Who is Carajuana?

Carajuana entered the cannabis industry in 2011 as a budtender for Medithrive in San Francisco city. In her time there the city government shut down the location and they were forced to pivot to a delivery only dispensary for some time. By 2013 she was working for Medithrive while also assisting in setting up Bloom Room for their opening day. Just a year later she relocated to her home town in Southern California and was working for Jolly Farms, an extensive delivery service and cultivation. At this time she was also exploring the life of freelance writing and noticed there were very few opportunities to write about the cannabis plant.

While searching for something more she was hired by a medical dispensary in Flagstaff, Arizona and decided to move to this place with no ties on what some may call a whim. It was in Flagstaff that she met her partner Josh, and the pair moved out onto his family ranch in rural Eastern Arizona. While Josh worked the land Cara began writing full-time and was eventually asked to help start Terpenes & Testing magazine as the Editor-in-Chief. The demand as compared to the pay eventually got too substantial and she moved on, back to the world of cannabis retail.

By the time she hung up her hat at Terpenes & Testing, Carajuana, her partner, and their four fluffy pets had relocated to Bellingham, Washington. This was the first time she had experienced working at a recreational cannabis dispensary, a starkly different environment with its own challenges as compared to the medical world. In just a few months she moved from a part-time budtender to the full-time Marketing Manager for both store locations.

Now, Cara and her family are gardening and thriving in Bellingham. She works for Ganjapreneur assisting the staff and clients with their publishing needs while also chasing the next big story.

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