Lately I’ve become very interested in creating recipes and tea blends that are specific to each chakra. This made me think, hey, maybe you dudes would be into a tea blend that balances the 7 main chakras of the intricate chakra system. You see, each chakra has a specific set of herbs, foods, sounds, etc. that correlate with it’s energy. For example the root chakra is stimulated and opened by red foods, bass and drum filled music and root vegetables that gain their power from the earth. With all of my studies in mind I’ve put together this great little cup of tea to help stimulate and balance each chakra with the other to better align and ignite your kundalini.

I greatly advise drinking this cup before or after a yoga class to gain more from your practice. Also, drinking this tea blend right before bed is a great time to align the chakra system and set the perfect stage for self healing in the body during the REM cycle. Enjoy calming, cleansing effects from this rainbow of flavor.

Simply Mix Together:

1.5 tsp dried spearmint

1/2 tsp dried lavender buds

1/4 tsp dried dandelion root

1/2 tsp dried lemon grass

1 fresh lemon slice

Mix those herbs into a tea ball and pour boiling water over them in your absolutely favorite mug in the cupboard. While sitting with your mug of steaming hot herbal medicine, think about each color of the rainbow. Meditate on color and just keep in mind whichever might spark a bit extra emotion, energy or joy within you. Take note of any specific feelings or memories that may arise while the tea steeps for 10 minutes. While drinking this tea I recommend resonating with the color spectrum. Just let your mind move through each color in rainbow order to bring more balance about in the chakras.


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