Natural Path Silver Wings Colloidal Silver for Immune Support

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You heard right, I said pharmaceutical grade Colloidal Silver to help support your immune system. Colloidal silver is a dietary supplement in the form of an amber colored liquid which contains various mixtures of ultra pure water and ultra fine silver particles. There is a man who took daily supplements of colloidal silver and turned blue, but the label itself says not to exceed 2 tsp per day after a two week period. So it looks like that guy just didn’t read the label, silver is safe to take but I’d recommend it at times when you feel a cold really coming on and not as a daily supplement like Gingko Biloba or Echinacea.


When I reached out the Natural Path Silver Wings I didn’t know they’d send me so many amazing products. They have made it easy for anyone to have colloidal silver in their bathroom cabinet between the brand’s bottles of various PPM in liquid tincture form and even a healing topical line with one type of ointment for moisture and one meant to dry skin out. I’ve been researching and boning up on how to properly use this item and the time finally approached. We went out to dinner in the teeny tiny town that we call home and our waitress very clearly had a coldy flu-ey thing. She was sniffling and coughing and had a stuffed up voice; the nice person in me let it slide but the passive aggressive person in me made notes to take tons of precautions to avoid getting sick.


Aside from making special tea blends with elderberry syrup the next couple of days I decided to break into the Natural Path Silver Wings and see what the fuss was all about. I’m going to start off by saying that I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to yucky tinctures but colloidal silver has quite it’s own breed of yuckiness, I will preface this with the fact that I was taking 500ppm. The metallic taste hangs on just for a bit before melting away. But after having the sniffles and starting to feel scratchy in my throat it felt well worth it. My sniffles were completely gone the next day with just 1 tsp dosage, but I’m a person who eats a lot of veg and takes pretty good care of themselves. If you have a more compromised immune system I’d recommend following the bottle’s recommend 1 tsp twice a day. I’d use this product again, it’s a better alternative to getting sick and then getting high for three days on over the counter medication.


Reflections On An Evening Spent Foraging

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I’ve been really excited living this close to a national forest though I haven’t known where Joint.jpgto start the exploring. I’ve been a suburbanite and a city girl. The country really isn’t my comfort zone but it’s certainly a place I’ve been dying to become one with. So when Cowboyfriend suggested we take our visiting friends out to forage for lobster mushrooms I was absolutely ecstatic for the adventure.

As we scaled the side of a small mountain we each found our own little paths through the fallen foliage and pine needles, attempting balance of taking in the wondrous nature while also intent on finding some bright orange ‘shrooms. It was a bit frustrating at first because I didn’t know what to look for and no one had found an example yet to show me. But then, aha! a brilliant idea struck, light up the magical cannabis joint and the healing plant will lead us to some mushies. About 2 puffs in Danfriend was admiring a the beauty of a wildflower and happened upon a little conglomerate of bright orange lobster mushrooms! The excitement washed over all of our faces as we began burrowing into the moist earth with our bare hands to pull out the delicate and deliciously weird looking mushroom. To find something so treasured right in our own backyard creates a feeling of pride and excitement that can’t be matched by many other things. We all continued on with our little bags and intent eyes, hoping to happen upon more bounty.


Josh Lobster.jpg

The sun began to set and we all worked more focused towards the base of the mountain in time for the sunset. As we came out of the trees into the pasture I felt that cool, sweet air that before this year I had only read about in books. That type of air that only says one thing, “say your goodbyes to today’s sun”. We stumbled out past the tree line and each step revealed another small view into the glorious skyline that evening had presented us with. And it all hit me, that excitement is everywhere. We can intently staring into the ground, searching for what our knowledge has taught us. Or we can walk into the space where our instincts guide us and stumble upon absolute greatness. But you know what, like everything else in this big gorgeous world, we should balance between the two. Because goals are important but we can’t remain so focused that we forget to notice nature’s gifts and surprises. Cannabis helps me with both. It helps me focus and stay on task while also holding onto my childhood wonderment.

