What’s In My Cup? Golden Milk Tea

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This is a good time of year to get into Golden Milk tea if you haven’t already. That’s because it improves your immune system, aside from this Winter friendly effect it has countless other amazing health benefits. I like to drink golden milk before bed because it helps me sleep. The first time that I tried it I was skeptical that it would help me sleep as I sat on my bed to enjoy my bright orange cup of warm milk. I woke up confused 2 hours later because all of the lights were still on.

This is legitimately my favorite pre-bedtime drink, it works for me every time. Because I have so much trouble relaxing I re-shaped this recipe from the usual golden milk tea. Usually this Ayurvedic beverage  is made with honey or maple syrup along with ginger and cinnamon. I take those ingredients out because I’m mainly using this to sleep and I have a lot of trouble with sleeping, but they have a lot of medicinal properties. I just add them to my hot lemon water in the morning to keep them in my daily routine. Turmeric has countless benefits among which are immune building, relief from the common cold, relaxation, anti-depressant and pain relief. There are more benefits I’m sure but I’ll save that for another post.


1.5 cups of oat milk (use whatever milk you prefer to drink)

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 grind of black pepper

I like to heat up the milk and then add the turmeric and black pepper. Continue heating until the desired warmth is reached and remove from the heat. Whisk thoroughly to ensure all of the turmeric is mixed in. You can heat the mug filled with almond milk in the microwave or on the stove. If mixing on the stove keep the heat medium to low and whisk constantly to ensure it doesn’t burn. I like to snuggle up in bed with my warm golden milk and a good book without too much suspense or adventure in the plot. Drink the milk and just resonate with the one word mantra: Relax.


Balancing The Heart Chakra: My First Experience in Self-Healing

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As mentioned in my previous post I found Yin Yoga, and my life is forever changed. My first Yin class was a little rough, a friend invited me and it was after a really horrible day at work. I decided I could really use a relaxing yoga class, but I really didn’t know what I had in store. You stay in poses for 3-5 minutes, and for a Type A Aries woman this was a very hard thing for me to practice. That first class was a serious lesson in trust. I had to trust that I needed to stop thinking, that I was even capable. I had to trust that the instructor was able to take me to this place of pure bliss and then bring me back to a livable space again once the lights turned on and the class was over.

The Beginning: A Yin Yoga Experience

I’ve been on a journey since that first class, a journey to self-healing. It was much needed and this breakthrough in my spiritual path is so needed. I have long been studying chakras, herbal medicine, yoga and meditation. With these tools I made vast strides in the beginning of my lessons, but those monumental ‘Ah Ha!’ moments that are true gifts from the goddess have since faltered in consistency.

I moved to an entirely new state, completed a full circle of the hero’s journey in my life path and had come out of what I think might be my third existential crisis; it felt time for some monumental divine thought. After my experience in Yin I had another felt another door of my transcendental experiences opening. Before a Yin class with a heart chakraspontaneous healer, she told us to set an intention on our practice. I decided to really clear my heart chakra, just balance and clear every thing that may be holding on from past pains.

That class went as normal, until Shavasana. Once again Jan, the healer/yoga teacher/goddess, told us to call upon something to heal us. I called upon Archangel Rafael who I know is associated with a crystal that I recently acquired to heal the healer, it is also a green crystal so I figured it went right in line with Heart Chakra clearing. I set my intention, I called upon my angels, and what happened truly shocked me.

First my entire forehead began to burn, like my skin was on fire but I knew it wasn’t burning my flesh because I wasn’t panicked. Slowly the burning sensation travelled toward my third eye, right in the middle of my forehead, and just prickled and prickled away. I used my mental power and moved the feeling toward my heart, I simply envisioned the power or prana shooting into my forehead, moving to my heart chakra and clearing that deep pool of space. I went in and out of consciousness during that surrender; I saw demon faces and then black, I saw past experiences I’ve had and then black. I believe that I truly had an out of body experience.

Sealing My Heart Chakra: Restoration

I ran out of class that day with out saying thank you or good bye, which is out of character for me when it comes to Jan. I was a soft, mushy human life mass that was simply



confused about my experience. The next day was quite hard, at work I was hard to deal with and found speaking to others sharp and uncomfortable. I went to Yin again that night with the intention of sealing my heart. The instructor rubbed our shoulders with an essential oil during Shavasana, I had set my intention and was almost hoping for some grandiose experience after the night before. Suddenly I felt my third eye again and saw all green, then from the outer spectrum of my blackened (my eyes were closed) vision spectrum moved a darkness, then another set of green. It rotated with color like that moving inwards right toward my third eye.

This experience was extremely monumental for me. I consider myself an empathic healer, but I read years and years ago that you cannot be a true healer until you have first healed yourself. This was my first step, and the most glorious part of the journey for me is that EVERY SINGLE one of us is able to accomplish what I accomplished last week. We all have so much power sitting in our mind’s eye, just waiting to be released.

What’s In My Cup?

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I made some slow brewed iced tea for this post. I am a huge fan of hibiscus if you haven’t noticed yet, you will. This time I threw together some flavors of herbal relief that I have been searching for as I want to keep my spark but also decompress more often. I wanted a pitcher of tea around that would be both refreshing and relaxing.

I’ll pour a cup when I’m looking for a mellow jolt in the afternoon. It is a refreshing zing with a back taste of warm mint. Good for the lazy day off or the lunch break refreshment.

This specific blend will aid in:

  • Circulatory System health
  • Inflammation
  • Migraine relief
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Nausea

Simply mix together:

3 TB Hibiscus in a separate tea bag

3 TB Lavender in a separate tea bag

1 Spearmint tea bag

Pour 1.5 quarts water over bags and let sit in fridge in covered pitcher for at least one day. You can leave it longer per your taste just remember that hibiscus doesn’t mess around, it will be flavorful quickly even with a cold steep. Remove tea bags and keep pitcher in fridge, it should remain good for 1-2 weeks.