Generally the waves of the universe call me to write a cup of tea that pairs with the herb that I’ve chosen to spotlight that week. This week I decided that it’d be nice to have a nice cup of cold relief tea. This blend was designed to soothe a sore throat, eliminate congestion, sweat out a fever and reduce the symptoms of a cough all while boosting the immune system to help your body heal faster.

Mix the following ingredients into a tea ball:

1 tsp dried spearmint

1/2 tsp dried elder leaf/flower

1/2 tsp dried licorice

1/2 tsp dried angelica root

Pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the tea ball in your favorite, easy to hold mug. Let the wafting scents wash over and through you, let whatever thought nags you to take center stage. Look at that thought, understand it, and release it from yourself. Take the tea ball out after anywhere from 10-15 minutes, licorice can taste very strong so adjust the amount as necessary. While sitting with your cup get as comfortable as possible and focus on the mantra: I am vibrant.

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