Thanks magical joint for helping us find some mushies, and thanks friends for coming hunting with us. I think we found what we were looking for.


DIY Healing Citrus Face Wash for Lustrous, Clear Skin

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One by one I am replacing the products in our bathroom with homemade options. Face wash as my first because I was really upset that I battled acne for so long and their marketing tactics made me believe it was my fault because I hadn’t found the right product yet. I’ve quit dairy and my clear skin is really appreciating the gentle homemade products that I’ve been cleaning it with.

I’ve formed this face wash for oily to dry skin that is prone to breakouts. I tend to get dosed with dairy every time I eat out so it’s nice to be fighting blemishes before they even start. This combination of ingredients is meant to balance the skin’s natural oils while reducing any inflammation that may be coming out. Also the color of the stuff is just beautiful and golden like honey. Healing Citrus Facewash


1/4 cup chamomile lemon grass water (Directions below)

1/4 cup Dr. Bronner’s baby castille soap

1 tsp Calendula oil

8 drops lemon essential oil

To make the chamomile lemon grass water Completely fill 1 tea ball with dried chamomile flowers and fill 1 tea ball with dried lemon grass, place both into a heat resistant measuring cup. Pour approximately 1 cup of boiling water over the tea balls and let sit for up to 24 hours. Cover with a kitchen towel to reduce the risk of anything getting in the measuring cup. The longer the steep the more the water has take on the healing properties of the herbs.

To make the Healing Citrus Facewash Gently mix all of the ingredients together and pour directly into desired container. Use in the morning and in the evening, shake before using, separation is natural. If the essential oil burns or dries you out use less and apply coconut oil after application in the evening.

Top 5 Favorite Uses for Essential Oils

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Slowly my arsenal of essential oils is growing and I’m continuing to learn that they can almost do anything if manipulated correctly. I’ve even cooked some amazing orange chicken using my sweet orange oil when I ran out of citrus fruit at the house. This list shows the 5 most useful ways that I have brought essential oils into my home. Let me know how you use your essential oil kit in the comments!

  • Vaporizing to Clean the Air

There are a couple types of essential oil diffusers on the market. Some plug into the wall and are run electronically, my soapstone diffuser is operated by a tea light. All of them require water and essential oils and they vaporize the chosen aromas into the room. The benefits of the vapors depends on the type of essential oils used. Use tea tree to clean the air of the house, lavender to help you fall asleep and a mixture of pine and other oils to make the whole house smell like a Winter holiday. Every smell has a different effect and it can be valuable to both the mental and physical health of those in your home. Cowboyfriend always asks, “can you make a smell?” which I find adorable and it’s fun to compile different oils depending on how we’re feeling that day.

  • Wearing To Aide the Spirit

Much in the same vein as using a diffuser, oils are just as valuable when rubbed onto the wrists and neck. This not only provides a lovely perfume it also helps to shape the energy of the mind for medicinal effects. When I’m feeling tired or my brain is a little wonky I dab some spearmint onto my wrists and behind my ears. If I’m a bit too stressed out I’ll get on that linalool hype and dab a bit of lavender. I also find that those not into a floral scent will dig patchouli to relax and feel centered. Just a little bit of Googling can help you find the right essential oil for the job. Also I’d say that intuition will guide you nicely when it comes to this particular way to use essential oils.

  • Creating Powerful Cleaning Supplies

The first cleaning product that I’ve crafted with essential oils is a yoga mat cleaner and it works absolute wonders on removing paw prints and the less occasional puppy barf. As I run out of cleaning products that we already had or were in the house when we moved in, I will replace them with cleaning solutions made from essential oils. Not only will this cut down on the cost of buying cleaning supplies in the home but it is far better for the environment. First, there aren’t any hyper complex chemicals in your cleaners or being manufactured with byproducts going into the world somewhere (whether it be by gas or solid). Then you also don’t worry about the shipping process, the gasses from the freighters and/or planes that ship the products to the store. In my opinion it’s the best idea when it comes to cleaners used in the home.

