Who Is Carajuana?

I am a cannabis connoisseur who has worked in the medical cannabis industry for 3 years in California and 1 year in Arizona. I was diagnosed with depression and have suffered from anxiety for years. When I moved to San Francisco at 18 I began to experiment with cannabis and yoga both together and separately to heal my mind instead of going on pills that were being prescribed. In that time in California cannabis wasn’t seen by all as an actual medicine, it was treated more as a party drug. It was upsetting as a new patient to not have a wealth of knowledge available for those in need.

I started this blog to ensure that patients can receive useful, informative and downright fun strain reviews. The medical benefits of cannabis are definitely documented, but not well enough. I hope to create reliable strain reviews for all those who have interest in how this plant can help provide relief from seemingly hopeless ailments or even safely remove some prescription medicines from a patient’s heavy regimen.

This is a safe place for patients, dispensaries and anyone with interest in the healing herb. All comments, critiques and additional informations are welcome and encouraged. If you’re interested in other aspects of alternative healing check out my other blog CarajuanaBlog.

Find me on instagram: @cara_juana

Like us on Facebook: Carajuana Blogs

Or email me: carajuanablogs@gmail.com

My Favorite Online Sources of Canna-Info:

Americans for Safe Access: http://www.safeaccessnow.org

Project CBD:  https://www.projectcbd.org

NORML: http://norml.org

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