2016 Elections & Cannabis

Through 3 elections now, optimistic stoners have come into different dispensaries that I’ve been working at and told me that THIS was the year for legalization. I never get on board though, because I’ve been let down too many times by our beautiful democracy. After the great fiscal success of Colorado and the slowly budding Washington and Oregon systems, many states are ready to jump on board for legal recreational cannabis. Does this mean that the federal government will take note and work to pass recreational marijuana at a federal level?

Will Cannabis Be Federally Legal in 2016?

Absolutely not. With an influx of laws coming out of Colorado as they continue to shape their state legislature around legalized cannabis, higher government is going to sit on making any moves towards legalization for awhile. There is a lot to do to get the plant federally legalized and this won’t happen for at the very least another election cycle. However state by state I’m sure we will see a rise in legal cannabis after November. For this reason there will be a lot of companies building and waiting to expand through state lines which could come back to bite them with federal laws coming into place later.

What Will Happen for Cannabis in 2016?

What will probably happen for cannabis in the near future is rescheduling. This is HUGE. Basically, cannabis has been in government jail because the cotton and lumber industry did not want anyone to have research that hemp is better for the environment than them and can take them out in one fell swoop. For this reason no scientists or research facilities have been able to study the medicinal properties of the plant and the side effects. With rescheduling this will change and the entire nation will be able to see scientific research from credible facilities stating the healthy benefits of regular to occasional use.

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