Vanilla Kush for the Stress Prone Mind

Indica Cultivar, Product Review

[Kashmir Hash Plant x Afghani Kush] [90% Indica]

When life is delivering the lemons far to fast to keep up with the sugar it’s sometimes appropriate to turn to cannabis as a means to cope. Of course this isn’t healthy all the time, but dealing with stress can be too intense for some to do sans medication and in my opinions cannabis is far more healthy than prescription medications. Cannabis can help to relieve stress and anxiety simultaneously, it is a great herbal remedy for these extremely common ailments and has very few side effects aside from hunger and lethargy.

Vanilla Kush 1 copy

How Does It Hit the Senses?

This robust nug is rounded and bulbous with an intoxicating scent. You’ll be overwhelmed with earthy cocoa and hints of sweet guava that creates an almost vanilla aroma. Dark forest green and indigo cover each beautiful bud. Vanilla Kush won’t be the densest but it isn’t leafy either, just a nice mixture of the combination of the two. I always recommend breaking up the buds with a grinder but you won’t lose anything aside from keif breaking this one up with your fingers.

What Are The Effects?

The first relaxation of Vanilla Kush kicks in the mandibles, the jaw starts to loosen and relax about 3-5 minutes after inhalation. Immediately after this jaw tension dissipates the mind will begin to release anything from the day, week or month that it might be grasping tightly onto.  Eventually the pain relief moves throughout all of the tendons, muscles and joints as if it is a wave of comfiness. Feel complete and utter relaxation in mind, body and spirit; let your cares completely melt away in every sense of the word. The effects sit heavily in the face and eyes and will definitely make you feel couch locked high if you let it.


3 Kings OG For a Productive & Anxiety Free Day

Hybrid Cultivar, Product Review

[Sour Diesel x Headband x OG Kush][Sativa Dominant Hybrid]

We took a trip to Southern California to see my gorgeous cousin get married in what can only be described as the coolest wedding I’ve ever been to. Since we were going through LA I had to make a stop at a dispensary and get some of that bomb. You see, Arizona is very arid and on top of that very very few growers are taking the time to cure their buds. Seriously they pick it right off of the plant and sell it to their patients, it blows my mind.

So obviously CA buds last longer, taste better and give a more clean effect. Not to mention you can get 3x better stuff for the 1/2 the price due to the saturated market. With all of these powers combined plus the fact that the good homie lived there, Venice was a necessary stop on our trip. Cowbae is a HUGE fan of CA Ocean Grown (OG) strains, when I had just moved from the state I was sooooo sick of them because every dispensary was dying to shove 100 different OG strains down my throat. But now that smell of that real sticky OG makes me salivate, and 3 Kings has the wonderful combination of heavy body high and extra buzzy brain that first made OG Kush so popular.

20160628_113825 copy


How Does it Hit the Senses?

Earthy lemons. That is always what I smell with an inhale of any OG Kush hybrid. And that aroma is only made deeper by the added Diesel and Headband genetics. It is actually kind of fun because the more lemony an OG strain smells the more Sativa it is, the more pungent and musky it smells the more Indica it contains. 3 Kings OG first hits the nostril with a spiced lemon aroma, notes of fresh cardamom and bright bergamot. Buds are as dense as rocks and the structure is bulbous and chunky. Dark and kelly green leaves combine in a sea of brown orange hairs and brilliant white milky trichomes. When inhaled you will taste a spiced bergamot flavor amongst the thick smoke.

What Are The Effects?


Within minutes the brain will begin to flutter and the ocular system will start to feel a surge of energy from the Sativa cannabis strain. This is where some people can get some anxiety from smoking Sativas, just ride out this surge because it will mellow out. Don’t allow yourself to get too introspective in the first moments of medicating, be comfortable. As the tension in the mind finds release it dissipates into the body like honey, delivering a heavy dose of muscle relaxation from the neck and shoulders and eventually down to the hips and sciatic nerves. Although there is some great pain relief  associated with 3 Kings OG, it is most well known for the stimulating energy it provides the mind and body. Feel motivated, ready to take on the day and anxiety free. Let the stress fly out the window and just focus on checking things off of your list when medicating with this amazing OG Kush hybrid, a new designer OG on the list for me.

