I’ve been feeling so bogged down by convention and logic lately that I can’t create anything right now. It’s no one’s fault but my own. Surprise!! it’s hard to freelance full-time and generate your own workflow. When I combined the art of writing with the necessity of making money to stay alive I compromised my ability to channel anything creative out of the pen. Where else to turn in these immensely frustrating times but back to my little jars of herbs. This is a blend dear to my heart, a blend that will help your mind heighten to the realms of the muse.

Simply mix together:

1 tsp dried rose buds

1/2 tsp dried lavender buds

1/2 tsp dried passionflower

1/4 tsp dried lemon verbena

Put all of the herbs listed into a tea ball or bag and put into your happiest, silliest mug. Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the ball and sit with your steaming hot cup. Let the different scents of the concoction permeate your aura as the herbs steep. Take out the tea ball after 10-15 minutes depending on your taste preference. Both the rose and lavender can be overwhelming for anyone who is new to floral teas.

I’d recommend this cup before bed, cuddle up with your current book or while listening to your favorite podcast. Leave a journal near your bed so that you can wake up and write down your dreams. Take note the next day of anything odd or new that happens in your life. Spend the next day being completely present, and the muse will present herself. While drinking the tea sit with the mantra: Freedom is vision.

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