Weed Wipes Clean Resin Efficiently & Naturally


When it comes to cleaning resin off of my pieces I’d like to say that I keep my glass bong pretty clean, but I’d be a liar. Every couple of months I’m super on top of keeping it clean but sometimes I just simply lose the time and end up with a resin coated disgusting beaker that tastes like butt no matter what strain I’ve loaded up. WeedWipes was created to help make the chore of cleaning resin off of anything super duper easy. Another draw of this product is that it is all natural and organic, unlike other marketed resin cleaners and commonly used isopropyl alcohol. The Weed Wipes cleaning solution is made out of an all natural plant material that works not only on glass or ceramic pieces but on every single surface that any cannabis product comes into contact with.

Founder Jim Berry is a medical cannabis patient who loves the medicinal effects of cannabis but hates the raunchy smell of his bong. He is passionate about healthy alternatives for both his own respiratory system and the environment. WeedWipes use a technology that attracts resin more than any other surface will, which makes cleaning a voluntary process for the usually stubborn resin that builds up naturally over time on the glass. This product will also help to prevent resin build up in the future, simply put some drops in the water during use to keep resin in water and off of the glass. It is so simple to use and cleans absolutely any nonporous surface… even fabric! This means all my shirts ruined by processing wax may actually be saved (shout out to my vintage LA Gear tank)! Now, I wanted to give you guys a full view of what this product can do so I let my bong get super super dirty. Seriously, it was just for you because I’m such a good friend, it wasn’t because I’m a dangerous combination of busy and lazy and haven’t cleaned it in longer than I’d like to admit.

Jim sent me a full kit to try out and I am super stoked because not only did he include his innovative and legendary Weed Wipes cleaner along with smaller samples for my friends he also sent me a complete brush set but also a beta testing Rare Earth magnet that I’ll share with you in a later post. Now, before I continue about this product I’d like to shout out to Jim. In my brief time speaking with him he was generous and honest, whole heartedly backing this revolutionizing product. He also really cares about the planet and wants to cut down on the amount of ISO that is getting dumped into our sinks every time a piece is cleaned. If you’re wondering exactly how to use this all natural, environmentally safe product, go to WeedWipes website and follow the easy to use tutorial videos. Follow that link in the previous sentence to get you to the WeedWipes How To center.

WeedWipesKit copy

What really struck me about using this cleaning solution is that it was so easy. Seriously, I just put a ceramic bowl in the microwave then spent a little time scrubbing with the handy dandy scrubbers and dish soap and my completely resinated bowl pieces were spotless, I can see the glass art and the appropriate colors which is super rad. The bong only required hot water, WeedWipes and dish soap and I was able to clean almost the entire thing. With my beaker shaped water pipe it was a bit harder to get every nook and cranny but luckily the brushes bend at the handle so I could use my Geometry skills from high school to figure out how to clean every last morsel. Last but not least, the down stem. The piece of my pipe that my OCD has just let go, the down stem to which I’ve said with remorse, “You win, resinated downstem, you win.” Not anymore kids! With the brushes, WeedWipes and my very own scrubbing powers I have a crystal clear down stem. Alright, enough of this, I need to go hit my super clean binger. Keep an eye out for a future review of the super cool Rare Earth Magnet cleaning device once I get more comfortable using it. And keep scrolling for the absolutely wonderful results in a kind of gross Before & After photoshoot.


Bong BeforeDownstem Before

Small Pieces Before.jpg



Bowl Pieces After

Happy Wiping!



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  1. Probably the best and easiest method ever! I’ve been cleaning my bowls with alcohol and salt. It works but the smell is always horrible and sometimes it’s hard to get the bowl completely clean of all the tar.

    1. I was the same! Either I’d splurge on 420 cleaner that only cleaned my pieces twice or used ISO and salt which drastically harms our environment and smells icky. WeedWipes is fantastic and after the last week I can honestly say it’s prevented resin buildup in my bong! Glad you liked the post ❤

  2. i want work in usa with cannabis, have individual experience with solo grow in “dark room”

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