Natural Path Silver Wings Colloidal Silver for Immune Support

You heard right, I said pharmaceutical grade Colloidal Silver to help support your immune system. Colloidal silver is a dietary supplement in the form of an amber colored liquid which contains various mixtures of ultra pure water and ultra fine silver particles. There is a man who took daily supplements of colloidal silver and turned […]

Reflections On An Evening Spent Foraging

I’ve been really excited living this close to a national forest though I haven’t known where to start the exploring. I’ve been a suburbanite and a city girl. The country really isn’t my comfort zone but it’s certainly a place I’ve been dying to become one with. So when Cowboyfriend suggested we take our visiting friends […]

DIY Healing Citrus Face Wash for Lustrous, Clear Skin

One by one I am replacing the products in our bathroom with homemade options. Face wash as my first because I was really upset that I battled acne for so long and their marketing tactics made me believe it was my fault because I hadn’t found the right product yet. I’ve quit dairy and my clear […]

Top 5 Favorite Uses for Essential Oils

Slowly my arsenal of essential oils is growing and I’m continuing to learn that they can almost do anything if manipulated correctly. I’ve even cooked some amazing orange chicken using my sweet orange oil when I ran out of citrus fruit at the house. This list shows the 5 most useful ways that I have brought […]

Tips For Cutting Down On Sugar

Last night Cowboyfriend and I watched a documentary called Sugar Coated that broke down the marketing ploy that made sugar such an immense part of our diet. It also explained how this is assisting in a rapid increase in fatty liver disease in adolescents and children which was unheard of before the 1980’s. This got […]

A Guide To Quitting Paper Towels for Good

Generally I am pretty focused on decreasing the waste impact that comes from our home. It all started with my brother quitting paper towels. Before visiting his house and being utterly distressed when I couldn’t find the roll after I had never thought a household with out paper towels was possible. That realization simply baffled me. […]

Making Mother’s Day Good for Mother Earth

I have such fond memories of Mother’s Day. I would get up early and my Dad and I would make breakfast after sneaking past my Mom’s bedroom. I actually believed that she had no idea what we were doing, that she couldn’t hear me clanging pans and pots around in the kitchen. After a bit […]

How To Make Calendula Oil

I love calendula flowers, perhaps because I’m a bonafide sun child. Recently I made some calendula oil and after having used it now in a bunch of my homemade beauty products I thought it was definitely worth sharing. Calendula is a powerful healer for all skin ailments from acne to burns to wounds. It can also […]

Top 5 Must Try DIY Beauty Products

After suffering from deep cystic acne because I refused to believe that I was allergic to milk, I’ve had to deal with a serious imbalance in my healthy facial oils. In an attempt to balance these oils I’ve noticed that every single product that we purchase in stores can be made at home using some […]

Top 10 Essential Oils for a Starter Kit

Essential oils are all the rage. There are raw scented essential oils, combinations according to chakras or healing and more. The very first association that I had with these oils was for aromatherapy. They can be mixed with water and steamed or vaped to promote specific healing or aromatherapy effects. For example, Lavender can be added […]