Great for anyone suffering from severe stress or anxiety, a nice strain to try for migraines as Sour Diesel has some anti-migraine properties. Daytime pain relief is accessible with this strain provided your pain isn’t all the way to 8-10 on the scale. 

Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Hybrid Cultivar, Product Review

[Durban Poison x Grand Daddy Purple][60% Indica]

Sometimes my first experience with a strain is in back genetics, that is how I first met Cherry Pie. I noticed that the strain was a back genetic in Girl Scout Cookies which I absolutely love. So when I finally had the opportunity to medicate with Cherry Pie herself I was so dang excited. Bay Area growers restructured the classic Cherry Kush to create this relaxing and uplifting hybrid strain that is taking the medical states by storm. The strain can be found at different dispensaries in Arizona and is worthwhile for anyone with chronic pain, insomnia or severe anxiety. This isn’t a super heavy strain so don’t worry beginners, you can enjoy this medication too.

How Does It Hit the Senses?

Bud structure of Cherry Pie is bulbous and more rounded than other more spear or pine tree shaped nuggets. It is so blanketed in trichomes that the color appears almost light green with tinges of deep reddish purple. These trichomes that are found generously coated across the bud make each nugget super sticky, you’ll gum up a cheap grinder with this one. In the smell there is a rich blackberry sweetness that is only complimented by a bright saffron that combines to push forth an almost minty aroma. Real Cherry Pie will have a hint of Thin Mints in both the flavor and the taste of the smoke.

What are the Effects?

Medicinal effects will begin to take hold anywhere from 3-10 minutes after inhalation. Effects begin in the ocular region and immediately take hold in the mind where you’ll feel an immense need to just let go. Cherry Pie will have you feeling uplifted and ready to take on the day, no matter what it entails. There will be some minor pain relief as the effects slowly loosen up the intricate muscles surrounding the spine. Manage both stress and anxiety with an extremely alert and active mind for the first couple of hours after medicating. There is a bit of an Indica couch lock that creeps in as the bud begins to wear off, beware of those overwhlemingly lethargic feelings.

Gorilla Glue for Deep Introspection

Indica Cultivar, Product Review

[80% Sativa][Sour Dubb x Chem Sister]

Once in awhile a strain comes around that absolutely blows my mind, and trust me after 5 years working in the medical cannabis industry this is truly rare. Joesy Whales accidentally created this strain when a Sour Dubb plant got a little to handsy with Chem Sister in his grow room, so I guess that we can thank the universe for this happy accident. Although it is a Sativa and Chem based, I don’t get headaches or anxiety from this heavy hitter. If you’re sensitive to Sativa strains I would take a long, relaxed look at Gorilla Glue.

Not since I lived in San Francisco have I been so pleasantly surprised by the well roundedness and sheer audacity of strain as I have been with the Gorilla Glue that I’m slowly parcelling out right now. We put a small nug on the top of the jar it was in and it actually stayed stuck there even when the jar was turned upside down. Sticky, stanky and transcendental; everything I look for in a cannabis strain.

How Does It Hit The Senses? 

The Gorilla Glue bud structure can only be described as turd like, you know those strains, don’t make that face at me. The buds are longer and reaching but still have that thick bulbous body with a dense compaction of calyxes. Rolling dark green and white green combine to make the buds almost seem to hold a green white sheen. That sheen is also probably due to the epic trichome seas that are washed over the entire bud. In fact the strain gets it’s name from how the trichs “glue” up the trimmer’s scissors after curing. Their aroma is absolutely breathtaking. The aroma overwhelms the senses with a strong lemon citrus that finishes with the tiniest hint of mint, much like Durban Poison but with more lemon than pine. As you inhale the vapor or smoke from Gorilla Glue the taste buds are enlivened with a rich chocolate flavor that finishes with the unmatchable diesel aftermath just lingering around as the effects come into play. If you are attempting to grow Gorilla Glue be patient you’ll get a moderate yield after 9-10 weeks.

What are the Effects?

