CBD Illuminations from Verdelux

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Living in Bellingham is a dream for so many reasons. One of these reasons is the immense pride that Bellinghamsters have for locally made products.

The same goes for cannabis flowers, edibles, and concentrates in the city of subdued excitement. Literally any type of cannabis user can find a cannabis product valuable to them that is made within a stone’s throw of Bellingham-city proper. Verdelux Chocolates is one of those local Bellingham cannabis companies that remains a favorite both to the locals and visitors alike. The company is located right in the artistic Sunnyland neighborhood and can be found in tons of local shops like Satori and Smoking Crow. Being local isn’t the only reason I find Verdelux chocolates worth supporting, the company is also focused on using the highest quality, health-filled ingredients. No palm oil or high fructose corn syrup here, just raw ingredients you’d find in your local grocer or co-op.


Talk about transparency!

When it comes to my favorite offering from the confectionary company, having a package of CBD Illuminations lemon hard candies on hand is a must. Each candy contains 10mg of CBD and anywhere from 0.9-0.5mg of THC depending on the flowers used in the distillate. Wondering what flowers are in each batch? Not to worry, they also label the back of every package letting us know exactly what flavor and grower the original flowers came from.

So how do I use these little drops of CBD magic? There are so many ways. Those who have been reading for awhile know that I struggle with anxiety throughout the day. Some days I just know that I’m going to have a rough go of it with anxious thoughts, and on those days I keep a CBD candy in my pocket. When it gets weird I just pop that 10mg of CBD into my mouth and keep on truckin’. They’re also phenomenal when dealing with inflammation or muscle soreness. If I’ve been on a crazy long hike, hucked through some gnarly problems at the rock gym, or pushed it hard in yoga 10-30mg of CBD can be just what my body needs. These little candies offer just what I need in lots of ways, and I’m thankful they’re made right down the street from where I purchase them.


THC-Infused Coffee Dark Chocolate


This THC-infused coffee flavored dark chocolate from The Goodship Company is one to write home about.

Walking into Satori in Bellingham, Washington on that delightfully dreary day I knew that I wanted to leave with some dark chocolate. Since I can’t have dairy it is always a toss up whether or not they’ll have what I need. As I perused the edibles counter I saw them, the cutest little packages of chocolate infused with 10mg of THC. When the budtender told me that the dark chocolate was Vegan AND made with coffee I knew it was a match made in heaven. Once I got in the car and took a bite… it became crystal clear. This chocolate is so good that you’ll wish there was a whole pile more than it, and coffee lovers, you’re in for a treat.


The delicious nature of these goods are surely due in part to the fact that The Goodship was founded by those who craft the beloved recipes at Seattle fave Cupcake Royale. They use sustainbly sourced ingredients and this bar is made with Sightglass coffee. In total, the brand manufactures and distributes baked goods, chocolates, and confections that promise deliver a clean, uplifting high. And guess what, that it does.

The crisp, clear effects that I felt after the chocolate bar kicked in provided me with exactly what I needed to take on the rest of my day. To infuse them, they use an ethanol washed extraction which removed the cannabis flavor but leaves behind that crisp effect we were describing. It also lasted about 5 hours when combined with 10 mg CBD, which was phenomenal for my current tolerance.

Coffee Dark Chocolate, Regular Dark Chocolate, the Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie, the Saigon Snickerdoodle Cookie and more can be found alongside other beloved products from The Goodship in around 100 dispensaries across the state of Washington.

Learn more about The Goodship Company’s cannabis products and find some near you on their website.


Get The Most of Your Medical Marijuana Edibles

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One of the most common things that I heard at the dispensary is that edibles are ‘too intense’ for a patient. It was always so upsetting because I knew that somewhere down the line someone irresponsibly gave this person an edible and their experience was anywhere from subpar to traumatizing. There are some easy ways to manipulate your edible to make it perfectly catered to your own medical needs. Below I’ve listed 3 ways to make sure that you are in control of your cannabis edibles. Eventually you’ll know the exact measurements that your body requires to become medicated but not comatose or tripping face.

How to Pick Your Edibles

Before you walk out of the dispensary with a jam packed brownie or ice cold canna-tea in your hands you should assess your personal needs. If you are a sensitive patient that needs very little cannabis to feel medicated then get an edible that only has 1 gram or below of medical marijuana. This way you won’t even have the option to overdose. Always take your metabolism into account, if you have a fast moving metabolism or perhaps your a vata ayurvedically, then you might not get all of the effects that you’re looking for depending on what an edible is made from. If you don’t feel effects easily then try something that is liquid, these tend to seep in better and more quickly.

Also be sure to understand the difference between indica and sativa. A sativa edible used properly can work as an anti-depressant and use incorrectly it can feel like you just dropped acid.  An indica will work to relax and release pain if dosed correctly but when overdosing it will work as a sleeping pill. Identify what effect you are looking for before even venturing down the road of what taste you’d like.

Micro Dose

My most favorite thing in the world to do with edibles is micro dose. I love an edible effect because it is more intertwined with the body than smoking, which is why I think that edibles relieve my pain more effectively. The problem is that I still have to function during the day so I can’t eat my usual 0.25 gram dose during the day when my pain is really intense. This is where micro dosing comes in. I eat teeny tiny bits of a Ganja Goo or gummy candies and my pain melts away but leaves my mind completely active. This is the best advice that I have for anyone.

If you eventually want to eat more and lose your mind a big, then I’d recommend still micro dosing just for the first shot at a specific edible. I would advise that you eat a tiny bite and then focus on your body. If you fully understand that at a micro level what this edible will do to your body and mind it will make an accidental over medicating experience a lot less terrifying. If you eat too much but are hyper conscious of the effects then you’ll understand that what is happening is just a quantified level of what you’re hyper familiar with.

Wait Patiently

The last and most important tip is to always wait 45 minutes to 1.5 hours before re-dosing. Some edibles can be felt like a spike while some are a small hill, by this I mean that some will take only 20 minutes to take hold and some edibles take a full 1.5 hours to reveal their effects. It just depends on the edible ingredients, strain used and the person eating them. Before you’ve decided that you need more medicine make sure it has been a full hour and a half since you still may be coming into the full effects. If you’re worried about the edibles working then eat some papaya or another fruit that’s heavy in the terpene myrcene which actually helps terpenes and cannabinoids do their jobs in the body.