Who is Carajuana?

Every day is a journey and I work hard to make my journey into a tool. When I was 19 and had just quit a 15 year soccer career I sat down with myself in honesty and asked, “What do I want my life to look like in 10 years?” The answer was that I wanted to be happy, not with objects or things but happy with myself. And then, I wanted my career to be based upon sharing these insights into real, pure joy with those around me so that we could live in a happier world. This blog is an expression of this tool that I have been sharpening along my own journey, my passionate love for the written word.

My happiness comes from a couple of key things. Being around plants and using them in almost every aspect of my life. Even my toothpaste is made with herbs. A regular yoga practice is another common topic on the blog, I just love the noodle feeling I get after I practice and the balance that carry off of my mat with me. Lastly it’s imperative that we all remain self reflective and I try to utilize this space for moments of self reflection that have revealed shareable aspects of the human experience. There’s also some recipes thrown in because I’m obsessed with figuring out the best way to cook and bake everything. 

Cara Face


Have a question or want to tell me a joke? Send it on over via email: carajuanablogs@gmail.com

Get to know Carajuana:

Facebook – Carajuana Blogs

Instagram – @Cara_Juana

Yoga Instagram – @carajuanabends


I am available for freelance content including press releases, blogs, product reviews, articles, etc. Serious inquiries please send an email to discuss further.

As far as my herbal studies go, aside from online research that will be linked in each individual blog I use 5 books from my personal library. I’ve listed them below, if you have any interest in herbal medicine these books are listed in the order of importance to my research.

Therapeutic Herb Manual by Ed Smith

The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook by Karen Harrison

Backyard Medicine by Julie Bruton-Seal & Matthew Seal

Herbs & Things by Jeanne Rose and Illustrated by Michael S. Moore

The Herb Lady’s Notebook by Venus Catherine Andrecht




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