  • Making Beauty Products

Another high waste industry I’ve been trying to slowly check off my list is that which creates beauty products. The packaging that is wasteful, the seedy marketing tactics that cut down a girl’s self esteem, the chemicals that make me need to buy more of their products; it all makes me cringe. That’s why I’m slowly making beauty products using a combination of different household things and essential oils. So far I have concocted a pretty awesome turmeric toothpaste and some chamomile orange face wash that are doing the job. This will help you save money in the long run. It also allows you to work with your skin and find the exact products that will help your oils balance and your true beauty shine through naturally.

  • Heal Using Natural Medicines

They can be applied to burns to make them heal with minimal scarring and they can be inhaled to give relief even the most clogging sinus problems. Many of these oils are antiseptic, anti fungal, insecticides and more. The healing powers of herbs are endless and when concentrated to the form of an essential oil they are ramped up immensely. There are some base essential oils to get when starting your kit, those will help you understand exactly how they are used and which ones would be most beneficial to add on. This website is my favorite as a guide to essential oils, it is comprehensive and well researched.

Tips For Cutting Down On Sugar

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Last night Cowboyfriend and I watched a documentary called Sugar Coated that broke down the marketing ploy that made sugar such an immense part of our diet. It also explained how this is assisting in a rapid increase in fatty liver disease in adolescents and children which was unheard of before the 1980’s. This got me to thinking about some of the tips that I’ve picked up since consciously watching my sugar intake. Years ago I became hyper focused on cutting high fructose corn syrup out of my diet and I came to a harsh realization: Sugar is in everything under countless different names. 

What I want to urge more people to do is to read the labels of their trusted bottled, packaged and frozen products in the store next time they visit. Sometimes up to 4 of the names in the long ingredient list of packaged foods are homonyms for sugar and sugarderived products. The reality is that sugar is a main cause in diabetes and heart disease but there is no FDA approval on how much sugar can be put into a product. This means that products in the store can be legally labelled healthy but may contain up to 30 grams of sugar per serving.

In my own journey to eating food that will make me and my body feel happy, I’ve found that these unhealthy additives are usually there to cut down on processing time and extend shelf life. Meaning that if we just spent time creating our food with love and intention we could be healthier. Above all else I’d recommend taking to the kitchen, the Pinterest and some new cookbooks to help you understand exactly how easy it is to whip up your own salad dressings or loaves of bread. Following technique from a simpler time will also help you and your family cut down on waste since a lot of these items are packaged (plastics) and shipped (fossil fuels). Here are some things to be aware of next time you hit the grocer.

  • Make Your Own Dressings & Sauces

Did you know that most salad dressings use a combination of 4-5 ingredients, all of which are generally in your house? It takes about 5-10 minutes to whip up a batch that lasts a couple of weeks, sometimes up to a month. If you have mayonnaise, dijon or regular mustard, olive oil and/or balsamic in your kitchen then you’re ready to experiment with new dressings. Even ketchup (aside from Annie’s Natural Organic brand) has loads of sugar in it, and all you need is some spices with tomato paste to make it on your own stovetop. Making these commonly used products at home will reduce the sugar count of your family drastically. Please be sure to check the mayonnaise ingredients before buying, our favorite is Just Mayo.

  • Skip The Low-Fat & Packaged Nonsense

This documentary also shed light on the fact that the Low Fat craze was a smoke and mirrors marketing ploy from the sugar companies to ensure that their industry wouldn’t be threatened by the fact that their product was a slow killer. In fact, most of the research that diabetes is related to fat intake was funded by the sugar companies as devastating facts about the harms of sugar were being proven in Europe, the low fat craze was there to make sure we wouldn’t see the harms of sugars.

