I’ve been really excited living this close to a national forest though I haven’t known where Joint.jpgto start the exploring. I’ve been a suburbanite and a city girl. The country really isn’t my comfort zone but it’s certainly a place I’ve been dying to become one with. So when Cowboyfriend suggested we take our visiting friends out to forage for lobster mushrooms I was absolutely ecstatic for the adventure.

As we scaled the side of a small mountain we each found our own little paths through the fallen foliage and pine needles, attempting balance of taking in the wondrous nature while also intent on finding some bright orange ‘shrooms. It was a bit frustrating at first because I didn’t know what to look for and no one had found an example yet to show me. But then, aha! a brilliant idea struck, light up the magical cannabis joint and the healing plant will lead us to some mushies. About 2 puffs in Danfriend was admiring a the beauty of a wildflower and happened upon a little conglomerate of bright orange lobster mushrooms! The excitement washed over all of our faces as we began burrowing into the moist earth with our bare hands to pull out the delicate and deliciously weird looking mushroom. To find something so treasured right in our own backyard creates a feeling of pride and excitement that can’t be matched by many other things. We all continued on with our little bags and intent eyes, hoping to happen upon more bounty.


Josh Lobster.jpg

The sun began to set and we all worked more focused towards the base of the mountain in time for the sunset. As we came out of the trees into the pasture I felt that cool, sweet air that before this year I had only read about in books. That type of air that only says one thing, “say your goodbyes to today’s sun”. We stumbled out past the tree line and each step revealed another small view into the glorious skyline that evening had presented us with. And it all hit me, that excitement is everywhere. We can intently staring into the ground, searching for what our knowledge has taught us. Or we can walk into the space where our instincts guide us and stumble upon absolute greatness. But you know what, like everything else in this big gorgeous world, we should balance between the two. Because goals are important but we can’t remain so focused that we forget to notice nature’s gifts and surprises. Cannabis helps me with both. It helps me focus and stay on task while also holding onto my childhood wonderment.

Thanks magical joint for helping us find some mushies, and thanks friends for coming hunting with us. I think we found what we were looking for.


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