Commonly Found In: Lemon, Lime & all Citrus Fruit peels and pulp

Cannabis Strains: Berry White, Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze, OG Kush, SFV OG, Durban Poison

Formula: C10H16

Most commonly limonene can be found in lemony strains but it is also a prominent terpene in some musky, earthy strains as well. It is often marketed as a fat burner despite the fact that it has very little fat burning effects. Instead it is a very powerful anti-cancer, anti-fungal and even transportation and absorption inhibitor. Limonene is found in many strains of cannabis, most of which are sativa and can be easily purchased by getting a lemon essential oil. It can also be found in a lot of foods and chewing gums for it’s bright flavor.


What Does Limonene Do?

Often skin creams and salves use limonene as a key ingredient to help the creams absorb better into the pores. High amounts of limonene in tumors has shown to prohibit tumor growth so cancer patients are often instructed to take drops of limonene orally in 20 day cycles. This is why it’s said to slow the growth of cancer and for cancer prevention. Anti fungal and anti bacterial properties make limonene a beneficial ingredient in home cleaners and beauty products along with a viable treatment for bronchitis. It’s ability to help absorption in the mucous membranes also helps out in treating bronchitis. Limonene can relieve heartburn and gastric reflux by aiding the absorption abilities of the digestive tract. In cannabis limonene is often known for it’s mood elevating and stress relieving abilities which is one of the reasons it is often associated with sativa strains.



How to Identify Limonene

In cannabis strains limonene is easily identified by the bright citrus aromas that it gives off. Oftentimes limonene heavy strains will also features light green buds and leaves. Also find limonene strains by their uplifting effects.



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