We spent the weekend on the road to San Diego and back this weekend which totaled about 18 hours of driving in 3 days. Well we aren’t only tired of being in the car we’re also bogged down from the restaurant food that we’ve eaten these past days. But it’s nothing that a couple of days of salad and some nice, detoxifying herbs in a tea time potion can’t fix. This blend was designed to ramp up the immune system while simultaneously cleansing the lymphatic system.

1 tsp dried echinacea

1 tsp dried dandelion root

1/2 tsp dried burdock root

1/4 tsp dried st. johns wort

1/2 tsp dried angelica root

Mix all of these dried herbs into a tea ball or muslin bag and put into a mug. Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the bag and let steep for 10-15 minutes before removing completely. While the tea is steeping and the steam rises from the mug, think about negative ions leaving the body. Let the mind wander and recognize each thought that pops up. Acknowledge these thoughts, recognize them and then let them go. Sit with your cup of tea in your favorite seat in your house and meditate on the mantra: I change my thoughts, I change my world.




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