Immediately after inhalation you’ll feel the ocular and brain systems dissipate any pressure that you may been holding onto. Unlike a lot of strains that I feel drizzle down my spine to deliver their pain relief, this one slides into the heart space to release shoulder tension and lighten the hearts connection to the mind. Feel relief from depression and anxiety as worries seem to just melt away within minutes of medicating. As the effects kick in you will certainly maintain your mental faculties, although I tend to get lost within them so I don’t recommend driving or handling any heavy machinery before medicating with Gorilla Glue. This is where the introspection comes into play, Oh Man. I’ve had writers block, I’ve been feeling hopeless about many of my career plays recently and I’ve been downright lazy; Gorilla Glue changed all of that. Medicate with this strain and write an epic poem or enjoy an enlightened conversation with a loved one; and if you’re feeling so inclined it will facilitate some epic TV watching. Also, don’t worry too much about munchies with this one. I’m immensely impressed because Sativa strains don’t generally get me this hard but I’m converted now after some serious time with Gorilla Glue.

Product Spotlight: Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract

Product Review

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid most commonly found in cannabis. It is extracted from the hemp plant for it’s anti-convulsive and anti-inflammatory properties when taken orally or topically. CBD is generally sold in tincture and topical form. The topical lotions, balms and salves can really help with muscle and joint pain. Tinctures are great for all of the benefits of CBDs; I’d recommend hitting pain with a combination of both topical and tincture treatments.

FOTE185Charlotte’s Web is a famous strain of cannabis that was bred for a young girl dealing with seizures in Colorado. After years of hearing stories about this CBD rich plant growing in Colorado, CW Botanicals has put out a line of tinctures, balms and salves using Charlotte’s Web now available at select cannabis dispensaries around Arizona. I got a 500mg tincture with mint chocolate flavoring at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, Arizona. It isn’t easy to carry this brand of CBD tincture so I decided we should definitely get a review on the blog before I gobble it all up.

The first thing that you’ll notice with this tincture is the taste, one single droplet will immerse your mouth in mint chocolate goodness. Now the effects are subtle, with CBD the effects are more noticeable when they wear off than when they kick in. About 3 hours after ingesting the tincture you’ll feel your aches and pains come back, those weird anxieties may begin to gear up again; things won’t be as calm as they were while you were medicated with the tincture. For those already in tune to the subtle effects, right after the tincture is ingested you’ll begin to feel your muscles relax.


Herb Spotlight: Saint John’s Wort for Depression & More

Herb Spotlight

As a Sun child born of fire I’m not surprised how drawn to St. John’s wort that I was. From day 1 of my herbal studies I’ve known that this herb was important, after researching this post I know that is true. Extractions and oils have been made with these herbs have been used to balance the Solar Plexus chakra which is directly connected to the digestive and nervous systems. One of my most favorite things about this herbal anti-depressant is that it turns red when extracted. If you make an oil extraction the oil actually turns red as the plants finish their work. I’d recommend only working with this herb during the day, it’s truly a Sun plant and does it’s best work when treated as such.

Breakdown of Saint John’s Wort

Scientific Name: Hypericum Perforatum [aka: Goatweed, Tipton weed]

Magickal Stats: Elementally Fire, Ruled by the Sun

Improves Function Of: 

  • Neurotransmitters
  • Immune System
  • Digestive System

Aides In Relieving Symptoms of:

  • Anxiety, Depression & Nervous debility
  • Anorexia
  • Nerve pain & Inflammation
  • Injury or shock in spinal area; sciatica, multiple sclerosis & shingles

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Dispel and disperse negative energy of vampiric ghosts or spirits
  • Protect and Purify the home
  • Ward off illness

StJohnsWort_botanical-illustrationHow Does It Work? A perforation in the leaves of St. John’s Wort contain hypericum and other active compounds. Hypericum has been shown to work to inhibit monoamine oxidase (MNO) which contributes to depression. There are also some studies that show St. Johns Wort can help detoxify the liver and harmonize the relationship between the liver and the digestive system. The herb may also improve absorption of nutrients which will relieve issues with digestion by balancing levels of acid in the stomach. Lastly, it is antiviral and can be used both topically and internally for treating shingles as well as relieving pain and helping speed up the repair of tissues.

What Do I Do With It? Use the dried leaves to make an oil extraction. Leave the jar in the sunlight to extract, no need for putting it in the dark until after it’s been extracted. Taking the herb orally is the most recommended. There are also capsules and tinctures sold at stores with ground or otherwise manipulated St. John’s Wort. Applied topically the herb can help stimulate the regeneration of tissues on wounds or cuts as well as help to fight inflammation and nerve pain. For the former two instances it is recommended to combine both topical application and oral ingestion.

