Arizona Dispensary Spotlight: TrueMed in Phoenix

When I was working at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, Arizona I learned that all of the marijuana grown under the state program and sold in state dispensaries comes from a state licensed dispensary. My most exciting days were when a new strains would arrive from TruMed, because dispensaries are able to trade strains with one another. But you know who doesn’t use strains from anywhere but their own grow? TruMed. These people seriously know how to grow quality cannabis, which is probably why they’ve been voted Best Dispensary in Arizona. I’ve broken down the experience here for you guys so there won’t be any surprises when you go check out this must see Arizona marijuana dispensary.


Arrival & Check-In

There is a parking lot with adequate space and an outdoor security guard there to check our cards as well as (I’m assuming) keep an eye on the cars. The waiting room is designed with utilitarian furniture and a big TV displaying various YouTube videos that patients can watch during what I’m going to say is an expected wait time. That isn’t to the fault of budtenders or staff, it’s because of the utter amount of patients that only come her for meds. Be sure to have an Arizona State ID and your green AZMMJ card handy when you walk in for the first time, you’ll hand those over and then fill out 1-3 pages of signatures and initials before sitting to wait for your turn for a consultation.

Consultation & Sales

There is a bit of roaming involved in the sales at TruMed, that’s because the edibles, flower, and vape products are located at separate counters for patient viewing. I spent most of my time at the flower counter because I’m a pretty know-it-all patient that cuts through the chatter to get that heavy Indica flower… I’m probably a least favorite type of patient in the medical world. For this reason I can only really comment on the flower arrangement at the dispensary but I can say that they were well stocked in every type of item that a patient might need.

My salesperson, whose name I asked for three separate times and forgot three separate times like I ALWAYS do, was a phenomenal guy with lots of knowledge about the plant, the industry, and the way that things run at TruMed. I felt super safe and in good hands while dealing with the sales and consultation portion of my visit to the premier dispensary in the Valley.


Bud Quality & Products

Aroma and sparkling crystals are both abundant with the top buds for sale over at TruMed. I settled on Skywalker and Holy Grail Kush for my medicine that day and had very few regrets on the matter. Both were abundantly flavorful with long lasting, heavy effects that were representative of master genetics in each strain. Buds were sticky, well cured, and some of the best I’ve seen in Arizona to date. The nugs in the display jar are larger than those in the pre-weighed bags but I only got an eighth so it makes sense.


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