Who Is Carajuana?

Hi, I’m Cara! I’m a writer and editor with a decade of experience in the cannabis industry. I am passionate about telling stories that cut to the root of truth. It makes my day being able to learn about new things, meet people who are bringing their passions to life, and work with a dynamic team to share those stories with the masses.

If I’m not working from home I’m rotating through reading five books at a time, tinkering with recipes in the kitchen, or hiking around with my hyper family.

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  1. I moved from MI to WA in 2016 seeking better access to medical mj for my son who suffers from an autoimmune disease; just as the state of Washington closed the doors of hundreds of medical dispensaries. I continue to support the industry in many ways and believe in the medicinal power of the plant, but it just hasn’t been key to helping my son heal.
    Thank you for realizing the industry needed strong communicators to get the message out!

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