He has travelled through the many people in the major arcana. From the magician teaching him to master his internal powers to the high priestess that showed him the immense efficacy of moving through a congregation of believers. Now we sit in the chariot, learning be assertive in our power.

IMAGERY: The master of the chariot holds the reins. Generally the picture is shown with much red and blue. His tunic is generally shown with alchemical symbols and he holds horses or other animals with the reins that he holds so casually. He rides that chariot living fully and purely in the moment with a facial expression that is surprisingly somber for the amount of mastery and control that he shows.

Breakdown of The Chariotadb611e05d120c948a72661a2c9f3313

Astrology: Cancer

Ruling Planet: Moon, Mercury

Numerology: 7

Herb: Cypress

Color: Red

Rune: Ehwaz, Mannaz

Tree: Pine

Animals: Horse, Lion, Hummingbird


Strength of willpower, courage and control have helped to overcome oppression. If there are obstacles or challenges in the way of the querent then strength and willpower must be called upon to overcome. It is possible that the querent needs to leverage power against the opposition. If focus, determination and and confidence in the face of challenges will make the querent a better, stronger person in the long run. If the querent is on the fence about continuing with a project or idea that has led to struggle, they will soon be driven by the universe to continue. With trust in their personal power, the querent will have success and a better personal foundation.

  • Control
  • Victory
  • Assertion
  • Determination
  • Will Power


First and foremost this card reversed means that the querent feels very out of control of their life. Try to move on from worrying about what feels out of control in life and instead focus on what is feeling controlled. The querent may be crushed by the pressure or lack of self-conrol. It is possible that the displaced willpower of the card’s upright meaning is being misplaced as aggression towards others which is a complete waste of time. To turn this card upright again turn the energy inward to build the personal power, determination and control that is within.

  • Aggression
  • Lack of Control and Aggression

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