I LOVE a good rainstorm. There have been forecasts all Spring for epic 3 day rainstorms that turn out to last for 10 minutes. It really really grinds my gears. Something about dark black skies with free flowing rain that plays me a little song on the roof all day, UGH it is the ultimate best ever. Well guys, I’m sitting here with that little song playing on the roof and flashes of lighting out of my peripherals and I’m in heaven. As the vice on my brain that is coffee begins to take hold there is no better way to ride out the afternoon than with a comforting, warm cup of tea.

This blend was created to bring a calm, comfortable energy to the afternoon that is only complimented by a nice big display of torrential rainfall.The flavor is bright and invigorating to give you energy for the afternoon and the herbs will make you feel at peace with your surroundings.

Simply Mix Together:

2 tsp dried hibiscus

1/2 tsp lemon grass

1/2 tsp purple echinacea

Mix these herbs up in a tea ball or bag and place into your favorite mug, mine’s shaped like an elephant. Let the tea steep for only 5-7 minutes, hibiscus gets it’s flavor after a pretty short amount of time. Enjoy this cup while snuggled up with your favorite book or while watching a storm roll through.

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