Healthy fat is actually quite good for you: nuts, avocado and other natural fats are epic for your hair and skin. But much to the same vein of sugar in fruit being digested differently than sugar in sodas or even juices would be. Low Fat foods are made with even more preservatives, additives and unbearably scientifically named products that definitely aren’t in your pantry. Forget about eating these products and buying heavily marketed low fat items, it’s definite that they aren’t going to provide you with nutrition, which will only make your body call out for more sustenance. Instead eat a healthy, well rounded diet rich in vegetables and lean meats with little to no packaged assistance.

  • Bake some bread, go on. 

It is amazing how much sugar sneaks past us in breads, bagels, english muffins, etc. I know that people have make baking bread look like a super difficult process but I’ll tell you right now that it’s not. Baking a loaf of bread or even hamburger buns can be a super easy process with one tip: don’t over heat the water before putting the yeast in. Personally I had my fair share of rock hard, not risen loaves before I figured this out. As long as the yeast is happy, the bread will rise and you and your family will rejoice around warm yummy gluten sans sugar. Some of these recipes do call for a tablespoon or two but nothing compared to packaged breads. If this is impossible think about finding the local bakery in your town, just remember that fresh bread does get stale more quickly. But once that happens you can make some pretty epic croutons.

  • Put Down the Juices!

One of my cousins is a genius scientist, she just finished her law degree after accomplishing her docterate. Aside from being proud of her I also trust her when it comes to food science and she told me years ago that juice is useless. Our body cannot metabolize any of the vitamins or minerals in manufactured juice, it simply grabs the sugar before the drink moves through our system. This means every glass of juice is like eating a candy bar unless it has been juiced from a fresh source within the last 60 minutes. We all know to cut out all sodas to cut back on sugar, but put down the juice too. I’d recommend drinking only water, detoxing off of other beverages and then starting again. ALWAYS read the labels before buying a bottled drink whether it is marketed as tea, soda or juice. For vitamins that come from fruits that are commonly juiced, I’d recommend just eating the fruit. This is the best way for your body to get the vitamins that the fruit has to offer.

A Guide To Quitting Paper Towels for Good

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Generally I am pretty focused on decreasing the waste impact that comes from our home. It all started with my brother quitting paper towels. Before visiting his house and being utterly distressed when I couldn’t find the roll after I had never thought a household with out paper towels was possible. That realization simply baffled me. Many agree with me since facts state that the United States alone creates 3000 tons of paper towel waste daily. Making just 1 ton of paper towels takes 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water. With a state like California going through a serious drought that requires government intervention, it seems silly that more people haven’t thought about kicking these miscreants out of their homes.

Before you go telling all of your friends about this paper towel free lifestyle that you’re cultivating, realize that this isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. As soon as Cowbae and I stopped buying them I was faced with all of these annoying clean up jobs that previously were conveniently accomplished using a paper towel. But with the impact on the environment to create them and the methane gasses that they rise out of landfills and act as one of the greatest contributors to global warming, I persevered. But now that I have found out my own errors through utter failure, I can share them here in hopes that you will only fly on the eagle wings of success and what not.

  • Get More Rags

For me, getting rags means assessing the ripped up clothes that I’ve held onto for years for no reason. Maybe there are some towels in your house that just aren’t fluffy or soft anymore, cut them up! Think about how many things that you clean in your kitchen alone with paper towels, that is how many rags you’ll need. Cut up old linens and clothes to create different sized rags that can do almost any job. I’ve found that old denim is one of my favorite abrasive textiles to use as a rag and shirts with logos screen printed onto them are not very useful. Going to the store and buying a new pack of rags is also a viable option as they will be rewashed and not thrown away like paper towels. But try to check in the house for something to repurpose before going out for new products. The rags at the store will be packaged which will create waste, they were probably shipped across the country or even the world which contributes to carbon emissions; this isn’t always a super eco-friendly option. But it is a small step, which is never a bad thing.

