Alpha Bisabolol Terpene Profile

Commonly found in: German chamomile flower, candeia tree

Cannabis strains: Gorilla Glue, NYC Diesel, Master Kush, Pink Kush, Rockstar, Oracle

Formula: C15H26O

I always make my own tea blends using loose herbs and chamomile is pretty much in every single one. After doing some terp research I’ve found that nearly 50% of German chamomile is made up of bisabolol, a floral but pungent terpene. The beauty industry has been using bisabolol in serums for decades since it’s known to have various skin healing effects.  


What Does Bisabolol Do?

There have been a couple of studies done on the effects of bisabolol with pretty valuable results. Studies in both Brazil and Korea have shown bisabolol to have anti-inflammatory effects in mice. This is because bisabolol reduces the production of cytokine, a main contributor to inflammation. Aside from this medical studies have also shown that this terpene actively helps with Leukemia and kidney function. Taken orally it can even have a positive effect on the subtropic parasitic disease leishmaniasis. Bisabolol has been used by the beauty industry for quite a long time because it is a proven skin conditioning agent. As a topical it is also great antibacterial for healing wounds.

How to Identify Bisabolol

Obviously if you can identify the smell of chamomile then this will help you to identify bisabolol in strains. If you’re not magic then whenever you smell an earthy tone that is masked with floral, herby aromas then it is possible the strain is rich in bisabolol. Generally for me this aroma will have a musky spice to it, one that is almost anesthetically pungent deep in the nasal cavity.



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