How to Survive a New Moon in Capricorn with Mercury Retrograde

New Moon occurs in Capricorn Saturday January Ninth at 9:30PM MST. As the Cardinal Earth sign of the zodiac Capricorn is the sign of money and career driven ideals represented by patience, dignity, earth-wisdom and deliberate action. Caps are tenacious and know exactly what they want. This new moon will be very oriented in the […]

Happy Super Blood Moon To All!!!

I know that I’ve been neglecting you angels, I’m so sorry for the radio silence on the blog. Life has drifted me away to realizing that living it is more important than blogging about it. I’ve been climbing rocks and trying new yoga classes and just being out in the world more often. Unfortunately for […]

Herb Spotlight: Lemon Balm

I really enjoy Lemon Balm in my tea concoctions but I wasn’t sure what the medicinal benefits were aside from delicious lemon flavor. After doing some research I’ve found that Lemon Balm is actually extremely healing. It has been used for adults and children from anything to relieving a tummy ache to soothing menstrual cramps. […]

New Moon Intention: Rise of the Dark Feminine

This Summer has been filled with some interesting planetary aspects. With Venus in retrograde we’re really being faced with past issues in our relationships with others. I’ve worked hard to figure out how to work through these issues that have arisen as my past reveals itself with my current love. It is almost as if […]

The Full Moon, etc. etc.

Holy Cow my little witches, was that a Full Moon or what! I had a friend from San Francisco actually text me and ask if the Full Moon this month should give her anxiety. I like to look at the Full Moons the way that I assess someone’s individual astrological sun sign. This one was […]