Since I’ve embarked on this journey of working from home I’ve found that I’m starting to take advantage of my commute being to the couch and my work clothes verging into the no pants territory. Although I am generally effortlessly comfortable this lifestyle can hinder my productivity if I’m not too careful. Throw cannabis in and I’m just one extra bong toke from losing my whole work day to a Netflix binge or a Googling spree. Like most of these stoner struggles I figured that I wasn’t alone so I though someone in the world would appreciate my little list of rules to keeping a work from home day productive. We’re out there guys, completely able bodied humans that happen to prefer cannabis as medication and don’t watch cartoons all day with cereal slowly dripping out of our mouths. When used properly cannabis can be downright inspirational, especially for the modern day writer.

Medicate in your workspace.

Have you ever heard that theory that if you walk through a doorway you’ll change your mind frame and lose your thought stream? For example, you’re walking to find an object and when you get in the room that it stays in you forget what it is altogether. I use this same concept in my idea of medicating in the space that you work in. I’d even recommend getting a special piece for while you’re working and one for play. See, even with the right strain you can get off on a mental tangent and lose 4 hours cleaning the house if you have to walk to your work space from the place that you medicated. Have everything set up, for me that requires a laptop and usually coffee next to it, and then medicate and get straight to work. Seriously it’s the only way.

Know your strains!

I was giving a friend recommendations on strains specific for him and I became saddened because Southern CA doesn’t give a lot of information regarding the true genetics of a strain. The only real way to have power in a dispensary is to have a common knowledge of strain names, then you’ll know which ones make up a hybrid by looking at the terminology used. Everyone is different so I don’t feel super comfortable saying only get 100% Sativa strains or no full Indicas because some people need full Indica cannabis to get through the day with out pain. My recommendation is that you don’t try to get work done while medicating with a brand new strain. First smoke, vape or eat this new type of medicine in order to test out whether or not it works for your system in a controlled space. Then sort of maintain a mental rolodex of the verbiage used in each strain, for example if you like Blue Dream then see something called Purple Dream you know that you like at least half of that genetic plant.

Have a plan.

Last but not least, get a plan in place before medicating. Back in college when I was writing papers on philosophy I would first write an outline and then medicate and fill in the outline with the creative inspiration that was provoked. Don’t medicate before creating an outline of the work you’d like to complete. If you’re not a writer just add some structure, think about what it is your workday looks like before jumping in with a thick stone going. Structure is imperative to success, it’s something I had to learn the hard way.

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  1. Some of us are better without an outline. I prefer a set of guidelines, then do whatever work makes sense within them. From yesterday, I made productive headway on several projects I’ve had in the works. On the other hand, I also rely on my non-medicated times to edit what I do while medicated and to publish it. Keeping a hand of sanity on my creative brain. Still, I may try an outline and see if it works or stifles. It’s a good suggestion.

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