I deal with pretty epic neck and shoulder pain every single day, I’ve used cannabis and herbs to deal with my pain and hopefully work to clear up inflammation that’s causing it. This tea blend can dissipate my pain in moments but please be aware that it will cloud the mind, this is a pain relief tool that should never be combined with heavy machinery or analytical work.

This recipes uses cannabis stems, a byproduct of cannabis flowers. These are not legal in all states, if you deal with immense chronic pain or have issues with anxiety or depression I very seriously want you to consider researching medical cannabis. CBD is a federally legal terpene extracted from the plant that can help heal inflammation and calm anxieties with out the psychoactive and lethargic side effects. Check out my other blog for more information on these subjects. This blend is specifically for calming pain relief, please do not drink it while you need to keep your mental capacities.

Simply Mix Together

2 tsp Dried Chamomile

1 tsp Dried Kava Root

5-8 Cannabis stems

Put all of these ingredients into your tea ball and steep in boiling water for however long you feel, I just leave this one in the hot water and sometimes steep again. The flavor will have some cannabis involved, if you find this off putting add a touch of lavender to offset the herbiness. As I sit with the tea I like to roll through the mantra: Let Go. 

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