Some afternoons I’m just sluggish and not feeling my best, maybe it was a heavy breakfast or perhaps I’m not properly hydrated. And of course it’s almost always true that I’ve had too much coffee. I’ve found that all of these are good times to turn to tea.

This little blend is meant to help move breakfast along, pep up your step and have a bright refreshing taste to keep you going through to bed time with out caffeine.The spearmint will bring a lively feeling to your heart while the echinacea and dandelion work to build up the immune system. Calamus is in there to help digestion and relieve any daytime bloat that may be occurring.

Simply Mix Together:

1 tsp dried echinacea

1 tsp dried spearmint

1/4 tsp dried calamus root

1/4 tsp dried dandelion root

And Cut:

1/8-1/4” thick lemon slice

Put all of these ingredients into a large mug and pour 6-8 ounces of boiling water over the tea ball and lemon slice. Let the tea steep for 5-10 minutes and then remove the tea ball, feel free to leave the lemon slice in the mug. As the aromas wash over you sit with a  magazine or the book that you’re currently reading and take a moment in the day to just relax. Focus on the mantra: Be


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