I spent a lot of time sore as all get out growing up because I was competing in sports at a pretty competitive level. My bones also hurt all the time to which my mom would always reply that I had growing pains and tell me to drink more water. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized a couple of things, first off that my mom was right and those truly were growing pains and I could probably always use more water. Secondly I learned that the medicating with cannabis can help receptors in the endocannabinoid system (which spreads through our entire bodies all the way to our skin cells) to relieve pain, water wasn’t the only answer. It is common knowledge that massage is an effective way to relieve pain, but combining cannabis products directly with massage and body work hasn’t been talked about enough. These symbiotic modes of pain relief work together to heighten the healing abilities of each holistic healing tool.

  • Relax the muscles 

Sometimes while getting body work done it can be hard to let go. The bodyworker is generally trying to find the tension and work it through your body, but the tension sometimes fights back. This is probably due in part to pain sometimes being connected to emotional trauma. At times the body will tense itself to avoid it’s ability to release tension, cannabis can combat this issue and help the bodyworker get deeper. CBD and other body specific cannabinoids help muscles to release tension on their own which will create  window where the masseuse can find the real knots in your back, legs, arms, etc.

Medicating with cannabis through inhalation or micro-dosing edibles will definitely do the trick. Inhalation won’t last as long as edibles in terms of muscle relaxation but it will still work to mellow out the body if you use the proper strain. If possible, get some topical cream made with cannabis or isolated CBD for the masseuse to use. I explained all about topical cannabis salves in a previous post, if you have access to medical cannabis in your state I’d urge you to please try the stuff. Always check with a bodyworker before bringing cannabis lotion in their place of business in case they are uncomfortable with cannabis as medicine.

  • Calm the mind

This is a hard one for a lot of us, including me. My brain is like a waterfall, constantly cranking out random thoughts to make sure that my mind isn’t able to rest, always assessing every single thing that is happening within a giant radius. Well, meditation is the best way to quiet the mind, but cannabis can help with that. This is widely disputed but I’m positive that cannabis (when used properly) can work as a fabulous meditation tool. A lot of the time while I lay on a massage table my mind sprouts with thought and I miss out on all of this great healing that I could be achieving if I’d already quieted the mind before I hopped on the table. Of course a talented bodyworker will deliver a clear mind and relaxed body; but imagine the work that they could do with an already calmed individual, these results are possible with a pre-massage session or a dropper full of tincture an hour before getting on the table.

  • Tips and Warnings

First and foremost, both cannabis and massage can dehydrate you so please hydrate well with water before and after the massage. This is especially important for anyone planning to dose with any amount of edibles because they dehydrate you the most of all intake modes of medical cannabis.

Also be sure to only use a THC infused cannabis balm after discussing it with your bodyworker. It is not likely that the masseuse will have any effect from using the balm aside from more relaxed hand muscles that usual. The balm does smell very intensely like cannabis though, so the masseuse needs to know what they’re doing before they open that jar. There are CBD only pain balms that are federally 100% legal so don’t worry, there’s always an option.

Last but not least, never medicate with a strain for the first time before getting on a massage table. Only use a dose that has been measured and used before so that you already have a conscious idea of the exact effects that you’re dealing with.


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  1. Know the medicine you are taking before your massage. I’ve been doing this for years now at events and generally only with medical cannabis patients. Sometimes they need massage to have something to do while being medicated. Know your dose! It isn’t fun to have an episode during the massage of sweating, shaking and restlessness. Other symptoms can arise due to taking cannabis prior to your massage. You need to know to use cannabis as medicine before I’ll massage you with it in these times.

    1. I’m sure that isn’t fun! I am sorry that I didn’t even think to preface that recreational cannabis and massage are not the type of combinations that I’m referring to. Good point 😀

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