Sleep like a baby with this tea mixture. If you suffer from severe anxiety at night or general severe insomnia I would recommend this tea every night before bed. Continuing to put these herbs into your body will continue to help you get to sleep quickly and easily.

The taste isn’t bad and the herbs don’t get slimy like burdock root sometimes can. The chamomile creates a familiar taste for the mixture while the valerian and other herbs give a nice, bright assist to the flavor.

Simply Mix Together: 

1 tsp dried chamomile

1/2 tsp dried passion flower

1/2 tsp dried valerian root

1/2 tsp dried skullcap

Mix these herbs together into a tea ball and pour 6-8 oz. of boiling water over it into your favorite mug. Let the herbs mix and inhale the vapors as you wait for the cup of tea to cool. As you sit in a comfortable place, whether that’s in bed or in your favorite big comfy chair. Let the aromas of the tea wash over you as you marinate within the mantra: I am calm and still. 



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