Those readers who have been following me for awhile know that I hold the cannabis industry dear to my heart. That is why I’m proud to be involved with the Cannacter team building a full marketplace and app to serve those working tirelessly to provide us with quality cannabis products.

Seattle start-up Cannacter is leveling the playing field in the legal Cannabis industry. CEO and co-founder Steffo Mitakides started building Cannacter, a B2B Fair-Market Cannabis Exchange, in his studio apartment with his friend and architect Josh Sordelet.   

“We set out to disrupt the way people buy and sell legal cannabis products. I like our chances.”   Mitakides, a former Microsoft Cloud consultant, was working as a distributor for some of the best small farms in the state  when it became clear that the whole system was in need of a big change. 

“Farmers are getting a raw deal. It’s a race to the bottom for them. The current way is not sustainable.  The best retailers know this…farmers are getting screwed.” In 2018, he and Sordelet set out to find better ways to help  independent farms sell surplus goods and get their price We are going to help  let our local farmers be farmers  Nobody wants to get their weed from Pfizer or the mob.”

Published by Carajuana

Since 2011 my time has been dedicated to the cannabis industry and the patients who need it. I have worked at 5 retail dispensaries -both medical and recreational- across three states -Northern & Southern CA, AZ, WA-, and love teaching people how to properly use the cannabis plant. My free time is spent reading metaphysical works, practicing yoga and learning more about herbs.

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