DIY Pipes & Bongs

Have you ever met a cannabis smoker that could make a pipe or bong out of almost anything? It is one of the most marvelous things, watching a stoner creating a bong like MacGyver. Is that an old reference now? I wonder. Anyways, this is some of the best DIY pipes and bongs when you’re stuck without a glass piece and don’t want to spend the amount needed roll joints.

Apple PipeApple Pipe

For an apple pipe you will need an apple, a pen and a lighter. Poke a hole right down into the top of the apple where the stem comes, don’t push it all the way through, stop about half way down the apple. Then stab a hole directly into the core space, this will act as the smoke chamber and the hole will be the mouthpiece. Lastly push the pen into the side of the apple to serve as a carb. Use the pipe with out cannabis to make sure that the air flows through the apple. Then simply load the bowl into the top of the apple, light and inhale. Feel free to eat the apple afterwards!

Plastic Bottle & Foil Bong

If you don’t have the foil please don’t even try to smoke out of a plastic bottle, you can inhale very harmful chemicals. So the same concept of the carb, bowl, mouthpiece is applied here. The mouthpiece is the spout of the water bottle while the carb is cut into the back and the bowl will be made from a hole carved out of the front of the bottle. Now use the foil to create a bowl piece that will fit into the carved out hole for the bowl piece. A funnel type of shape is ideal. After it is built just put a small bit of water in the plastic bottle, light the flower in the bowl piece and voila.

The Gravity Bong

You’ll need a liter bottle, a metal cone piece and a bucket. Cut the bottom of the of the liter bottle and adhere the metal cone to the lid of the bottle, perforate holes for airflow through the cap. Fill the bucket with water and place the liter bottle all the way into the water up to the cap. Put the flower in the cone and light, the smoke will lift the bottle out of the water. When ready to hit unscrew the cap and slowly push down while you inhale. Prepare for one of the most epic hits of your life, love the gravity bong always.


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