  • Organize A System

I wish that I had decided which rags would be used for the dirty jobs before using the ones on the top of the stack and rotating regularly around the house. Whether buying new or up cycling rags, decide which color is going to be used in the bathroom, which on the kitchen counters, etc.This will ensure that you aren’t cleaning your kitchen with a rag that was previously removing urine from the toilet seat. This is also handy if you’re in a household with kids, or in our case, a dog that gets so excited when he remembers to eat that he barfs afterwards. Designate some barf, snot, poop rags for whatever disgusting things come out of humans and animals while they’re inside of your house. With a system in place, it won’t feel like such a travesty when you’re staring at a huge lump of diarrhea on your yoga mat… not to be too specific or anything.

  • Don’t Give Up

Making the smallest effort works, if you just don’t see yourself leaving those super absorbent little guys behind then think about making small steps to reduce. Maybe try to only dry your hands with a hand towel and save paper towels for heavy spills or bacon grease. To accomplish cutting down with out removing paper towels from the home at all, try putting them away. I used this tactic when quitting cigarettes but it works for everything that we use so habitually that it has become a subconscious tendency. Put the paper towels at the back of the pantry, or with the cleaning supplies in the laundry room, just put them away. This will force you to go from where you are and get the paper towels, in the time it takes to get to them your mind can assess whether this job must be done with paper or if a rag will suffice. Don’t be so overwhelmed by the impact of us dang humans on the environment that you stop trying to save the planet. Make a tiny change, that is all you need to do, if we all made a tiny change to better the Earth we’d be living in a vastly different world.


Making Mother’s Day Good for Mother Earth

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I have such fond memories of Mother’s Day. I would get up early and my Dad and I would make breakfast after sneaking past my Mom’s bedroom. I actually believed that she had no idea what we were doing, that she couldn’t hear me clanging pans and pots around in the kitchen. After a bit of noise, giggles and strips of bacon we would burst into her room with a tray of delectable treats, fresh flowers and presents obnoxiously shouting at her, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!”. Then, after she opened her gifts we would leave her there to eat breakfast alone in her bed. In hind sight I don’t know how fun it is to eat alone in your room while you can hear your family downstairs enjoying themselves together. But I truly thought it was her favorite thing, and she knew that so she let us do it every. single. year.

These beloved traditions don’t need to die as we become more conscious of the environment, but they do need to be tweaked a bit. If we shift a couple of our ideas this Mother’s Day then we can help the Earth and make Momma feel special. Here are some super easy ways to keep your celebrations Green this Mother’s Day.

  • Skip the wrapping paper.

My brother sort of streamlined my interest in a no waste lifestyle. I’m not saying that we live no waste, but we try hard to cut back a little more every trip to the store. I bring him up because the first year he became interested I bought him some cool reusable bags of different kinds. I was sitting there with the gifts in front of me and non-recycled wrapping paper in front of me thinking, “Well this is a bit redundant.” I know that wrapping paper is important to a lot of people, gift wrapping is in fact an art form all its own. But most people, aside from my great grandmother, rip right through their wrapping paper to see what’s inside.

When you’re about to wrap gifts take a look around the house. Repurposing random stuff around the house is my favorite way to feel better about the waste that I make. Not only do I shamelessly save all of the wrapping paper that is given to me to use later, I also like to wrap gifts in newspapers or shopping bags or whatever you can find that is made of a foldable stock of paper.

  • Stay home.

It’s common to take mom out to the ocean or out to brunch. Growing up in the land of the 5 and 405, I know that freeways get clogged up and families end up sitting in their cars. Nowadays car rides aren’t the family bonding scenarios that they once were, now it’s an excuse for people to stare into their phones which only separates us all from one another.

This year let’s think about keeping the celebrations around the house. Have a picnic in the back yard, take a walk as a family around the neighborhood or even play a board game around the coffee table. Spend time as a family with out driving at all, this will cut down on the emissions put out by your car as well as help your family connect with each other instead of their screens.

  • Keep it local.

