I love calendula flowers, perhaps because I’m a bonafide sun child. Recently I made some calendula oil and after having used it now in a bunch of my homemade beauty products I thought it was definitely worth sharing. Calendula is a powerful healer for all skin ailments from acne to burns to wounds. It can also help reduce inflammation which will help with pain, specifically that of the arthritic variety.

For this recipe I’m using simple herbal extraction technique that uses olive oil as a carrier. Feel free to use whatever oil you prefer, I just have a lot of high quality olive oil at the moment. Use whatever sized jar feels right for you, just remember that recipes usually only call for a tablespoon or so of the stuff so you don’t need tons. Lastly, I like to put my herbal stuff in on a new moon and take them out on the full. You don’t have to but to me it is the best way to make powerful herbal extracts.

You Will Need:

1-6 opaque ounce jar

1/2 cup calendula flowers

6 oz olive oil

Fill the jar halfway with calendula, press the flowers down a small bit but don’t push them in. Fill the jar until only 1/4” of the space is left open. Put the lid on and make sure it’s tight. Agitate the flowers by shaking the jar, don’t stop until the flowers are completely incorporated. Put the jar up in a cupboard to keep it out of the light and take a minute each day to shake the jar, agitating the herbs inside ensure you get every last morsel of goodness out of them an into the oil. The oil will be complete in 2 weeks but you can wait the whole moon cycle if you’d like. As long as you leave it for 2 weeks and shake it every day to decrease the possibility of fungi you’re good. Keep for 6 months to a year stored in an airtight container out of the light.


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