WARNING: IF YOU ARE TAKING ANTI-DEPRESSANTS PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TRYING ANY ST. JOHN’S WORT. Also if you are on any other medications it is always recommended that you speak with your doctor before taking herbal medicines.

Herb Spotlight: Mugwort

Herb Spotlight

I always thought mugwort to be one of the cooler sounding herb names, like something JK Rowling thought up. The name made me wonder what it could do, because I’m semi-obsessed with origins and how things get their names. After some research I’ve found that no one knows the exact derivation of the sweet name, but since it was used to make beer before Hops were discovered so perhaps it is in reference to the mugs that the libations were enjoyed from. It was also commonly used in cooking although nowadays it isn’t often found in the common American kitchen.

WARNING: If you are pregnant or breast feeding you must not come into contact with mugwort as it is used for inducing periods and stimulating the uterus.

Breakdown of Mugwort:

Scientific Name: Artemisia vulgaris [aka: artemisia, Saint Johns Plant]

Magickal Stats: Elementally water, ruled by the Moon and NeptuneArtemisia_vulgaris_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-016

Improves Function of: 

  • Digestive System; increases bile secretion and gastric juices

Aides in Relieving Symptoms of:

  • Depression: Low energy
  • Intestinal Issues: vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, weak digestion, colic
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Hypochondria

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Promote psychic energy
  • Aides in astral travel & lucid dreaming
  • Receive and Interpret psychic information
  • Cleansing and Charging divining tools

How Does It Work? In the stomach Mugwort can help to balance the acidity, fight travel sickness and even fight parasites in the guts. Evidence has suggested that topically mugwort can stimulate look circulation which helps to promote healing of skin ailments like bruises and even ringworm. It can also help to calm the nerves when ingested.

What Do I Do With It? Many people use mugwort in sweet smoke and knicknick, it can be rolled up with other herbs including cannabis to stimulate astral travel and lucid dreaming, relieve anxiety and calm restlessness to relieve insomnia. If you don’t smoke the same results can be achieved by simply chewing the root or putting a bunch underneath your pillow. Applying the lotion directly to the skin to relieve itchiness and burn scars. Lastly, the root is made into a drinkable tonic to boost energy and help lift the burden of chronic depression and the low energy that goes along with it.

Most commonly, Mugwort is used to enhance & promote lucid dreams. Before using the herbs as such please be sure to take a couple of steps. First, really ask yourself if you need sight into these dreams that your conscious mind is blocking. Our mind does this for a reason so be sure to pack your mental baggage and take a good look at yourself, maybe you’re not ready for truth and that’s OK. Next, ask the plant the question on your mind. It may sound silly but it really helps even if it is just a way for your own mind to comprehend the intention behind the action. Lastly, keep a journal next to your bed to record the dreams that may flow. In the next 3-7 days after using Mugwort for astral travel pay a lot of attention to everything that is going on around you, there may be messages that you’re missing.

WARNING: Mugwort may cause an allergic reaction in individuals who are allergicto the Asteraceae/Compositae plant family. Members of this family include ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, and many other herbs.

Pineapple Express Cannabis Review

Hybrid Cultivar, Product Review, Sativa Cultivar

[Trainwreck x Hawaiian][Sativa Dominant Hybrid – About 70%]

One of my most favorite faeries that I’ve met in my travels through various cannabis dispensaries liked to ask everyone what their spirit fruit was. My immediate answer was that I am a pineapple, which is only partially nailed down by my love for all strains pineapple. Pineapple Express obviously became a household name after the feature film came out, but I feel like that took away from the epic value of the strain medicinally. The strong effects combine those found in both Indica and Sativa strains to weave an intricate cornucopia of healing.

How Does It Hit the Senses? Obviously there is a deliciously rich pineapple aroma that emanates from each bud. This smell becomes more complex with the layered bouquet of sweet, tropical lemon geranium with the lightest hint of vanilla almond. The dense bud structure is a bit like a fat pine tree, with a tip at the end of each bud and a thick solid base. Each bud will appear in an almost lime green that is delicately sprinkled with dark green leaves. Pistils are a goldenrod orange and grow in a uniform fashion throughout the entire nug. As far as taste goes the vapor or smoke will be all pineapple, all the time. The musky lemon flavor of train wreck only heightens the pineapple flavor from the Hawaiian genetics.

