to no THC. That means that there is no psychoactive effect, in fact you’ll barely feel “high”. You will, however, have an amazing release from inflammation which will create substantial pain relief. With these strains, you could take an entire joint to the face and not have any brain jumbling or lethargy. If you do want a small bit of psychoactive effects I’d suggest topping a bowl with some kief or hash. When you first medicate with Harlequin it will be more obvious when the effects wear off than when they take effect. Be patient and observant, CBD strains are the most medicinal of all cannabis to the mainstream. They’re the gateway to legalization so it’s time to get on board.

Enjoy Pineapple Queen on those days that you just simply can’t, just. can. not. It hits heavy and takes the  edge off of what otherwise would have been a tense day. On the hybrid spectrum PineQueen is a bit more Indica dominant so it’s another that can be too heavy for some during the day. Bliss and relief overcome you after medicating with the earthy sweet cannabis hybrid. It is also an ideal strain for the connoisseur because generally buds grow dense and just packed with trichomes. Pineapple Queen is one of my favorites and most of that is due to the release that it gives my muscles and joints.

  • Cataract Kush [LA Confidential x OG Kush]

One of those strains that is named for the ailments that it cures, Cataract Kush gives just that, release from the inflammation that makes cataracts such a pain. Similarly it releases all inflammation and makes your arms and legs feel as if they’re floating on air. It won’t be the most showy bud but Cataract Kush will deliver the most delightful effect, even when it isn’t cured properly. Don’t worry about being too overwhelmed, Cataract is a gentle strain and won’t overwhelm even a newb patient.

  • Sour Kush / Headband [OG Kush x Sour Diesel]

Last but not least, Sour Kush also known as Headband. I’d call this the most controversial on the list because when I’ve had the strain known as Sour Kush it relieves my pain while keeping my mind sharp. But when I have had Headband I always feel a big out of control with my anxiety and mouth with no pain relief, much like a full Sativa makes me feel. Maybe it is simply the power of suggestion, I”m not sure, either way it is worth a try. Sour Kush pulls my energy down from my shoulders to mellow my entire body, amazing. Sour Diesel genetics allow the medication to bring a clear mind while relieving pain.


All About CBD: All Healing with No 'High'


I’m not sure why it took me so long to think about writing this post, perhaps because the information is so important. I talk about CBD to almost everyone that I know because it has long been hidden from the mainstream. CBD is a cannabinoid that is commonly found in cannabis, and studies show that it’s also found in breast milk and our bodies from birth.

What is a Cannabinoid?

Are you familiar with essential oils? Or going even deeper, are you familiar with the scent that washes over you when you take a big whiff of a flower? These scents are combinations of terpenes whose smells actually identify the healing properties of the plant. Terpenes come out in resin on the trichomes of the plant while the cannabis is flowering. If terpenes combine with phenols (another aromatic organic compound) they will turn into cannabinoids. On their own terpenes have been researched as healing, when they become a cannabinoid the healing properties only expand.

The body is already fitted with it’s very own endocannabinoid system that harbors cannabinoid receptors from the brain all the way down into the body. All cannabinoids repress neurotransmitter release in the brain to cause their effects but they take on different healing properties in the mind and body. There are over 85 cannabinoids found in the plant, one of which is Cannabidiol (CBD).

Tell me more about Cannabidiol or CBD. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the cannabinoid that delivers the highly coveted psychoactive effects are felt from smoking cannabis, much of the reason that the plant is considered a drug by the government. This is also probably why CBD has been slowly bred out of valuable plants for a more intense ‘high’. There are only a few strains that test above 10% CBD with little to no THC. Harlequin, ACDC, Cannatonic and Harley Tsu are some CBD high strains. The terpenes in CBD always tend to smell like luxurious earth, or dirt. I always recommend that a patient takes an big smell of the strain and go with their gut reaction. If the smell is pleasing to you then that is the right strain for your body.

There have been some studies on CBD but without full legalization, high quality scientific research has been hard to come by. Some animal studies have shown CBD to be antispasmodic and my personal experience in the industry has shown CBD to help my patients that had seizures.

It also helps with chronic pain, anxiety, nerve disorders, stress, chronic headaches and severe seizures. There are countless stories of children who suffer severe chronic seizures to experience seizure free days for the first time in their lives shortly after adding CBD supplements to their regimen. Also dogs that have cancer have been known to elongate their lives when taking CBD supplements. This medication is suitable for humans, children, dogs and cats.

How do you take CBD?

Healing CBD can be purchased in capsules, tinctures, dog treats and balms. Topical pain balms are a really good idea for anyone that is dealing with arthritis or chronic pain. When made with THC the products seem to seep a bit deeper into the skin but CBD only topical balms definitely works to relieve symptoms also. Tinctures can be given to children and pets easily. I’ve known many elderly pets to feel like puppies again when they take CBD supplements 1-2 times per day. Please, before medicating children or animals, be sure that there is absolutely no THC in the product. It is also wise to understand where the hemp plant comes from before purchasing a product. Some hemp comes from Mexico, some from Germany and some amazing products come from Colorado. Be fully informed about where the hemp plant is being grown and shipped from before purchasing anything online.

CBD is legal federally and can be taken across state lines and on airplanes with out johnny law getting involved. Just as long as there is absolutely no active THC. I say this with a grain of salt because some states and some airports are very strict and attempting to take these things with you could turn you into an airport security martyr. Travel at your own risk in highly anti cannabis states.

My favorite retailer for no waitlist, good CBD products is Helpful Farms in Cave Creek, AZ. Check out their website for more helpful information on ordering.