Commonly Found In: lavender flowers, mint leaves, birch, cinnamon and some fungi

Cannabis Strains: Lavender, Grape Ape, Granddaddy Purple, Amnesia Haze, Tangerine Dream, Bubble Gum

Formula: C10H18O

There are a couple of valid reasons that I’ve always loved Linalool the most out of all of the terpenes. First off, how often in the English language do we get to have the letters ‘lool’ in that order, that is just phenomenal to me. Aside from my strange relationship with shapes and letters I also have a very special place in my heart for the strain Lavender, a strain very heavy in this well spelled terp. Many of my tea blends use a base of lavender (dry buds of the flower not the cannabis flower) for it’s properties of relaxation and very pungently floral taste.

Linalool Thumbnail

What Does Linalool Do?

When I found out about Linalool and the medicinal properties it contributed to cannabis I realized exactly why I loved it so much. Linalool is a known anti inflammatory which helps with body pain. It can also help modulate motor movements  and has proven to fight both anxiety and depression. When we combine this terpene with other pain relief and anti-inflammatory cannabinoids in potent cannabis it can be valuable tool in fighting unmanageable pain. Linalool has also proven to be anti-convulsant and can help in fighting regular seizures. Last but certainly not least, Linalool can be a cherished sleep aid delivering both easy onset and long lasting nights of sleep. For insomnia Linalool works best with strains that are also prominent in the cannabinoid CBN.

How To Identify Linalool

To find a strain with Linalool look for a floral aroma that finishes with a spiced mint, these will likely be Linalool heavy. Amnesia Haze has tested with a good amount of Linalool whil Lavender and some purple strains will also be a good indicator that the terpene is present. As always though, every strain varies depending on how it is grown and where. Be sure to trust test results from valid laboratories above all else.



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