Dispensary Spotlight on Herbal Wellness Center Inc.

Having an Arizona Medical Marijuana card grants us access to so many amazing dispensaries all around this mystical state. Something that not a lot of people do is give in depth review of the dispensary experience. As a consultant at 4 different dispensaries across 2 states I consider myself an expert in the retail cannabis industry. For this reason I decided it’s time to add a new feature to the blog. Spotlighting dispensaries will help to make the more nervous or newer patient the confidence to walk into a brand new dispensary. Traveling to different ones is a great idea because we will see different strains, products and receive various types of care from our bud tender. Finding our own home base is necessary and can only be truly accomplished after visiting a couple of dispensary options.

Herbal Wellness Center has two dispensaries, one in Chandler and one in Phoenix. This is a review of the Phoenix location.

Arrival & Check-In

The place is right off of the 10 and has tons of parking behind the building and even a little in front, don’t worry about having to search for these amenities. Walk in the front door to a bright, comfortable lobby with a hip, funny video playing that features different strains and information. The person behind the glass will ask for your Arizona State issued ID and instruct you to fill out the sheet of paperwork. After turning the sheet in it’s really only a couple of minutes to get back unless there is a huge line of people before you. A bud tender will come out and introduce themselves before taking you back to the sales floor and a private counter.


Consultation & Sales

All of the bud tenders seem to have travelled from different areas in the US, my consultant was named Cain (if I spelled that wrong I’m sorry!) and he was absolutely the best. They have clearly labelled prices on the walls, jars featured for smelling and viewing and a super knowledgable staff that doesn’t rush and knows their stuff.

I was looking pretty specifically for a pre-roll and maybe an edible, but Cain let me know that first time patients get BOGO eighths but only on their first visit. Ok, I thought, I’ll check out the flower and see if it’s even worth it. Turns out it definitely was. I prefer Indica strains, they quell my anxiety and pain like a champ. He showed me their private reserve strain Snake Eyes and my California soul led me straight to their 818 OG. Long story short I grabbed a quad instead of a rollie, which in my opinion is proof enough for their prowess.

Bud Quality & Products

On this visit I didn’t get a chance to check out their edibles but I did see a large display of edibles in the fridge as well as the counters. If I’m able to make it back out there I’ll be able post an update. Until then this is about their flower quality, my favorite form of cannabis.

snake-eyes-1-copySnake Eyes is on the private reserve shelf so I’d assume that they would want to show it off first, and they have good reason. The bud structure is almost sharp & flame like and the appearance is so trichome heavy that my phone camera could capture the individual little milky trichs. Take a big whiff and indulge in the complex aromas of rich cocoa complimented by an almost jasmine chamomile scent. The smell alone is alluring and comforting all in one inhale. Effects are not completely down, the mind perks a bit as the strain begins to make the rounds to the cannabinoid receptors. Feel softness in the hands as pain releases throughout the body.

As for my free strain, 818 OG delivers that ever so familiar knock you out Indica effects of 818og3 copy.jpgmany OG strains from that (818/LA) region. Buds are chunky and dense and feature a combination of deep greens and dark purples with the usual light brown pistils throughout. The aroma is a musky citrus bergamot that resonates so thickly through the senses. Taste matches the smell and the effect is just what you’d expect, heavy heavy Indica. I found myself taking naps when usually I cannot sleep at all during the day. Mellow moods free from all anxieties, that’s the essence of 818 OG.


Both of these strains are top quality and don’t match the usual disappointment that AZ dispensaries sometimes give. This dispensary is a must visit and their menu is worth trying out!

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