Cannabis Social Media Platform MassRoots Review

We’re coming into a new age in the world of cannabis. In a time where Facebook and Instagram still delete cannabis marketing pages with out warning there are a choice few apps available on smart phones that cater specifically to the cannabis culture. The first of the social media app and websites was MassRoots which can now boast almost 1,000,000 users. MassRoots launched in July 2013 and their growth only shows that the legalization of cannabis is opening up new areas of enterprise in of every aspect of business. As 2015 started, MassRoots was banned from the Apple store but after 10,000 business owners and users lobbied on behalf of the social site they went live once again.


This year MassRoots plans to roll out some new features that will target the retail side with  localized ad programs. In 2015 they unveiled the website which has opened up MassRoots from small social app to future crucial SEO tool. MassRoots hasn’t quite gone mainstream yet which means that it’s a great time for a canna-business to get on board with marketing here. It is also a fantastic time to invest in their public stock since their profile has rapidly expanded since their original 2013 launch. Get in the know on MassRoots because they’re going to be a major player in the future. Imagine if you got in at the beginning of Facebook? That’s what MassRoots could mean for our stock profiles.

How To Set Up A MassRoots Profile

The social site functions much like Facebook with a page that consists of posts, a profile photo and a cover photo. The site allows for a 20 character username and a 45 character description; short and sweet. Using our profiles we can follow and be followed by other Buds in the #MassFam. Once the profile is set up we interact with those we follow and other profiles found through the established MassRoots hashtags. The main bar has 5 buttons at the bottom of the screen for the Home Feed where you see a feed of your Buds, Discover where you can find new Buds, a yellow button to write a new post, Notifications and a link to our profile. Interactions on Mass Roots are the usual Likes and Comments and the most used hashtags are #EditorsChoice, #ScenicTokers, #MassGlass, #MassGrows and #dailydabs. Search for content locally or globally and even search for nearby legal cannabis using the amazing cannabis social app.

Our advice is that you set up a profile and try it out because above all else, it’s super fun to not be ashamed of your stoner self. This social media outlet is full of people like us guys, and it’s totally worth our time.



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