Non-Stoner Reasons to Legalize Cannabis

This one is a shoutout to all you normals! The key to legalization is showing how deeply the criminalization of cannabis has blocked the world from healing itself. The lumber and cotton industries have had a serious hand in stifling the development of hemp, a product that is easier on the earth and serves the same purpose. Similarly the pharmaceutical companies of the United States don’t want people actually being healthy, perpetual illness is the only way those companies keep making money. Lastly, trust in CBD will be a wonderful thing in American society both in how it’s grown and who feels safe using it.

Strawberry Cough copyValuable Scientific Research 

Cannabis has been locked under schedule 1 classification in the eyes of the law, unfortunately this has done more than lock down cannabis for the stoned society of universities everywhere (well now most places). This criminalization of the plant has barred scientists from having the ability to research the medical benefits with out repercussions or legal binding on their findings. If cannabis is legalized, or more realistically re-scheduled, this will allow scientific research which I feel like I can guarantee will be beneficial to the entire planet.

Return of USA Grown Hemp

Historic Jamestown farmers grew more hemp than cotton back in the day, because the fibre lasts longer and stays comfortable. It also takes less water to grow hemp than it does to grow cotton, a necessary thing in this almost worldwide drought. Hemp also competes with weeds and other plants and grows quite easily, requiring little to no pesticides. This creates a healthier world.

CBD Freedom

Although CBD is a federally legal cannabinoid it is still feared by many that could use it. CBD will help with anxiety, depression, stress and any problems in between. It is sort of a cure all with absolutely no psychoactive effect when cultivated correctly. CBD will create a healthier body and mind for everyone but the stigma attached to it keeps people away. Tinctures, edibles and even dog treats are currently for sale and completely worth trying if you feel even a small imbalance in life.

Money, money money money!

In 2015 Colorado sold $996 million in cannabis, which is an astronomical amount of tax revenue for the state. With these kinds of staggering statistics it’s an anomaly that more states haven’t pushed recreational cannabis onto the ballot. This is a main reason that once conservative citizens are starting to lean towards cannabis as a recreational reality. Everyone wants that money guys and I think the revenue brought in by Colorado dispensaries and businesses is a great example for the rest of the entrepreneurial citizens of the US.



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