Slowly my arsenal of essential oils is growing and I’m continuing to learn that they can almost do anything if manipulated correctly. I’ve even cooked some amazing orange chicken using my sweet orange oil when I ran out of citrus fruit at the house. This list shows the 5 most useful ways that I have brought essential oils into my home. Let me know how you use your essential oil kit in the comments!

  • Vaporizing to Clean the Air

There are a couple types of essential oil diffusers on the market. Some plug into the wall and are run electronically, my soapstone diffuser is operated by a tea light. All of them require water and essential oils and they vaporize the chosen aromas into the room. The benefits of the vapors depends on the type of essential oils used. Use tea tree to clean the air of the house, lavender to help you fall asleep and a mixture of pine and other oils to make the whole house smell like a Winter holiday. Every smell has a different effect and it can be valuable to both the mental and physical health of those in your home. Cowboyfriend always asks, “can you make a smell?” which I find adorable and it’s fun to compile different oils depending on how we’re feeling that day.

  • Wearing To Aide the Spirit

Much in the same vein as using a diffuser, oils are just as valuable when rubbed onto the wrists and neck. This not only provides a lovely perfume it also helps to shape the energy of the mind for medicinal effects. When I’m feeling tired or my brain is a little wonky I dab some spearmint onto my wrists and behind my ears. If I’m a bit too stressed out I’ll get on that linalool hype and dab a bit of lavender. I also find that those not into a floral scent will dig patchouli to relax and feel centered. Just a little bit of Googling can help you find the right essential oil for the job. Also I’d say that intuition will guide you nicely when it comes to this particular way to use essential oils.

  • Creating Powerful Cleaning Supplies

The first cleaning product that I’ve crafted with essential oils is a yoga mat cleaner and it works absolute wonders on removing paw prints and the less occasional puppy barf. As I run out of cleaning products that we already had or were in the house when we moved in, I will replace them with cleaning solutions made from essential oils. Not only will this cut down on the cost of buying cleaning supplies in the home but it is far better for the environment. First, there aren’t any hyper complex chemicals in your cleaners or being manufactured with byproducts going into the world somewhere (whether it be by gas or solid). Then you also don’t worry about the shipping process, the gasses from the freighters and/or planes that ship the products to the store. In my opinion it’s the best idea when it comes to cleaners used in the home.

  • Making Beauty Products

Another high waste industry I’ve been trying to slowly check off my list is that which creates beauty products. The packaging that is wasteful, the seedy marketing tactics that cut down a girl’s self esteem, the chemicals that make me need to buy more of their products; it all makes me cringe. That’s why I’m slowly making beauty products using a combination of different household things and essential oils. So far I have concocted a pretty awesome turmeric toothpaste and some chamomile orange face wash that are doing the job. This will help you save money in the long run. It also allows you to work with your skin and find the exact products that will help your oils balance and your true beauty shine through naturally.

  • Heal Using Natural Medicines

They can be applied to burns to make them heal with minimal scarring and they can be inhaled to give relief even the most clogging sinus problems. Many of these oils are antiseptic, anti fungal, insecticides and more. The healing powers of herbs are endless and when concentrated to the form of an essential oil they are ramped up immensely. There are some base essential oils to get when starting your kit, those will help you understand exactly how they are used and which ones would be most beneficial to add on. This website is my favorite as a guide to essential oils, it is comprehensive and well researched.

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    1. Oh yes! Terpenes in essential oils can have an enlightening effect on your mood, balance your chakras or just simply make your house smell good. I like Now oil blends a lot as a starter 😀

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