4 Ways to Use Wax as a Beginner

The industry has been moving quickly since wax hit the scene. We used to call it Super Melt hash at the dispensary until it became all the rage a year or so later. Personally, I’m a bubble hash girl. I LOVE IT. As everyone stopped making bubble hash in CA and started making wax I was forlorn to say the least. I spent the next years trying to understand the medical need for something like wax. And after much brainstorming I’ve actually figured some out.

If you’re on a large opioid schedule and flower doesn’t seem to work with your pain, wax is for you. The intensity and long lasting effects create a nice replacement for an opioid medication. It is also good for anyone who had intense, horrific insomnia or depression. Basically if you are suffering from immense issues that cannabis flower doesn’t quite replace prescriptions, you’d find some relief with wax. It might be that one dab turns into you just forgetting to take your pain medication later.

  • Hash Hat

This is not the most efficient way to intake wax but it’s my favorite for the old school stoners. A lot of the wax is lost in the act of burning when you use the hash hat method, but it’s familiar and it lets the smoker see how wax melts completely (which is in itself a beautiful thing). Just place a bit of wax onto a bowl, doesn’t matter if it’s a bong, pipe or steamroller. I like to use a pipe because the wax tends to keep burning and marathon tokes out of a bong can be a little too intense. Like I said, you’ll lose some wax, but you’ll get to see how the wax melts and saturates the flower.

  • Snake Joints

Goodness, snake joints can be a lot of fun with a small group. Facing a snake joint isn’t recommended, I once shared a waxed up blunt with a friend and drove home feeling like my Volvo station wagon was a space shuttle to Mars. So… share these. An advanced move is to make a snake by working with the wax and then wrapping it around the outside of a joint in a spiral; this can only be done with a really stable, quality wax. Another way to roll a snake joint is to put the snake inside of the joint, I’d recommend this for a beginner. When working with a snake joint, roll the j normally but place the snake along the line of herbs. Before smoking, run some quick heat over the joint to slightly melt the wax  before toking this joint. This will make sure that you get all of the wax instead of watching it burn off with the smoke at the end of the joint.

  • Vape Pens

These futuristic little pens aren’t too hard to use, there is a tiny learning curve but this is a great way to introduce wax to a new patient. Getting a good wax vape pen at a cheap price is easier than finding a quality dry herb pen for a good price. Some patients are turned off by buying a new piece that they aren’t sure that they’ll like, but it’s a great option for discreet medicating while out and about. With the right tool and a small lesson on how to use and clean the pen this is a great option for a patient that is new to wax. There are a lot of types of atomizers for wax and they are usually 510 threaded to fit any battery. Either grab a stainless steel wrapped silica wick type atomizer or a ceramic donut; they’ll both give a great intro to vaping with out scaring a patient off.

  • Micro Dabs

I need to emphasize that I put the word “micro” before dabs, pay attention to that. Dabbing has been taken over by a society of individuals that think that they need to take the largest dab and show off for their friends. People tell you that you’re only doing it right if you cough until you cry afterwards. This terrifies people and makes them never want to smoke wax again which just reminds me of people that swear off edibles. If you’re interested in dabbing I recommend taking a minuscule dab. Don’t try to be cool, take a small one and understand exactly how much more potent wax is to flower or even bubble hash before going big. The effects are different too, much higher on (what I like to call) the psychedelic spectrum… visuals are possible with the right bathroom tiles.

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