Picasso OG for the Anxious Insomniac

[OG Kush x Picasso][Indica Dominant Hybrid]

I did a lot of research on what the back genetics of Picasso OG are and I am pretty sure my

listed OG x Picasso is correct but please do let me know if you have information that I couldn’t access. It seems that the strain Picasso gets it’s name because after medicating you will feel like a cartoon character. I found the strain relaxing and care free with a bit of a heavy couch lock stone.

Picasso OG 2

How Does It Hit the Senses? The bright and fresh aroma will overcome all competing smells in the room when you open the jar of Picasso OG. First breathe in exuberant wafts lemongrass followed by a rich and sweet cedar wood finish. Army green and chartreuse colors combine throughout the leaves of the flower and the bud structure is my favorite, miniature pine trees with fat little bellies. On inhalation cedar wood really shines in the flavor profile which is a telltale sign of Indica effects to come, smoke will be thick and potent.

What Are the Effects? After inhaling, the smoke or vapor from Picasso OG effects are imminent. They begin in the very back of the skull moving forward through the temples to the frontal lobe to release tense nerves and thoughts. The effects also creep down the spine to relax aching muscles and joints. This is definitely a sort of braindead stone, it is possible that you will have plans that don’t get accomplished after medicating with Picasso OG. Although it does relieve pain that isn’t what I’d cite as the main healing property of this strain. This is definitely an option for the heavily stressed individual that has a hard time shutting down their highly active cognitive functions in order to truly relax. The anxiety prone, massively stressed out patient will appreciate this strain. Also, the light sleepers and insomniacs will find pleasure climbing into bed after medicating with this one. It definitely has a heavy, red eye side effect which I always find helpful when I’m dealing with bouts of insomnia but do be sure to get some eye drops if you’re nervous in public after medicating or a DL patient.

Picasso OG




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