Herb Spotlight: Angelica Root for Cough & Cold

WARNING: Pregnant women should consult with a doctor before ingesting angelica is it can induce a miscarriage. I have a couple of older jars of dry herbs on my shelf that I deemed noteworthy before later forgetting what exactly they were good for. In herbal magic Angelica root is the herb of Archangel Michael and […]

Great Tips for Mercury Retrograde

Originally posted on Witches Of The Craft®: ? ? ? ? ? Mercury Retrograde Dos and Don’ts Keep moving forward while Mercury moves backward By Maria DeSimone Videos, Mercury Retrograde, Astrology There is one golden rule when it comes to Mercury Retrograde phases. Interestingly enough, it’s grammatical. If you can commit this simple tenet to… via […]

What’s In My Cup? Tea to Kick That Cold

Elderberry syrup is one of my most favorite things, I’ve loved it since I worked at Medithrive in San Francisco. We carried an amazing medicated elderberry syrup that fought colds and got rid of body aches almost completely. Since then I’ve been so interested in the other ways that elderberries can be used. This cup of […]

Reflections On An Evening Spent Foraging

I’ve been really excited living this close to a national forest though I haven’t known where to start the exploring. I’ve been a suburbanite and a city girl. The country really isn’t my comfort zone but it’s certainly a place I’ve been dying to become one with. So when Cowboyfriend suggested we take our visiting friends […]

Rolling Papers a Cannabis Movie Review

I go through real phases in my Netflix binging habits but I haven’t been much in the mood for documentaries for a couple of years now, until I saw Rolling Papers on my feed. As a cannabis writer I think it’d be dumb if I didn’t at least give it a chance, and I’m glad that […]

The Bravery of Being Uncomfortable

I feel like I’ve been uncomfortable for years now, since leaving Southern California. I’m just not really good at being in Arizona, it doesn’t suit me. But in the title when I say uncomfortable I don’t just mean in this sense, but to go deeper into uncomfortable. I’m almost talking about instigating the awkwardness. Not in a malicious way […]

I’m Pretty Sure I Suck At Relationships

Seriously don’t “awww” it’s true. I think I can actually be kind of an asshole. I mean, obviously I’ve ‘failed’ at some romantic relationships before I met Josh. But even friendships I’m kind of the worst. I think about people all the time and cherish them in my heart but for some reason I’ve always […]

Dissecting Body Shaming Inside and Out

This whole Dani Mathers thing really has me thinking, a Playboy bunny who has grown her very being within an institution that regards the “perfect body” as skinny with huge fake breasts shaming another woman in the gym bathroom. If you are a blessed person who isn’t hip to the trending world, she went to a […]

Herb Spotlight: Devil’s Claw

WARNING: If you have any issues with gastric or duodenal ulcers please consult a physician before using. Large doses of Devil’s Claw can produce obstruction of the bile ducts or intestines along with producing colic in cases of gallstones. When I was suffering with severe acne I heard that Devil’s Claw would be a nice […]

Top 8 Best Foods For Proper Pooping

I am totally obsessed with being regular. It’s annoying to some, disgusting to others and downright intriguing from the crowd I keep around. But in all seriousness digestion is imperative, there is a reason that the brilliant Ancient Greeks thought that the cognitive mind rested in the belly. The guts definitely have something to say, […]