What are the Effects? Effects take their full hold in about 5-10 minutes and they do so with almost a cyclone of combined relaxation and stimulation in the mind. Feel the temples loosen and stress melt away while also titillating and invigorating the mind to a place of motivation. Tense muscles will relax familiar with the feeling of an Indica but don’t expect couch lock, munchies or de-motivating side effects. This is a Sativa that just so happens to melt away tension and stress like nobody’s business. Pineapple Express is perfect for the cannabis patient looking for daytime pain relief and anyone that is vulnerable to de-motivation when medicating.

Herb Spotlight: Lavender for… Everything

Herb Spotlight

I’m putting in my lavender seeds today so I figured, why not hit on one of the best herbs to have around. The floral, fragrant aroma is phenomenal in promoting a relaxed, stress free feeling. It can almost do anything around the home while also looking and smelling fantastic in your garden or in pots on the porch.

Breakdown of Lavender

Scientific Name: Lavandula angustifolia [aka: elf leaf, naid]

Parts Used: dried flower (no stems)

Magickal Stats: Elementally water, ruled by Mercury

Improves Function of: 

  • Digestive System

Aides in Relieving Symptoms Of:

  • Anxiety, nervousness, worry & depression
  • Sleeplessness specifically related to nightmares
  • Nervous Stomach, nausea & motion sickness
  • Indigestion
  • Headache
  • Acne

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Protecting & Purifying the home
  • Promoting growing love
  • Bringing peace

How Does It Work? 

Lavender is the derivative herb of the terpene Linalool that creates feelings of relaxation when made into a tea, used in aromatherapy or keeping in a satchel. It has shown to be anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti depressant, anti-septic, antibacterial or antimicrobial properties. Lavender extract or water is also a valuable sedative, analgesic, hypotensive and detoxifying.

What Do I Do With It?

Use the flowers only, not the stems. They can be made into a water that can be used for skincare or made into a tea. Dried flowers can be placed into a potpourri or magical satchet. Add to an olive or coconut oil and create a moisturizer that can help relieve muscle tension or acne. Essential oil can be used in countless ways. Add to home made laundry detergent or home cleaner. It can also be dropped into a foot soak, inhaled or vaporized for it’s wonderful medicinal effects.

Herb Spotlight: Skullcap to Restore Nerves

Herb Spotlight

When I first started studying herbs and I came across Skullcap I remember thinking that that name was super metal. Maybe it’s for that reason that I haven’t delved too deeply into the study of this one.It is restorative and balancing for the nerves, great for anyone suffering from PTSD or a recent trauma. This also works well to supplement someone quitting an addictive substance, since I’ve recently quit smoking cigarettes I give mad props to any natural remedy for withdrawal.

Breakdown of Skullcap:

Scientific Name: Scutellaria galericulata [AKA: hoodwort, madweed]

Parts Used: leaf

Magickal Stats: Water element, ruled by Saturn

Improves the function of: 

  • Restoring the nerve system.

Aides in Relieving Symptoms of:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Nervous agitation: anger, anxiety, hysteria, rage
  • Alcohol, cigarette and drug withdrawal
  • Insomnia

Assists Spiritually With:

  • Encouraging fidelity and love.
  • Bring understanding, commitment and peace to a relationship.
  • Align opposites into balance.

How Does It Work:

Skullcap nourishes the nervous system and helps nerves that have been through trauma to get back to normal. Restoration of the nerves will help to balance mood and sleep cycles. It can help in balancing of nerves that have been on high alert since the quitting of an addictive substance, helping that person to stick to quitting and avoid relapse. It also works as an antispasmodic and can help to combat seizures and delirium tremors.

What Do I Do With It:

The leaves are used from the plant in teas, essential oils and amulets. Use 30- 40 drops of an essential oil orally  2-5 times per day. Be sure to only purchase products that don’t also contain Germander herb. Steep the dried herb in a tea to drink for the same, yet slightly less intense, effects. Place dried herb in the bridal bed to bring commitment, peace and understanding to the marriage.

WARNING: Beware of any product combining Germander herb with Skullcap, also be sure you are purchasing Scutellaria galericulata.