God Has No Religion, People Do

As a pathway to God religion is one of the most useful tools for the human soul, but sometimes we get lost within the labels and lose our connection to divinity. Raised Catholic until soccer took over my Sundays I didn’t find organized religion again until high school. Eventually, I chose to party over being a […]

RainbowOPTX Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Sunglasses

For a long time now I’ve been very intrigued by the chakra system, specifically the role that colors play in chakra healing. Chakra means wheel in sanskrit which refers to the rotation of the energy center. This rotation takes place at the energy frequency that relates to a specific color. These chakra wheels are placed up […]

All the Yoga Everywhere, Always

Yoga has been intertwined with my life for the last 10 years but it wasn’t until February  of this year that I started intently practicing every single day. Before then I would take time in my life to fly off of the rails and have existential crises where yoga was no longer something I made time for. Practice […]

Edification of My Divide Between Religion & Spirituality

Religion is weird, but spirituality is important. At least to me. My journey to religion has been a long one that started with defiance for the sake of fitting in with other rebellious teens. After life threw me through the ringer a bit and I ended up living with my parents after college, after being […]

Tarot of the Week: VII The Chariot

He has travelled through the many people in the major arcana. From the magician teaching him to master his internal powers to the high priestess that showed him the immense efficacy of moving through a congregation of believers. Now we sit in the chariot, learning be assertive in our power. IMAGERY: The master of the chariot holds […]

Tarot of the Week: V The Hierophant

Chiron, The Pope, The Shaman; whatever your deck calls him he is the counterpart to the High Priestess. Just as the Magician taught the Fool to channel the power within him, the Hierophant can channel that energy through the masses. For example the way that a person of religious power can filter their passions through […]

Tarot of the Week: IV The Emperor

After meeting the female dominant queen of the universe the fool stumbles upon her male counterpart. He is powerful and represents structure and authority. His stern attitude compliments the sensuous feminine Empress. He is pictured with a white beard to show wisdom in authority. He holds an Ankh in his right hand and an orb in his […]