The Healthy Alternative Wicked Lighters Review

This company was started by an athlete, someone who uses cannabis medicinally while also trying to maintain optimum health. Hemp wick is an Organic healthy alternative to smoking with a butane lighter. The beeswax wrapped hemp thread cuts out all of the unnatural Wicked Lightersgasses that enter your lungs when smoking with a traditional lighter. It also preserves the natural flavor of your flower with out burning off all the terpenes completely. There are tons of alternatives to lighters, solar hits being one of my personal faves. Hemp wick is a close tie with solar hits because not only does it do what I said above, it also raises awareness of all the magical things that hemp can do aside from be grown for inhaling & ingesting. Wicked Lighters was started by a husband and wife team from San Francisco, CA who have worked in the Bay’s trend setting cannabis industry for many years. All of the hemp wicks were separate from lighters and they would wrap their lighters with the wick after purchase. This led to an Aha! moment and Wicked Lighters was born, pre-wrapped Bic lighters for the healthy bong tokes out there.

SO, what is it like smoking with a Wicked Lighters hemp wick? First off, the package is clean. A trusty Bic lighter wrapped in premium hemp wick is wrapped with transparent plastic adorned with the Wicked Lighters man that I’ve grown to love. The wick lights easily and burns super evenly. Better yet, it stays lit with delicate pulls on the binger. Just use the lighter, light the wick and apply it to the dry flower. Voila, delicious hits that aren’t too hot and are jam packed with flavor. I used to be a cigarette smoker in my younger days and I recall the initial feeling of quitting consisting of lung/throat regeneration through immense coughing. In the couple of days since kicking butane lighter bong rips I’ve been coughing quite a bit and I think it’s the regeneration of my throat membrane, I’ll report back later for more info on healing from using hemp wick. I feel overall more healthy and that is so important to me, Wicked Lighters are a healthy stoner must have.


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