What Do I Do With My Stems?

I’ve always saved my stems. I don’t know why, it’s just something that I’ve always done. It is quite rare that I actually do anything with them. Once in college we filled a bottle of vodka slowly with our stems until 420 and then brought it to Hippy Hill to share. Aside from that one time, I usually save them and then throw them away once I’m moving, but now I’m all about using every morsel and stems are included in that.

On my other blog I post a lot of herbal blends that I love for intentional cups of tea. I had a recent epiphany, why am I not making tea with my stems. After a smidgen of internet research I’ve found that of course stoners have tried to smoke their stems and they did in fact get those desperate brothers in arms medicated. However, this mode can give you a pretty fat headache.

Instead I would suggest putting those same seemingly unnecessary things that are always stuck in your knit sweaters right into a tea ball. I’ve found that the high from stem tea is very body oriented and should be avoided in the morning or for anyone super susceptible to Indica effects. Mix your stems into a tea ball with other relaxation herbs like: kava, lavender and valerian. Enjoy a glass of tea before bed for relief from insomnia or after work for some extra pain relief.  Only 5-7 stems is necessary for a medicated glass, enjoy using every last morsel you beautiful bots!

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