Moms deserve beautiful flowers on Mother’s Day because flowers are a symbol of love and gratitude, but do they have to be store bought. When I began to consider the environment in my daily purchases I tried to think of the journey that the item I’m thinking of buying has been on. The longer the journey, the more pollution the environment has absorbed to get it to you. I know, you’re thinking even if I don’t buy it won’t the item still be in the store and be bought by someone else? Banish this from your mind! You’re not in charge of everyone else, you’re in charge of yourself. Cultivate the soil around yourself little flower, others will see how rich it becomes and want to know your secrets.

Instead of buying flowers at the store think about other options. These options change depending on where you’re living. The family can go on a hike together and collect wildflowers, or maybe there is a neighbor who grows the most exquisite dahlias or roses and wouldn’t mind bartering something for 1 or 2 of them. Another fabulous idea is to plant something together whether it be a flower, herb, a vine of vegetables or a fruit tree. Learning to garden is valuable and watching something grow as a family that you planted out of love for each other is perhaps even more valuable.


I hope that these tips help you along your journey to celebrating Mom while also helping Mother Earth support our future generations. ❤ Happy Mother’s Day!

How To Make Calendula Oil

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I love calendula flowers, perhaps because I’m a bonafide sun child. Recently I made some calendula oil and after having used it now in a bunch of my homemade beauty products I thought it was definitely worth sharing. Calendula is a powerful healer for all skin ailments from acne to burns to wounds. It can also help reduce inflammation which will help with pain, specifically that of the arthritic variety.

For this recipe I’m using simple herbal extraction technique that uses olive oil as a carrier. Feel free to use whatever oil you prefer, I just have a lot of high quality olive oil at the moment. Use whatever sized jar feels right for you, just remember that recipes usually only call for a tablespoon or so of the stuff so you don’t need tons. Lastly, I like to put my herbal stuff in on a new moon and take them out on the full. You don’t have to but to me it is the best way to make powerful herbal extracts.

You Will Need:

1-6 opaque ounce jar

1/2 cup calendula flowers

6 oz olive oil

Fill the jar halfway with calendula, press the flowers down a small bit but don’t push them in. Fill the jar until only 1/4” of the space is left open. Put the lid on and make sure it’s tight. Agitate the flowers by shaking the jar, don’t stop until the flowers are completely incorporated. Put the jar up in a cupboard to keep it out of the light and take a minute each day to shake the jar, agitating the herbs inside ensure you get every last morsel of goodness out of them an into the oil. The oil will be complete in 2 weeks but you can wait the whole moon cycle if you’d like. As long as you leave it for 2 weeks and shake it every day to decrease the possibility of fungi you’re good. Keep for 6 months to a year stored in an airtight container out of the light.


Top 5 Must Try DIY Beauty Products

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After suffering from deep cystic acne because I refused to believe that I was allergic to milk, I’ve had to deal with a serious imbalance in my healthy facial oils. In an attempt to balance these oils I’ve noticed that every single product that we purchase in stores can be made at home using some items from the pantry along with key essential oils. Making them can cut out harmful, oil stripping chemicals. These recipes are what works for me, sometimes the consistency is off-putting. Play with the combination of different oils and consistencies until you find the right one for you.

DIY Calming Face Wash Recipe

  • 1/4 cup fresh brewed chamomile tea; cooled
  • 1/4 cup castille soap
  • 3/4 tsp grapeseed oil
  • 8 drops orange essential oil

Brew the tea and let cool. Once cooled, add the castille soap and oil and mix. Now add a drop at a time of essential oil until the desired aroma is reached. I choose orange and grapeseed oils because it is ideal for oily skin; if it’s to relieve acne then use cedar wood, tea tree, lemon or frankincense.

DIY Coconut Oil Toothpaste

  • 6 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 TB coconut oil; melted
  • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil

First add baking soda to desired receptacle, it must be opaque to protect the hydrogen peroxide. Add all other ingredients and mix well until it forms a fine paste. Taste and add more peppermint if needed. If the mixture is dry add more oil, if the mixture is runny add more baking soda.

