Anyone who has looked up healthy alternatives to household cleaners, beauty supplies and more has come across essential oils. Something that I love about essential oils is that they contain anywhere from 80-99% terpenes, the smelly little compounds that help provide influence in effect in the cannabis flower. Yeah, you heard me right! Essential oils, in my opinion, are the great bridge for cannabis to the rest of society.

Going out and buying tons of oils without knowing how to use them, however, is probably not the best idea for someone on a budget. In our house, we have essential oil recipes to replace homemade cleaners and a few styles of diffuser. I’ve compiled the ways I use my essential oils here in this lovely list. Do remember that without Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap, most of this wouldn’t be possible. If you’re looking for a gateway into making your own dish soap, body wash, face wash, and more; invest in a big ole bottle of ¬†castile soap.

Vinegar-based Disinfectant

This is a tricky one since some people have a deep aversion to the aroma of vinegar. Even with essential oils added, the vinegar smell can be prominent. There are a few different recipes out there on the internet but most will use essential oils, Dr. Bronners, hot water, and vinegar. I like to keep mine labeled with the entire list of oils so anyone rifling through my cleaning supplies knows what they’re looking at.


Laundry Refresher

Ever left the laundry in the washing machine too long and had it smell a little wonky? Instead of running the washer again I’ve been putting some tea tree essential oil onto my wool dryer balls and running them altogether. It’s a great way to save yourself time, energy, and water for those forgotten loads.

‘Febreze-style’ Spray

One day we were hanging out sitting on the carpet together and all of a sudden there it was. The aroma of pets was just hanging there around us, emanating from the floor. To combat the smell but keep the pets we cooked up some refreshing spray using tea tree, sage, & other oils alongside baking soda and water. It works like a charm!

Aromatherapy, Duh!

Of course, the most common way to enjoy the power of essential oils is with aromatherapy. I have two styles of diffusers. One is made of soapstone and uses a tea light to heat the oil infused water.  If you also have dogs and cats as roommates be sure to look up which oils are toxic to animals before diffusing.


These are my common and easy ways to use essential oils around the house. I add them in tons of products but these are where they are doing the most work for the product. How do you use essential oils in your house? Let me know in the comments.






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