DIY Sugar Facial Exfoliant

  • 1 tsp granulated table sugar
  • 2 TB olive oil
  • 1 drop rosemary essential oil

Mix all of the ingredients together until the desired thick consistency is reached. Rub onto face and gently rub into skin, wiping away all impurities and removing any bacteria that causes acne with the rosemary essential oil. This makes enough for 1 use.

DIY Orange Coconut Moisturizer

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 20-30 drops orange essential oil
  • 1-2 TB olive oil

Add the coconut oil at room temp to the desired container. Drop in the essential oil until the perfect smell is reach and then slowly start adding the olive oil. Mix continuously while adding the olive oil to be sure that the consistency that you’re looking for is reached. The olive oil is simply to make the moisturizer a bit less chunky. If the coconut oil does get chunky simply rub it between your hands before applying.

DIY Moisturizing Hair Mask

  • 4 TB Honey
  • 6 TB Olive oil

Mix them together, apply to hair and leave for 15-30 minutes. If you live in high altitude, a windy city or perhaps a dry winter town; this is perfect. I’d recommend putting it in while soaking in the bath as to prevent making a mess on clothes or in the house.




Top 10 Essential Oils for a Starter Kit

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Essential oils are all the rage. There are raw scented essential oils, combinations according to chakras or healing and more. The very first association that I had with these oils was for aromatherapy. They can be mixed with water and steamed or vaped to promote specific healing or aromatherapy effects. For example, Lavender can be added to promote relaxation and an open heart chakra. Or perhaps patchouli to promote a grounding, comfortable space that gets all the old hippies to tell you really good stories about concerts that they’ve been too. I’m serious, it works every time. When I first wanted to get into buying essential oils on a tight budget, I was concerned because I wasn’t sure where to start. I eventually found my way but decided it’d be nice of me to share with all of you! I compiled this list of essential oils to create a beginner kit and be able to get the most out of your oils.

  1. Lemon

This is a must have in an essential oil starter kit. A few drops can be added to a rag to polish silver and keep wood healthy, take the smell out of laundry that has sat too long and even cure halitosis. Lemon essential oil can also brighten skin when added to a regular face wash routine and remove grime, grease, goo and any gunk left behind by kids or doing work in the garage. Even add a couple of drops to your water bottle every day to promote weight loss. Lemon essential oil is rich in Limonene, a powerful cancer fighting terpene. The oil is used in a lot of recipes for beauty products as well as home cleaning solutions.

2. Tea Tree

For skincare, tea tree essential oil is a must. When dealing with acne, just dab some water down tea tree on a cotton ball and apply to problem areas for immediate drying. Mix into shampoo to combat dandruff, apply to hangnails for quick reparation, and combine with it’s pal Lemon essential oil to make a fantastic all natural home cleaner. Tea tree is very powerful in fighting mold. Place a couple of drops into mold prone laundry and make a mold removing spray with diluted tea tree oil. Lastly, if you put tea tree into an aromatherapy diffuser it will cleanse the air immensely. It’s antimicrobial, antibacterial and has a smell to match. But if you’ve got sick kids at home, are a teacher fighting winter colds, sunburn, toothache or just plain don’t feel good; vaporizer some tea tree for immediate cleansing in the air.

3. Lavender

Linalool is the main terpene property in lavender, which is relaxing and calming to the nerves. It is added to beauty products to nourish dry skin and is generally made into a salve or a body oil. It is antimicrobial so it can be added to a cleaning spray with tea tree and/or lemon for a different scent and easy germ removal. Create a linen spray or add to a washcloth to use as a home made dryer sheet. This is an oil is truly essential to any beginner kit, it can disinfect and the aroma is extremely pleasant around the home.

4. Rosemary

Simply smelling rosemary stimulates the immune system by limiting the production of cortisol and stimulating the activity of antioxidants. Inhalation can also relieve stress, improve memory and help with respiratory problems. It is antibacterial with astringent properties, making it an amazing addition to natural mouthwash protecting both teeth and gums. Add Rosemary essential oil to a massage oil to help relieve pain and tension in muscles, massaging into the scalp can even help generate hair growth. It’s antimicrobial properties make it a perfect addition to acne products while also helping reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

5. Eucalyptus

This is a great option to work as an expectorant and should be on hand for any colds or flus. Create a steam bath or put in a diffuser while you sleep to relieve congestion.  Eucalyptus can help to ward off dandruff, fight itchy scalp and even kill lice. Add to coconut oil with lavender to create a dandruff serum. It can be used as an anti-microbial in home cleaner, hand wash, laundry soap.. every cleaner! For the same reason it can be used to relieve wounds, burns, cuts, abrasions, sores and scrapes. Drop a couple of drops in a laundry machine filter or air filter to cleanse air and disinfect the filter. It’s an air cleanser, odor remover, spot remover and first aid item; it’s a must have on the list of beginner essential oils.

6. Oregano

Oregano is part of the mint family and is extremely cleansing to the system. It can not only fight infection it also protects the body from any harmful organisms that would create future infection. It is so rich in nutrients that daily ingestion can help to bridge the gap if normal food intake isn’t reaching someone’s nutritional guidelines. It is coveted for it’s antioxidants that fight aging naturally and can even be used to help sedate allergic reactions. Oregano oil can help stimulate bile production which helps the digestive system get lubed up and start operating better. The essential oil can relieve menstrual symptoms along with other aches and pains while also supporting regular periods.

7. Peppermint

Since I was a little girl I was attached to peppermint, I drank the tea like it was going out of style. But lets be real, my grandmother tendencies will never be in style. The herb along with the essential oil will soothe nausea, bloating and stomach ache and naturally reduce drowsiness. Repel ants and spiders in the spring time by treating commonly insecty areas with diluted peppermint spray. Mixed with vinegar it can be used as a cleaning product and it also freshens the air controlling any foul odors. Stave off heartburn or cool a fever. Peppermint isn’t just refreshingly delicious, it’s a medicine too.

8. Cedarwood

Another cure-all oil, cedar wood can be added to massage oils for extra tension relief and aromatherapy stress relief. Inhalation can relieve stress and help promote feelings of wellness and vitality while also manifesting a feeling of being centered. It also works great as a cleaning agent and bug repellant when diluted. Apply to the face as a toner to promote even, healthy skin and protect it from free radicals. Massaged into the feet, the essential oil can help to reduce water retention. Also apply directly to a toothache to relieve pain.

9. Frankincense

Any acne sufferer should invest in some Frankincense essential oil to help zap brown spots and quickly heal scabs after the Tea Tree has dried the blemish out. It can help reduce the appearance of scars and bee stings. When combined with coconut oil or another preferred carrier oil it can moisturize and create beautiful skin or even promote healing injuries and wounds. Rub into nails to nourish and strengthen them, a must have after removing acrylics. Apply to temples with a dab of lavender in case of a headache and feel instant relief. Or combine with massage oil for relief in achy joints and muscles as well as a feeling of relaxation.

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is primarily ingested and is a powerful oil to control blood sugar which makes it very popular with diabetics. It also helps to relieve symptoms of IBS and the stomach flu. This is because it’s antibacterial and can help to balance the bacteria in the digestive tract to promote digestion and halt bloating. Cinnamon oil can be diluted to clean kitchen counters. It also helps to combat arthritis as proved by personal testimonial, some put it in a carrier oil and use it in massage while some drink it in a tea. The oil can do almost anything, it is a bug repellant, weight loss inhibitor, cancer fighter, and antioxidant. It also is delicious so adding it to food can help to preserve the food items with the antibacterial properties of cinnamon.